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    Ran a search. The last was archived. Lots of people were wanting teardrop campers, which is totally cool, and I hope you all got one. I'm pretty tipsy and am willing to edit this awful OP up later if it gets any traction.

    Question 1: Why would you ever want anything more than a tent?

    - After 20+ years of tent/hammock camping, it'd be nice to simplify things just a smidge and grab a couple extra amenities. Having a toddler also complicates the old tent/hammock camping experience

    Question 2: Should I choose a Class A, Class B, Class C, Campervan Conversion, Trailer, Truck Camper, or rooftop nest thing?

    - My understanding is that the industry in general builds absolute trash, which means you're driving a bomb on wheels on the worst of days. On the best, your engine and all of your amenities will break
    - Do you want to drive a 40ft piece of trash, a 30 ft piece of trash, a 20 ft piece of trash, or tow a piece of trash? These seem to be the options
    - Custom conversions are really cool, and there is some excellent work being done out there on good vehicles. Banks will loan you 100k for a Thor that will break down 6 months into your 15-year RV loan. They will not lend for a professional conversion with high-quality material installed on a high-quality vehicle. This really confuses me
    - Truck Campers are surprisingly spacious and versatile. Manufacturers of trucks and campers will lie to ensure you end up with something incredibly unsafe
    - Towing seems to fucking suck
    - People pay $5000 for a rooftop camper that is $200 on the ground because it looks cool in photos I guess

    Really close to just remodeling my bathroom tbh
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    The GF and I got stir crazy late 2020 and after watching way too many YouTube RV/camper reviews we jumped on a relatively inexpensive used 18’ trailer that was also relatively light (easy to tow) Very basic, queen bed up front (bought a new 10” mem foam when we got the camper) little dinette, kitchen and bathroom with shower.
    We had recently moved to Oregon and wanted to do more camping. Had a previous tent camping experience that made us realize that it was just so much work making it comfortable and fun so we’re looking for something new.
    Really enjoy taking it out usually 1-2 times per month nowadays. Helps that there’s great state parks up and down the 101 all within 1-2 hours, several with ocean views from the site. Pics from our last site at Tillicum Beach in Yachats,OR.

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    Practically, I think a little tow camper makes a lot of sense. My hang up is the versatility of a Class B type, and I’m sure you experience the same thing on the Oregon coast as we do here: people kicking it on the beach in their beds/couches staring out at the waves from their vans/campers while we slough around like idiots

    More seriously, what are you towing with? Sounds like it’s been good mostly?
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    Yeah towing wasn’t too much of an issue as I already had an F150 for years before. I was a bit nervous about that part since I had never towed anything previously for any sort of distance. Still does get me a little worked up if it’s pouring out on the real windy roads we have. The lady and I have a great system wherein I’m the long haul driver and she handles all the precision stuff (backing the fucking thing in)
    The Class B is definitely appealing in that you are pretty much self contained and ready to roll out at a moment’s notice. Great form factor and ability to boondock. But goddamn at the prices. I do like having the separate trailer in the sense that once it’s setup at the site and unhitched the truck is available for trips into town etc. Also super easy to fit gear in the bed (Kayak and/or MTB depending on destination)
    We realistically are all about glamping and it’s honestly pretty rare we do any cool camp cooking shit that people on YouTube are all about. Much more likely to take the truck and grab takeout from somewhere nearby lol. We cook enough at home and while it’s possible in the camper the traveling and hitting up new restaurants aspect is more fun and feels more like a mini vacation. Camp breakfasts with that ocean view are the shit though.

    Edit to add:
    Oh yeah no towing issues except for the very first trip we took Thanksgiving weekend 2020, after just buying the camper. Made it about 3 miles out of town and the truck gauges all went dead, no power on anything while heading down the 101 at 60 mph. Slowly got pulled over and luckily had a friend who could come and tow the camper back for us. Had to get the truck towed back to town and replace the alternator and battery. Pretty random and definitely glad it happened so close to home. No issues since at all.
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