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    I think it has to be Coan or Buchner. Pyne is so limited arm strength wise to make downfield throws.
    He’s great in pinch situations but I don’t see development at a high level for him.
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    I wonder if these attendance issues become the norm going forward. Obviously Covid is playing *some* role, but realistically to what degree?
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    Charging season holders the donation plus face is a big issue when they then give tickets away and or sell at or below face.

    this may be the nail that keeps my old man from writing the check next year.
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    yea that seems like a slap in the face to all the season ticket holders
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    I always felt what ND stadium needed was more anti-vaxxers who got a shot for free tix
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    JJ Starling to ND.

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    247 write up on Starling:

    To say that landing the commitment of the 6-foot-4, 180-pound combo guard out of La Porte (Ind.) La Lumiere School is a big win would an understatement.

    Landing their highest ranked prospect and doing so against the hometown Syracuse program and a blue blood in Duke, provides a big wave of momentum for Notre Dame moving forward.

    Starling will provide an instant impact at Notre Dame for the 2022-23 season as he has proven to be one of the best scorers in the 2022 recruiting class.

    The combo guard is skilled and savvy with a high floor due to his size for the position, his frame and his ability to knock down jumpers from beyond the stripe.

    Starling is one of the better shooters in the class, a skill that will certainly translate right away at Notre Dame but he is much more than a shooter as he is also a dynamic scorer off the bounce.

    His threat to pull-up from three keeps the defense on it's heels where he can further break defenders down off the bounce and get into the paint for mid-range pull-ups, floaters and is an effective finisher around the rim.

    Starling also has good vision and is a talented passer who can hit teammates with accuracy and precision with both hands off the live dribble and is an area that has been becoming a more consistent impact over the last eight months.

    While Starling is very effective scoring off the ball and can score and playmake in isolations on the ball, he also has high upside as a scorer and playmaker in ball-screen situations.

    His skillset, feel, IQ and ability to score and create for others give him tremendous potential as a weapon out of pick-and-roll and pick-and-pop situations as he continues to learn the progressional reads in those scenarios.

    Ultimately, Starling is a huge pickup for Mike Brey and his staff as he will provide an instant impact and a multi-dimensional offensive weapon next season; being the highest ranked recruit in the modern recruiting service era is just the cherry on top.

    I can’t believe Brey pulled this off
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    Lol. We need a guy that knows who the fuck to throw the ball to. Not someone who can't read a defense yet and the other who runs directly into pressure. Put Pyne in.
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    Maybe Bret hung out in his closet until he committed.

    I kid, great pickup.
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    Not to be a jerk, but ... why did he choose us? Relationship with Brey or other coaches? We've been underperforming for a couple years and graduate a ton next year.
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    It doesn’t make any sense. Even if some rogue alum sent a bagman, you’d have to think Cuse and Duke alums would be paying more.
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    He’s going to be THE guy and if you are actually good the NBA doesn’t care where you came from. Plus Brey seems like he’s fun as hell to play for as a scoring guard.
  13. Shocked Brey pulled that off, have to question that kid's decision making skills.

    Also, went to read the Notre Dame Rivals thread about Gruden and yeah..

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    A bunch of high brow cancel culture takes or a bunch of "NFL is violating his civil rights" takes?
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    Going to guess this thread is the most progressive ND spot on the Internet, so, I’m betting it ain’t great.
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    Anecdotally I have gone to almost all home games since I moved back to the Midwest in 2012 and haven’t been to, and won’t go to, a game until we are through the pandemic.
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    Brey must have gave the kid a set of keys to the rari
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    if you turned out to be his father i wouldn't be surprised at all.
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    Probably just a pain reliever but GD did he make it look illegitimate.
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    81 Things to Say...

    1 — They might not “win games” but Enter Sandman is flat-out awesome in person. I love it.

    2 — Man, when a Notre Dame drive goes bad it gets biblical. Coan is sacked twice, both through his fault and that of others. At least it’s a team effort.

    3 — #26 Xavier Watts and #26 Leo Albano check in for Notre Dame’s opening punt return. Let’s see…about 70 guys traveled….there are 100 single or two-digit numbers, carry the 1…nope, you don’t.

