NSIAP Where were you on 9/11/01

Discussion in 'The Mainboard' started by Dinkle, Sep 9, 2011.

  1. ashy larry

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    seventh grade with nothing but pussy stuck on my mental
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  3. herb.burdette

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    I had a friend who got married the Saturday before 9/11 and they were out of the country on their honeymoon. They had to extend their honeymoon an extra week because they could not get a flight back into the country after 9/11. The US shut down international travel. Even domestic air travel was shut down for a few days. One of my friends at work got stranded in Dallas and had to rent a car at the airport to drive back to Pittsburgh.
  4. Magneto

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    Getting some reading done for Constitutional Law in my apartment. Being in the DC area was scary as fuck that day.
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  5. AptosDuck

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    Wife called home when she got to work; she'd listened to things on the car radio during her commute. I turned the channel from my 2-year-old son's Sesame Street ("HEEEYYYY!!") just in time to see the first building collapse. Spent time later in the day on campus discussing with my profs how we were going to integrate terrorism into our international security curriculum.
  6. Jax Teller

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    Yea my mom ended up taking a train from SC up to like VA or something like that, then back down to AL.
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  7. WhiskeyDelta

    WhiskeyDelta Formerly MK3rds

    10th grade English class.

    It's insane to think in 4 years we'll have kids enlisting in the military who were born after this happened.
  8. Futureman

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    Senior year of high school and someone in my first period class got a text from their mom saying that a plane hit the World Trade Center in New York. I think we all thought it was a small private plane and pretty much went on with class. Second period the principal came onto the speaker and said that there was a situation at the World Trade Center in New York that they were monitoring but it did not seem to affect us (I mean, we were in Texas so no shit) but now it was pretty clear to us that it was a pretty big deal. Bell rings, I walk to 3rd period and as I open the door to the classroom I see my teacher has a TV set up at the front of the room and see the towers on fire. Right as I sit down in my seat the first tower collapses and it felt like movie it was so surreal.

    Turns out my teacher, a tech teacher had lived in New York for most of the 90s working for plays on Broadway. When he saw that first tower collapse he just lost it and collapsed and started sobbing. We had no idea what to do. He eventually just walked out of the room leaving us there to watch the second tower collapse. Not sure how the rest of the day went, kind of feels like the world went numb after that.
  9. Sterling A

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    Thats what the radio and my teacher thought as well
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  10. fsuNizz

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    Was in the middle of walking to my AP Art class from weight training when the first plane hit. Turned the tv on in class and watched the second plane hit.

    Rest of the day classes gave Zero fucks about curriculum
  11. Sterling A

    Sterling A Well-Known Member

    your school didnt shut down and go home?
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  12. fsuNizz

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  13. Fusiontegra

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    10 days removed from boot camp, asleep in my room in Pensacola. Mom had to call and wake me up to go to one of the barrack's common rooms, as we hadn't bought a tv for the room yet.

    I was all, "fuck...I thought I joined during a time of peace."

    I was supposed to drive home to Jacksonville the following weekend, to pickup my car, and couldn't leave the base for two weeks.
  14. Phil Connors

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    Probably posted before but deserves another post.

  15. OTM

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    8th grade Art class. I remember the teacher putting the radio on without saying anything. The classroom was dead silent, and the reporters were just wildly speculating until the second plane hit.
  16. CharlieKelly

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    Sitting in a computer lab for my AP World History class. Teacher turned on the TV in the lab and I watched the second plane hit live. You know it's serious when it can shut up an entire computer lab of high school kids.
  17. TTgator91

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    Just got home from class. On my couch eating a hot dog
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  18. Sterling A

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    8am class?
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  19. TTgator91

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    7-9 at the Tech center
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  20. coreymatthews

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    It's a damn shame you lost a day of vital rollercoaster history coursework. I assume you and your classmates stayed after school for a tutoring session, no?
  21. Open Carry

