Official Canon Star Wars Thread: UNLIMITED POWER!

Discussion in 'The Mainboard' started by Wu, May 31, 2016.

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    Bad Batch episodes 6-8 are really, really good.
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  2. bigpig

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    I was absolutely not on board with Kenobi vs Vader happening in the Obi Wan series. It's been talked and talked about for months leading up to the release but I'm too much of an old fogey who grew up on the Original Trilogy to be down with it.

    I really need to start trusting Dave Filoni.

    That fight in the last episode was everything I wanted out of the Episode III fight almost twenty years ago. Great usage of action and dialogue. It didn't last too long that it got boring or repetitive but it also wasn't just a teaser or a little moment just for marketing. It had a great purpose in the story and really bridged the gap between where those two guys were in EPIII and where they'll be in EPIV.
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  4. Majic44

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    If anyone is not already, it will become insane over time that Filoni and Favrau were not given the Star Wars oversight from the start. They both just completely get it and have clear visions.
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    Just teabagging JJ Abram’s “mystery box” at this point
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    talk about grading on a curve
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  7. Wu

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    oddly enough, they had very little involvement with obi wan
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    putting all their focus on the live-action season 5 of Rebels hopefully.
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  9. Wu

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    and Mando s3
  10. Majic44

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    True, but Chow worked with them on Mando quite a bit and I think they still had general oversight on the project.

    I just think the overall Star Wars trajectory would be so different right now had they both been the creative directors for the IP since it came to Disney.
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  11. Wu

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    Obi project wanted to be their own thing and F&F had next to zero involvement