    You don’t need to have guys wear the same number in college football.


    4 — The ‘Pulling Guard’ era seems to hit a bit of a snag in the Irish offensive machinery these days…

    5— Zeke Correll false start on 4th-and-1 at midfield. This is a lovely start.

    6 — Jordan Botehlo engulfed on the edge on the Blackshear touchdown bounce to the right—one of a handful of maddening missed opportunities by the Irish on 3rd Down Saturday night.

    Cam Hart with a miss in space too, and that won’t be his last.

    7-0 Hokies

    7— Sentence we never even considered in the summer: Coan seeks pressure when he steps anywhere in the pocket. So much for climbing the pocket as a potential strength…

    8 — It was at this point I began to feel for, and better understand the Irish fan at home. I can’t imagine spending all day waiting for games like this and seeing Coan (and by proxy, Brian Kelly) seemingly throw away my hard-earned free time. Also the booze likely contributes, but I digress…

    9 — You know, Hinish’s 54th game (a program record) was one of his better, undervalued efforts.

    10— Replay (this is a quibble) and targeting (this is my hill to die on) have to change in college football. The former is overdone and the latter is so unnecessary punitive.

    11 — These escapes by Burmeister can be demoralizing for a defense. And a sportswriter.

    12 — Though the take down of Lacey was not dirty, the aftermath of forcing him to stay down was some serious BS. There is NO CHANCE he didn’t scream in pain with two Hokies on top of him after bending backward and injuring his ankle. (12:02 mark second quarter)

    13 — There’s usually a few yards to be had after ‘contact’ when Houston Griffith catches rather than hits the ball carrier. This time its from the 4-yard line to the 2 and it’s first-and-goal Hokies.

    14 — MTA has become a very good college SDE. I neglected including him with Foskey and White in the Notebook Defensive Standouts. Key second down pressure here at the goal line.

    15 — You want something to complain about in terms of coaching, Irish Illustrated, et al? How about Va. Tech kicking a field goal on 4th-and-G at the 2-yard line? What, Notre Dame was going to drive 98 yards if you failed?

    That is horrid game management.

    Irish stay in it, trail 10-0 and the 2nd TD Theory is heavily in play.

    16 — Buchner is uniquely quick out of his cut. And his sharp hesitation cut is not the quarterback norm. (Not even the running quarterback norm.)

    Was Drew White trolling us post-game when he noted of Buchner, “he’s deceptively fast”?

    You know, like “Pat Connaughton doesn’t look like he can jump so high” trolling?

    17 — From NO push to some push. This has been quite a week for the Irish offensive line.

    18 — George Takacs had his best game since 2020 North Carolina even if you don’t count his massive, forthcoming fourth quarter reception. I’m actually confused as to how his blocking slipped so much prior after watching his extended efforts today.

    19 — Beautiful throw down the right side by Buchner to Austin. Is it press coverage if they don’t touch the receiver, or just ‘Man’? Regardless, and this is crucial—that was a 1st down gain of 46…Buchner passing on first down is paramount considering his current skill set.

    20 — Joe Alt, Jarrett Patterson, George Takacs: each registers a win at the point of attack (Patterson pulling) to pave a path for Buchner to score from 3 yards out

    Kristofic with a crucial backside seal and it’s 10-7 Virginia Tech.

    Huge momentum swing for the Irish and the 2nd TD Theory is in full effect!

    21 — Another example of MTA helping his line mates. Here he cuts off a scrambling Burmeister and allows Foskey—who applied the initial pressure, to catch up for the blind side sack. Nice job by the quarterback to hang on to the football taking all of Foskey’s force on the strip attempt.

    22 — Tyree gains six yards after a V. Tech punt. When did he hurt his toe? Or was he battling it upon arrival in Blacksburg? And if it’s the latter, I can’t imagine how angry BK was to leave C’Bo home!

