NSIAP Where were you on 9/11/01

Discussion in 'The Mainboard' started by Dinkle, Sep 9, 2011.

  1. Croomsday

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    when you found out what was happening? i was in 4th grade we were outside at recess and the teachers told us to hurry inside. we got to our class and our teacher was crying her eyes out and said america is under attack. i can remember it like it was yesterday
  2. keacali

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    What a bitch ass teacher
  3. IT

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    the first one i was driving home, the second one i watched on tv..

    its odd that being a non american, the 11 year old me was pretty upset.. I just remember asking my dad what it meant and he replied.. "a war probably"

    love america
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  4. Arrec Bardwin

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    7th grade spanish class.
  5. Joshuam2107

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    7th grade homeroom, you could hear a pin drop in the room after second plane..
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  6. Where Eagles Dare

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    Jr year of college, asleep, skipping my morning class & got a call from my parents to turn on the TV.

    Sat and watch CNN for the next 18 hours with my roommates and ate Krystal for the next 4 meals.
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  7. DelapThrows

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    Senior year of high school, walked into 2nd period, our teacher was sitting on her desk watching the TV in the room with tears already streaking her face... unforgettable.
  8. IT

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    love your name
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  9. Teflon Queen

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    yea you didn't ask your dad that and he didn't say that in response either
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  10. clemsontyger04

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    First plane: 11th grade Algebra 2 taking a test. I didnt know till I went to my next class which was Physics which was taught by a former Air Force pilot. We watched the 2nd plane hit and the towers crumble. Still remember the seat I was sitting in while I watched.
  11. Bo Pelinis

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    Sophomore year of High School in Cell Biology. Some teacher came into the room and whispered something to my teacher. He wheeled a tv into the classroom/lab and turned it on. Watched the news in the rest of my classes.
  12. keacali

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  13. rickyrubio4life

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    Coming back from a morning jog in Minneapolis. My wife had the television on right after the second plane hit when I got back. My office was in the tallest building in Minneapolis then, and by the time I made it to work, they shut all of the downtown buildings down for fear that they were targets. I remember taking our receptionist home, as she normally rode the bus and was pretty upset.

    4th fucking grade? Damn. I was in 5th grade when the space shuttle Challenger exploded. :old::feelsbadman:
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  14. Waters  Muddy

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    Some young-ins around here. Freshmen year at FSU sitting in the student ID office getting my third ID made. Watched it on a small tv.
  15. I'll Give You Asthma

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    7th grade English.

    Thought it was the kamikaze Japs.
  16. cdaysker

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    9th grade Shop class. Can remember it vividly.
  17. BearlyHere

    BearlyHere Is this thing on?

    8th grade. I stayed home from school that day. Woke up and went downstairs and my grandma was watching it on tv. It was when the first plane hit and she was like "it's terrorist" and I was all :idk: then I watched the second plane hit and was like :ohholyfuck:
  18. Joe_Pesci

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  19. Arrec Bardwin

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    Seeing that second plane hit live was one of the strangest feelings ever.
  20. broXcore

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    8th grade science
  21. dump

    dump HORNS DOWN

    6th grade homeroom
  22. prerecordedlive

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    1st one: About to walk out the door for school
    2nd one: Sitting in my 7th grade bullshit elective "Rollercoaster History" class
  23. ramszoolander

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    First year of college, geology class. Heard something was wrong from the prof, then went back to my dorm. Roommate, who normally had ESPN on 24/7 was watching news channels, so I knew something was wrong. Then saw second hit. I'll never forget.
  24. Bruce Wayne

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    7th grade, we had the day off for some reason. I remember that 9/11 was a Tuesday.

    I was playing an F1 game on my N64 that morning, and turned it off to see Tower 1 burning. Ran upstairs to yell at my sister for not telling me what was going on and saw the plane hit Tower 2.
  25. Teflon Queen

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    were you balding at that time?
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  26. MtOread

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    8th Grade English class. We had been watching a movie the previous day in class, and our teacher told us we were going to watch the news instead, and that her lesson plan was such that we wouldn't be able to finish the movie at all. Two kids bitched up a storm, and the teacher said "alright let's vote." The class voted to watch the movie over the news by 1 vote. A minute after starting the movie, the teacher paused it and said "alright, if you want to go watch the news, go with Sarah (student teacher) to the room down the hall." Myself and about 10-12 other kids left the room to go watch the news in one of the History teacher's rooms, where we saw both towers fall. Last Christmas I attended a half-assed high school reunion at a sports bar and grill, and several kids from that class were there. The ones who voted for the movie said it was among the bigger regrets they've ever had.

    edit: technically heard about it on the bus ride to school, and saw the second plane hit right when I walked into class
  27. Joe_Pesci

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  28. BearlyHere

    BearlyHere Is this thing on?

    Rollercoaster history? The fuck kinda school did u go to?
  29. Teflon Queen

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    does space mountain count as a rollercoaster? only one i've ever been on :tebow:

    HOOSINSC You're with me leather

    at work, the lady from the deli next door ran over screaming about a plane hitting the wtc. i got to the tv just in time to watch the second plane hit.
  31. BearlyHere

    BearlyHere Is this thing on?