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    5th grade. They didn't tell us so I didn't find out until I got home.
  22. prerecordedlive

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    Worked on it at home. The first half of the semester was watching videos of people on different coasters and discussing the teacher's favorites. Second half was designing a prototype themepark out of play doh and different art supplies. I created the least family-friendly park and pretty sure my roller coaster would've killed everyone with the G forces.
  23. Phil Weston

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    be honest, did a military member fuck your girl?
  24. bucs

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    4th grade. I was so confused and had no idea why somebody would want to attack us
  25. RoyalShocker

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    Hey, remember when you asked us what makes you a piece of shit in the farva thread?
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  26. Phil Weston

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    flew home from a nephew's baptism out of dulles airport on september 10. I remember being in the 6th grade at my small, Catholic school. 6th, 7th, and 8th grade all rotated between 3 classrooms. Social studies and science had it on until people started to jump. english teacher kept class going as usual which was dumb and I just remember wanting to know what was going on.

    6th grade was the youngest grade they decided to tell and told us not to tell anyone younger and I distinctly remember one of my classmates yelling in the hallway "It's the germans!" and us shushing him because the 5th graders were right there and their door was open. Pretty sure we had just watched pearl harbor like a week prior so that may have caused his idiotic reaction. Everyone got picked up early and I stayed at my neighbor's house until my parents came home.

    2 of my older sisters lived in the city, along with an aunt and uncle, and then 1 of my other uncles worked in a building very close (I think it was across the street or within 2 blocks at a minimum) to the towers. I just remember wanting to know if they were okay and remember the phones not working in the city and not being able to get ahold of them. At some point my dad got ahold of me and let me know that my family was okay. It's really bizarre to think about now and I hope we don't experience anything else like it in my lifetime.
  27. gus_chiggins

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    Pearl Harbor was bombed by the Japanese. HTH
  28. Bo Pelinis

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    No. That was the Germans.
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  29. gus_chiggins

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  30. Phil Weston

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    oh we knew that...i can't speak for him or why he made the jump to Germans although I do think when most people think of WWII they think of germany before they think of japan and even though Pearl harbor is a world war II movie about japan, maybe he just jumped back to germans?

    idk, we were in the 6th grade and immature
  31. skeezy

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    Ari fleischer (White House press secretary under bush) is tweeting about what was going on behind the scenes on 9/11. Good read
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  32. Teflon Queen

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    The fact that they flew a plane into the pentagon is crazy
  33. CloudBerry

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    Why do you want to know where I was? What are you implying? Who do you work for?
  34. DrTomOsbourne

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  35. Petito

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    In God's timezone so I was in first period 10th grade. I think the TV was turned on right after the second plane hit and whatever station we were watching (it wasn't cnn) was showing close up views of the buildings and you could clearly see people jumping out. Couldn't believe what I was seeing. This is years before liveleak so seeing this type of shit first hand was insane.

    Continued to go to each of our classes, no curriculum, just watching the coverage, including lunch where barely anyone ate just stood around watching.

    I had friends who went to school just a couple miles from the pentagon and they were all let out early. They told me a lot of the Arab kids were pushed around and had rocks thrown at them leaving the school.
  36. Jack Parkman

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    Can still remember going to the next NFL game after 9/11. IIRC we were playing the jets and that national anthem was phenomenal

    my uncle, a man who loves his country but wouldn't hurt a fly, almost got into a fist fight with a jets fan in front of us who forgot to take his hat off and was talking during the national anthem
  37. TC

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    Freshman in college. The world changed that day. Never has felt quite the same since
  38. Sean Connery

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  39. You and You

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    Was in history class Freshman year of high school.

    Watched tv coverage of the events all day.