    23 — It’s hard for me to label Tyler Buchner ‘inaccurate’ when I think he simply doesn’t trust what he sees at times. He was, however, inaccurate on this three-and-out…

    24 — Do you all not understand how good Jay Bramblett has been at his job? Here’s 55 to the 9 yard line. Dude has THREE career touchbacks! He is 13-1 Inside-the-20 vs. Touchback this season, 12-1 last year, and was 18-1 (last punt of the year!) in 2019.

    25 — And if you’re scoring at home, yes, that’s too many punts by Bramblett through 6 games. Yikes.

    26 — Remember how poorly Jaylon Smith was used by his coordinator? It’s the polar opposite regarding how Clark Lea and Marcus Freeman utilize Drew White.

    27 — Buchner to Avery Davis for 37 yards from the slot down the post, and on 2nd-and-7 no less!

    28 — 2nd-and-10 in the red zone and Buchner follows Mitchell Evans, Deion Colzie, and Josh Lugg to the near side for a 10-yard gain to the Hokies 8-yard line. Just like all of us predicted would be the case earlier in the week when we broke down this matchup…

    29 — Buchner to Williams for the 8-yard score on a sharp out route. Time-tested combo route here with Kevin Austin wrapping around the back and Williams cutting underneath. I you play it man, Austin gets you on the wrap. If you play it zone…well that should work….But was this zone? Or just bust in man?

    It was poor defense, regardless.

    14-10 Notre Dame and WE’VE GOT OURSELVES A QUARTERBACK!!

    30 — Perhaps Burmeister’s best throw, rolling right for 23 yards to Sweet Feet Robinson (sounds like a nickname from Heaven is a Playground not 2021) to bring the Hokies across mid-field.

    This is not a field goal you can all, Irish…

    31 — Bracy runs into traffic and Robinson leaks out for another 13 yards to the Irish 35-yard line with three seconds remaining. Man-Under with 10 seconds left against crosses?

    Situational Defense gets an F as John Parker Romo drills a 52-yard field goal

    32 — By the way, in person there was some trash talking after that field goal including a VT lineman waving at Irish players as if the field goal ended the game, not the half. Don’t think I’ve seen that before.

    14-13 Irish at the break

    33 — Was Doerer intentionally trying to place the ball high and short of the goal line? I doubt it as the Hokies entered with quality return efforts. But if not…why isn’t he kicking it into the end zone anymore?

    34 — Is ‘Relaxed’ really the word to describe Justin Fuente at this half-time interview? I’d go with something more…medicinal.

    35 — 3rd-and-7 to start the second half and Cam Hart—steadily improving every week since the opener—whiffs impossibly badly in space trying to make a hit (avoid a hit?) on Raheem Blackshear. Instead of fourth down and a highlight play, it’s 25 yards the other way for the Hokies.

    1st and 10 at the Irish 41.

    36 — My take on Hart: he had a chance for the blowup hit and hesitated to avoid targeting. And then just flailed as a result.

    That’s what I hope happened. (ANd now Hasselbeck agrees.)

    37 — A VT touchdown is called back due to half of the Hokies offensive line needlessly wandering downfield as Burmeister buys time nowhere near them and finds Robinson for the should’ve-been-score.

    That was a highly unnecessary but obvious penalty on the hosts. If Jeff Quinn were that team’s offensive line coach there’d be hell to pay on the internet this week! Instead, it’s Virgnia Tech and no one cares.

    38 — John Parker Romo adds a 26-yard field goal and the Hokies retake the lead with the undervalued (and unknown to Notre Dame) “FG to end the half/FG to start the half” possession combo.

    16-14 Virginia Tech

    39 — Buchner’s fourth drive is his second three-and-out, which is all good because the other two were touchdowns. But it might offer a portent (I know it does for this film review) to future Buchner-led outings this season.

    All-or-nothing possessions? Obvious passing downs will prove too difficult? We’ll see. This time it was a horrible through to the field out with Avery Davis open. Should’ve been picked and could’ve been for six.

    Bramblett lights it up for 52 yards inside the VT 20.

    40 — TaRiq Bracy with an outstanding, competitive interception on 3rd-and-8, wresting for the ball with the intended receiver as both fall to the turf. Irish ball at the Hokies 29-yard line.