    Dude..in honor of 9/11 u need to ride coasters all day
  32. CC

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    Catalina Island. Felt pretty safe man
  33. PeteTopKevinBottom

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    11th Grade Russian, 1st Period. Senor Golovko (he was called Senor because he also taught Spanish. Dude was the shit.) Mr. Ramirez came into our class and told Golovko to turn on the TV, because we were under attack. We turned on the Today show, and about a minute in, the second plane hit. Then I went to AP US History, and our teacher tried to make us do a Document Based Question essay. I said "Do you really expect us to concentrate when this is most likely the most historic day since Pearl Harbor?" She let us turn the TV back on after that.
  34. WC

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    In 7th grade walking from band to social studies and this annoying kid I knew ran by and said the Pentagon had been bombed, and knowing him like I did I called BS, and then I got to class and the TV was on and the north tower had just been hit. Watched the south tower collapse as the class was taking a break and going to get water/bathroom and I was waiting to leave the room. Then my next class was algebra or something and the damn teacher made us actually have class rather than watch the news. I was so mad, partially because I hated math.

    also this thread will do well to date some of us. example I had no idea dinkle was 3 years younger than me.
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  35. Teflon Queen

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    the day i was going to six flags, me and my brothers were playing with gasoline in the drive way, and i burnt the shit out of my foot so i couldn't go :feelsbadman:
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  36. brobson

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    8th grade Math.
  37. R2d2

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    9/11/01 is our generations remember when. Every generation pretty much has somethign like this, the baby boomers had JFK being shot, the generation before them had pearl harbor. Eventually our children will have something as well. I don't think anyone will ever forget where they were when they got the news.

    I was driving to work at the time of the first plane hit. I was listening to a local sports radio show (Chicago) and they were making a light joke of it saying "how does a pilot hit a building" and "that guy had to be drunk". Then the 2nd plane hit and they both got really quiet and said "no way this is an accident" and the tone became serious. The news of the 2nd plane hitting came right when I pulled up to my parking space and was about to turn the car off. I sat in the car for about 20 minutes and I then turned off sports talk radio and turned on one of the news channels.

    I then went in to work and I sat in my bosses office, she had a tv in her office. Until about noon I sat in the office with her and 3 other insurance agents and we watched. Then we had some warnings that an attack might be coming to Chicago and that is when we became worried and we closed up shop early and went home to spend time with our loved ones.
  38. DuffandMuff

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    What an absolute shitty life. Cedar Point is the next best thing to gameday on an early fall weekend.
  39. bama1

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    8th grade home room/ 1st period. Was suppose to take a test and for the rest of the day we were there we watched the TVs. Had a girl in my class who had a family member that worked at the WTC. I remember her balling her eyes out and the teacher/coach walked her up to the office where she called and found out that her family member didn't go in that day. :americafuckyeah:
  40. Dutch

    Dutch Make it easy on yourself Dutch

    Junior year of college. I was woken up by a call from my mom saying that she was alright and to turn on the TV. She was supposed to fly out of Logan about 30 minutes after the first tower got hit. I didn't know the time she was supposed to leave so I'm obviously glad she called. Ran down stairs and woke up a couple roommates and stayed glued to the TV.
  41. Dr Steve Brule

    Dr Steve Brule I have five of broats

    Senior year of college, had a morning computer graphics class. Saw the story of the first tower on the internet before class began. Didn't know the rest till I got back to the house. Pretty much spent the rest of the day glued to the TV.

    A lot of you guys are making me feel old as shit.
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  42. Pawpride

    Pawpride Clemson

    7th grade Bible class. Still remember every detail of the classroom we were in.
  43. Arrec Bardwin

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    Damn. So you really do have retarded brothers.
  44. Teflon Queen

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    no we just thought writing our names in gasoline would be fun...and it was
  45. .....

    ..... Member

    8th grade. Stayed home from school cause I was "sick" (read: I didn't want to go). Was watching TV and it got interrupted about the fire at the 1st tower and kept watching and watched the 2nd plane hit. Watched the news all day. Remember all the details of that day very vividly.
  46. UncleItchyBalls

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    5th grade English. Teacher started crying. Watched TV. The usual
  47. Croomsday

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    damn wolf you old
  48. Druce

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    10th grade spanish one with senorita spangler, i was freaked the fuck out all day b/c my dad was supposed to be on a plane that morning from dallas to boston and i had no idea if he was dead until they finally released what flights were the ones that crashed....also the day my ps2 arrived via ups
  49. Nole0515

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    7th grade second period Algebra. teacher walks out then back in. He says in his best Mr Garrison voice, Oh my God the twin towers have been hit. We watched the 2nd one hit then the Administration asked for all TV's to be turned off
  50. G8rbaiter

    G8rbaiter The devil is in the details

    I was pulling up to work and happened to turn on the radio. They were announcing that a second plane had just hit. I immediately get a call from a friend at work, he says go get your portable tv and get back up here.

    When I get back and go in, it is a mad house. Our company was fairly small (150 employees) but we had three branch offices: Lexington, Los Angeles, and New York. We had people flying in and out of those branches all the time and all over the country. So of course we had people flying out of NY that day and they couldn't be reached. It took a while because of the lines getting tied up with all the calls but they were fine, their flights had been later in the morning.

    We had my tv setup in my office, there were 5 of us watching, the president of our company comes in and watches for a minute and then says you should move this to the conference room so more people can see. No work was done that day.