    After school our football coach ran our asses off like never before. JV team got their asses beat like a rented mule the day before by our rival.
  40. Hide&SeekChamp

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    I was in freshmen biology. We had a guy that constantly annoyed the entire class and made idiotic comments continually. He raised his hand and said that his brother in the military had called him and that United States was under attack. Because he was the source, I assumed that he was full of shit. That class ended and the college had a bomb threat called in. I'm embarrassed to say that at one point I told one of my friends that "I wish we had bomb threats every day, this is great." I thought we were just getting have classes cancelled the rest of the day. In retrospect, I feel like an insensitive and unappreciative asshole for ever saying that. I got home and turned on the news and then I realized the magnitude of the situation. It was a very shitty feeling to know what idiot 18 year old Hide and Seek Champ had said.
  41. kslim

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    Not exactly sure how to take this but i completely understand where this is coming from. i have to get a solid amount of liquor in me before i talk about anything unless i know you. The i have been to Iraq guys that you speak of generally didnt do anything
  42. justcain

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    I was in bible college that morning, asking myself why god would let something like that happen to so many innocent people and what it all meant.
  43. construxboy

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    I must be old. 29 and living in ATL but at a meeting in Green Bay. Come out of the meeting for a quick break to see people huddled around a TV. First tower is smoking and then as we watch, the second plane hits the second tower. Just shock. Then they say there is another plane feared hijacked heading for DC. My parents live in Vienna, Va. My brother works 2 blocks from the White House (F and 15th). His girlfriend, now wife, works in the Capitol for Sen Fitzgerald from Ill. Start speed dialing my parents and my brother on my cell phone from Green Bay. Just busy signals all the time. Finally get through to my parents. They're fine but can't get a hold of my brother. Sense panic. Hang up and keep trying my brother's cell. 4th time I finally get through. He's fine, but scared. They shut down the Metro so they're walking home in a huge group of people. He gives me his girlfriend's mom's phone number to call and let her know her daughter is ok. I have never met or talked to her. I hang up and call my parents quick. Get through and tell them my brother is fine and getting away from the city. I can feel the relief through the phone. Hang up and call my brother's girlfriend's mother to tell her that her daughter is fine. Her mom starts balling, saying thank you over and over again.

    Hang up and soon after they say the plane crashed in Pennsylvania.

    No flights at all, so on the morning of the 13th my coworkers and I rent a Expedition and drive from Green Bay back to Atlanta. Almost shot by jumpy cops as we try to get our cars from the parking lots at Hartsfield.

    Turns out that my bother's ex-girlfriend's mother (they were friends for 3 years in school and then dated for 4 years after so I knew her mother well) had started a new job in Tower Two on August 27th and was killed.

    I would strangle to death every fucking person involved in that attack if I could.
  44. Boo MFer!

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    Good God, do you even have pubes yet?
  45. Scott Van Pelt

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    I was in second grade and mine grew in last week :smug:
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  46. Tobias

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    i was in 5th grade

    at a local middle school bc i was a smart kid who took a math class with like 5 other kids at the neighboring middle school (got dumber from there). we knew something had happened but thought it was just some small plane crashes. no one else had an idea at my elementary school that anything had happened

    still wish my middle school teacher woulda let us watch it. pretty historic moment (obviously) that i missed live
  47. bucs

    bucs better than most
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    i'm 24 so yes I've had pubes for quite a while :gocho:
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  48. Boo MFer!

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    Congrats! :-)
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  49. drunk panda

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    Senior in high school walking in to calc 1 class.
  50. One Knight

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    Senior year college, I woke up late, didn't have class til the afternoon.
    Walked outside to see I had a flat tire on my car, called in to work to tell them I wouldn't be there, heard the radio broadcast while I was on hold.
    By the time I turned on the TV both the towers had collapsed. I went to class but no one wanted to teach, they eventually cancelled classes for the day.
    I went to my fraternity house and watched TV for a while with people who were there, everyone was completely in shock and we were all worried about brothers who lived in the NY area.

    I spent the rest of the day and night watching the coverage in disbelief.