    That’s Bracy’s first career pick but Notre Dame’s 10th of the season—well on the way to doubling next year’s total of seven. SEVEN.

    41 — Hamilton heavily involved with more trash talk as he had half the Hokies offense following him across the field. We need to get a Mic on that kid…probably not from ICON, however.

    42 — I mean…that’s a beautiful interception.

    43 — Is that Tyler Buchner or Allen Iverson!? Unleashes an ankle-breaker in space against Dax Holliefield Holy Smokes! 11 yards inside the VT 20-yard line

    44 — More important than Buchner’s highlight reel? Consecutive rushing attempts in which the offensive line won up front. Williams gains 5 and 3 yards to set up 3rd-and-2 at the 10-yard line.

    First Lugg, Madden, and Patterson, then Madden, Alt, and a little Mitchell Evans.

    45 — Kyren Williams cares not for your run fits and flailing arms. Through three tackles and more traffic as if he’s impervious to the danger around him. Give Lugg and Madden credit for an opening alley and Williams does the rest.

    Touchdown Williams. Touchdown Notre Dame. That kid would finish an all-time program great if it made any sense for him to stay a fourth season in the modern running back’s world.

    21-16 with 4:22 in the third quarter

    46 — He’s got a little Reggie Brooks to him at the second level, doesn’t he? Gotta add: Virginia Tech doesn’t exactly rally to the football, do they?

    47 — Jayson Ademilola and MTA with yet another big play, this time chasing Burmeister down after 5 yards on 3rd-and-10.

    Let’s take a moment to remember MTA was moved outside last winter which put the two on the field together for 50 snaps per game rather than working in tandem at DT.

    48 — Irish backed up at their own 2-yard line after a Hokies punt.

    Dexter Williams anyone?

    49 — Or not. After an initial first down and a pass well-behind an open Davis, Buchner throws wide of Deion Colzie—who ran a terrible route—but, as BK explained post-game “You can’t throw to the flat against Cover 8

    It wasn’t actually COVER 8 with four pass rushers, but his point stands.

    22-21 Hokies and Justin Fuente is going to chase the points in the third quarter. God I love that stupid chart sometimes!

    50 — Ah, bit of a break here for the Hokies’ fans as a false start moves the ball back to the 8-yard line rather than the 3. That’s like a gift point and a two-point margin…

    51 — Fuente cares not for time-proven football logic that INDEED a full quarter does not signify a one-possession field goal game that can only play out in such a manner. He’s going for two anyway!

    I bet there’s a chart that tells him to do so! The chart rules!

    Bo Bauer picks off the pass and his weaving effort gets the ball out to the 40-yard line. Ya know…teams should practice throwing the ball across the field like on a school playground, because if you don’t score, the return is irrelevant.

    52 — One point game. I mean, let’s just pretend it’s a two-point game and maybe, just maybe, the team leading could score a touchdown in the next 16 minutes.

    Two plus seven equals…yep. Football hasn’t changed.

    Go Chart!!

    53 — A confused Mitchell Evans doesn’t know the check and is seconds later called for targeting and ejected. It was actually an illegal blow to the head on a crack-back block, which, accidental or not, indeed costs 15 yards in the era of CTE and the like.

    But Mitchell Evans being kicked out of a game for that block in which his shoulder contacted a defender’s is ridiculous.


    54 — Ouch. A well-timed and set up screen to Kyren Williams sails over his head. Williams had three defenders, three blockers, and some space. I’ll take my chances with that on 3rd-and-12. Instead it’s a third punt in seven possessions with three touchdowns for and one against the Buchner-led Irish offense.

    55 — It’s strange how well Notre Dame’s defense can play on one, two, three straight possessions but then suddenly there’s a drive that goes 75 yards that makes them look undisciplined and slow.

    This was the former as the Irish front four just swarms three straight plays to force the punt.

    56 — Diggs could have a big game this season. Considering the stakes and the likelihood he did not receive that many reps this week, this was a heckuva an effort.

    Notre Dame with 32 rushing yards on four carries by three different players. That was impossible to consider over the five games prior.

    57 — What was the fan base’s issue with Hasselbeck? I thought he did a good job.

    58 — Panic throw by Buchner scrambling on 3rd-and-21 (that might’ve been deep shot territory considering the chances of the freshman reading out the play were so slim) and it’s picked off—late over the middle—returned to midfield.

    Diggs was wide open.

    59 — You know what’s interesting? Kyle Hamilton is probably the biggest hitting safety of the Kelly Era. Would would be more so? Zeke Motta was rugged in run support and tough as nails but I don’t think he lit up too many in the secondary.

    60 — After Hamilton I’d say Griffith is about 87th…

    61 — There are few things more frustrating for a fan of a good defense than the 3rd-and-9 QB escape for 11 yards.

    62 — That roughing call on Hamilton just flies in the face of what football has always been for many of us. Oh well. Fun’s over kids.

    (His Wisconsin roughing was roughing because you just can’t go low on a QB in a stationary position. That’s a change in the game that makes sense.)

    63 — Hinish with a sack of potatoes tackle for loss. That’s not a penalty, but it sure looks like one!

    64 — Burmeister is an annoying little chore when he tucks and runs, isn’t he? This 3rd-and-15 breakdown somehow turns into a game-clinching touchdown.

    65 — OH THAT’S RIGHT!! He chased points in the third quarter. Oh well, hey, it’s fun being up eight points too! Charts RULE!!

    29-21 Hokies and Notre Dame has four minutes to rally.

    66 — Is it weird I never considered Pyne would come in rather than Coan? Were you all thinking Pyne? I also didn’t know if Buchner was available but it seemed clear Kelly would go with a passer in this situation, regardless…

    67 — Diggs with an angle route for 15 yards and I am in love with my own sentence.

    68 — One-two-three fire and Coan unloads a rocket to Davis on the post from the slot. That’s the play Kelly reference post-game as to what the coaches see in practice from their quarterback. 23 yards to Davis.

    69 — Diggs should’ve scored on that cut at the 5-yard line. He will be doing so soon…

    70 — Coan to Davis for the arrow route to the field for the score. Easy.

    29-27 Virginia Tech and with 2:26 to play…hang on…gotta check my chart here…where’d I put that thing. Oh yeah, it reads “Go For Two.”

    These things are handy in a pinch!

    71 — I mean. That’s absurd. Just ridiculous. Also…kind of a weak two-point play call though, right?

    (In fairness, Williams told us they had another set up that included him, but he was sidelined after the targeting penalty.)

    So the next time Notre Dame needs a two-point conversion, it’ll be something they’ve repped since August Camp.

    72 — This was double outs left with a pick and out route underneath on the right. As you know, the right side was covered and left was very briefly open but Coan didn’t pull the trigger. (I agree with Coan’s decision.)

    73 — Looking, looking, looking…”CAUGHT BY CLARK! Caught by Dwight Clark for a touchdown!!”

    (It was Kevin Austin. And it was amazing. And also defensive pass interference/face mask.)

    29-29 and it’s up to the Irish defense

    74 — 3rd-and-10…18-yard line…don’t let him scramble…don’t let him scramble…don’t let him my GOODNESS he got away AGAIN…gain of nine thanks to the hustle of MTA…

    And Virginia Tech elects to punt at the 27-yard line. They had to. I don’t blame Fuente for that, because unless Burmeister goes on a designed roll, do you really think they’d pick up that yard?

    75 — Braden Lenzy did nothing all day, then fights for 11 yards and a first down on the game-tying drive before taking in this 20-yard Coan offering as the Irish threaten midfield. That, mentally, is a huge step for Lenzy who looks better in blue, white, and gold then all those weird shades of green out in the Pacific Northwest…

    76 — George Takacs. First target of the season. First catch of the season. It gets more improbable each down.

    Irish at the Hokies 39-yard line…

    77 — Kyren unleashes the stiff arm. Nine more yards and now Doerer is in range…

    78 — What was your confidence level for Doerer here? 8 out of 10?

    70 — Cash Money. Doerer is twice a hero. He’ll probably be called upon for a third considering this team’s m.o.

    80 — A reminder: Jack Coan has now been a Game MVP, won a game with a touchdown pass, and tied a game with another (plus two-pointer).

    He’s just halfway finished with his only season in South Bend.

    81 — I need a video of the post-game fight. Anyone? Also Kyle Hamilton’s video against Wisconsin. I though the Internet was undefeated?! Why can’t we find these necessary items to complete our lives!?

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    I love his disdain for Houston Griffith.
  23. a1ND

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    for a guy w/ a football dad, Houston has no football instincts. It's just so weird since people were raving about him during practices as a freshman because of his football instincts.
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  24. beist

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    Do we have video evidence that Griffith has even played in a game this year. People tell me he has but I don't even feel like he's been on camera.
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  25. Red Rover

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    His hit on Turner at the goal line against VT was so soft. He had a kill shot opportunity and he barely pushed him out of bounds before the goal line
  26. DetroitIrish3

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    I bet Freeman is happy to not be on the sinking ship of LSU
  27. a1ND

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    sure, he totally whiffed on a deep pass to Cincy that I caught during the game, there's tons of examples of that
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  28. a1ND

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    serious question that I legit never thought I'd be asking but who gets drafted higher in 3-4 years - Blake or Joe Alt?

    I'm still leaning towards Blake in the top 5 but Alt's got me seriously rethinking it.
  29. NilesIrish

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    Have to assume the potential for that thing to blow up was part of his decision making.
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    I’d say fisher, my guess is Alt becomes a really good RT while Blake takes over at LT. Position alone gets him drafted higher.
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  31. a1ND

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    i'm not entirely sure they don't flip Fisher to RT or LOG if they can talk him into a Q type ceiling. This all came about listening to Power Hour the other day. Frank just raved and raved about Alt and his ceiling and thought he could be drafted higher than Blake even though Blake's ceiling is also through the roof.

    I think Rocco could be an elite OG once he gets on the field as well so we could be looking at 3 1st Rounders in this class.
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    Fisher’s footwork and coordination are already too good to kick him inside imo
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    The thought that 3 of our 5 OL spots will likely be elite starting next year is awesome. Until Quinn ruins them IHHH
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    Whats the 3rd? Alt and fisher will be great hopefully, but all three interior positions will be suspect right? Or are you including kristofic/spindler cuz that feels optimistic
  35. NilesIrish

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    Being optimistic on Kristofic/Rocco. I think one of those guys if not both are good to great next year. Elite may be a stretch though.
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    I'm still hopeful that Zeke can be solid playing at his true position next year. He may just never be big enough to be effective playing in ND's current scheme.
  37. IHHH

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    Next years line will be interesting. There’s a few interesting combinations possible.

    baker rt
    Spindler rg
    Kristofic c
    Fisher lg
    Alt lt

    probably puts the 5 bests


    Fisher rt
    Spindler rg
    Correll c
    Kristofic lg
    Alt lt

    or switch alt and Fischer at tackle with baker first off the bench

    it will probably depend on how baker develops
  38. NDfanPSUgrad

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    On to next year what’s the QB room going to look like. Does Pyne try to play somewhere else if Buchner is qb1? Got to be looking for a transfer of some sort for depth.
  39. IHHH

    IHHH Well-Known Member
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    Possible but Pyne is not a guy that should transfer without his degree, not sure where he is with that.
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  40. CTownND

    CTownND Well-Known Member

    Yeah, to me Pyne being a solid #2 that's one injury away from a running QB with an injury history going down and him being the unquestioned starter has to be about as good of a situation as he could have hoped to get into when he committed here. Gotta get that degree that maybe try to start a grad transfer year at a low level P5 school or get that Ivy grad degree before going into consulting

    Also think we won't need a QB transfer with Buchner/Pyne next year
  41. Beeds07

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    The idea of a small armed guy who could run the offense and be a backup is exactly what Ian Book should have been. Kelly just never recruited over him once he became the starter.
  42. Nd will have buchner, pyne, powlus (who could fulfill the prophecy that was promised of his father winning two heismans), angeli, and walker howard. Pretty healthy qb room
  43. IrishLAX2

    IrishLAX2 Execute Our Non-Champions Today
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    Maybe I’m getting ahead of myself, but reading through the tea leaves on Walker Howard it does sound like he has legitimate interest. He tried to blame the Cincy trip on just having a close family connection with Rees and basically doing him a favor by giving a look. Rescheduling makes it sound like there’s more to it.

    Would be nice to take advantage of a down LSU year.
  44. NilesIrish

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    They SHOULD be able to sell this thing as being a qb away, and until someone becomes that guy you can keep using that line. It has to stick with someone.
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  45. Rise

    Rise Well-Known Member

    Some recruiting guy said he is keeping his options open in case coach o is fired. Think even then the new guy can keep him.
  46. Beeds07

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    O is getting fired. They might win one more game this year and the team has quit. The next question is who
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  47. NilesIrish

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  48. theregionsitter

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  49. Red Rover

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    Matt Freeman on Blake Wesley

    Just got out of hoops practice, Notre Dame freshman guard Blake Wesley worked basically the entire scrimmage with the first-team in some capacity, whether it was starting or coming off the bench with the core group.

    Based off what I've seen this summer and fall in our viewings, I would say he's going to be Brey's 6th man by the end of the year.

    He's a kid that can play 1-3 and he could easily be Notre Dame's No. 2 baller handler behind Prentiss Hubb this year. Trey Wertz and Cormac Ryan can handle the ball well, but Wesley's vision and ability to pass the ball are going to be what separates in him from those two in time. He had a few really bad turnovers in the scrimmage, but that's freshman stuff.

    Wesley is noticeably bigger as well. I think Brey is going to strike gold with Wesley and I wouldn't be shocked to see him get 20+ mins a game this year if he can limit the bad shots and freshman turnovers.

    Why they don't play the same position, there's a big gap between Wesley and JR Konieczny right now. JR is feeling out the college game and will need to develop a little bit more, while Wesley seems to have made a good transition.

    *NOTE: This isn't me saying Blake Wesley is going to be an All-American this year. I think Notre Dame fans are going to be very pleased when they see this kid by the end of the season.
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  50. npndne

    npndne making spectacular fuckin' plays.
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    B&G basketball practice report. This Engel kid does a pretty decent job on basketball coverage.

    atrick Engel
    Beat Writer

    Notre Dame basketball held an open practice for reporters to watch Wednesday afternoon. Here are some observations.

    *** Most of the pre-scrimmage work was defensive drills, which have comprised at least half of practices this preseason. It’s not taken lightly. Associate head coach Anthony Solomon is a hands-on teacher and operates like the unofficial defensive coordinator. Players listen to him. Now, everyone wants to see results, not just hear optimism. We’ll get the first look in exactly one month in the season opener. But the commitment to it is obvious.

    *** Head coach Mike Brey said this week if he had to play an ACC game right now, his seven-man rotation would be the six seniors and freshman guard Blake Wesley. He’s looking for an eighth man. Freshman wing J.R. Konieczny, sophomore wing Tony Sanders Jr. and one of sophomore forwards Matt Zona and Elijah Taylor are vying for it. My take after the scrimmage is it might not be one guy, but a mixing and matching based on the situation.

    Speaking of the scrimmage, here are my observations on each player. (Disclaimer: The length of the notes on a player doesn’t reflect his performance for better or worse).


    *** Senior guard Prentiss Hubb: He’s the clear floor general, unsurprisingly. He remains a crafty passer and creator who loves using ball-fakes, shot fakes and anything to get a defender to bite and open up a shot or pass. He’s not going to blow by defenders on a consistent basis. He used several fakes to initiate a possession that resulted in an open Trey Wertzthree-pointer.

    Hubb is vocal too. He hit freshman Tony Sanders Jr.on the wing for a three, but Sanders passed it up. Hubb firmly told him to shoot it next time. On defense, he locked up Wesley in end-of-game situation.

    *** Senior guard Dane Goodwin: His shot still looks clean with little wasted motion, and he made a three at the buzzer in an end-of-game drill. Off the dribble, his spin move going right remains a staple.

    *** Senior guard Cormac Ryan: He’s one of Notre Dame’s best defenders and always sticking his nose in the play. His recovery ability after helping on drives stood out. He doesn’t check out on defense. He had a steal in the backcourt on a bad outlet pass. He’s also good at disrupting ball-screen actions up top.

    On offense, he patiently waited for an opening and zipped a pass to senior forward Nate Laszewski in the post, which resulted in free throws. He’s a crafty finisher with his jump stop and pivot, though he is right-hand dominant off the dribble, and his jumper is consistent.

    Ryan is a clear leader. He’s talking in the huddles and dapping guys up on the court. On one defensive possession for his team, Hubb made a three on a dribble handoff when a defender went under the screen. Ryan asked everyone and no one, “Why are we under?”

    *** Senior guard Trey Wertz: He made a three and played on the ball at times, but he’s still not the quickest or particularly sudden with the ball. He couldn’t finish on a couple layups. He’s a crafty ball handler and will make enough shots to stay in the rotation.

    *** Senior forward Nate Laszewski: He remains comfortable facing up off the dribble and taking other forwards off the bounce from the perimeter. He beat freshman forward Matt Zona off the dribble with a spin. He made a couple threes off kick-outs and pick-and-pops in the same manner he did a year ago. Improving his defense is important, but I didn’t notice him there too often one way or the other. He did switch onto Hubb one time and kept him in front.

    *** Graduate student forward Paul Atkinson Jr.: He’s not a leaper who will sky above everyone for rebounds, but his motor on the class is impossible to miss. He works hard and doesn’t stop fighting for the ball when it’s in the air. He got two putbacks on one possession, finishing the second.

    He’s not an above the rim guy. He’s tough to defend because of his skill as a post scorer and craftiness. He doesn’t need to back his man all the way down to score. He gets a lot of tip-ins with his rebounding motor. When I watched his Yale film, his passing feel stood out. There were moments of it today too. He hit Hubb for a corner three on the short roll. He tried to kick out on another post touch, but threw it to a defender.

    *** Freshman guard Blake Wesley: The most intriguing player on the team. He’s certainly the most athletic. He’s a gifted off-the-dribble scorer who changes speeds well. He took a stepback three and missed, but what stood out was the separation from the defender on the stepback.

    He was often on a different team than Hubb and served as his team’s point guard. Notre Dame put him in ball screens on occasion, but he’s best as a drive-and-kick shot creator. On one play, he blew by his defender with a crossover and hesitation, and hit Sanders in corner for a three. He just has a different level of burst and quickness.

    I think he can be a solid three-point shooter, and he made a couple today, but his shot has a bit of a long windup and some fling in it that makes it harder to consistently replicate.

    Shot selection will be the main thing for Wesley. His decision-making is better than I remember, though he forced a couple passes that were picked off. His defense still stands out. He slipped into a passing lane for a steal and dunk. Then he forced a deflection off his own man the next possession. Notre Dame’s no-middle defense asks defenders to ice ball screens, and he was an effective “icer.”

    *** Sophomore wing Tony Sanders Jr.: I was wondering what to expect from him, and he had a solid day. He picked Ryan’s pocket on the perimeter. He had a putback basket. Most of his shot attempts were threes, and he made a few. He’s often open on the wing when the defense rotates down to help, and guards found him on a few occasions. His shot has a long windup, but it’s high enough that it won’t get blocked.

    *** Sophomore forward Elijah Taylor: He had a rough start to the scrimmage. He was called for a moving screen and then caught not hedging out to stop a Sanders drive. Sometimes, it looks like he’s at a yellow light. He had a post touch vs. Laszewski, but couldn’t back him down or get to his left hand (his good hand) and traveled. He did score vs. Atkinson when he caught an entry pass and instantly went over his left shoulder. If that’s not available, I’m not sure he has an effective counter.

    *** Sophomore forward Matt Zona: He’s not a leaper, but his rebounding motor stood out too. He finds a body and boxes out. He pulled down a couple offensive rebounds. He didn’t get a lot of chances to score.
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