Official Milana Vayntrub Thread 2.0

Discussion in 'The Mainboard' started by Celemo, Apr 8, 2015.

  1. SugarShaun

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    :facepalm: at the amount of people that assume she means people are calling her ugly so responding to it to tell her she’s beautiful or how great her body is
  2. NineteenNine

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    Saw that this morning and thought the same thing. Like JFC guys.
  3. 1

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    Assuming she's talking about the ridiculous amount of her ads on during tournament games? I guess I hadn't noticed anything different. Her hammers have still been pretty apparent. :idk:
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  4. Killy Me Please

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    Never read the comments Milana.
  5. ned's head

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  6. fish

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    She never misses a chance to remind us the she’s a director.
  7. ButchCassidy

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    My wife keeps saying she thinks she’s pregnant cause they way she’s placed in the ads. And said her boobs are huge.

    I let her know her boobs have always been huge.
  8. Mr Mortisay

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    Sometimes it’s easy to forget that she didn’t march over the Selma bridge, she just has large breasts
  9. 1

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    I know it's not the same at all and yes dudes can be creepy and say stupid/inappropriate things at any time... especially on social media. of the first things I can't help but think when I hear a female say things like "unwelcome comments I receive about my body" is how that just doesn't translate to men and how we're so different. Most inappropriate comments to her are dudes, unprovoked, saying shit about how big her boobs are and what they would like to do with said breasts. You find me any man that gets unprovoked comments about how big his dick is and how he could use it on them in some sexual way and I'll show you one proud/happy dude.

    Again, I get how it's not right and respectful in any way so don't @ me. Just an observation on the differences is all.
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  10. Gunners

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    Everything is waist up, not showing bottom half at all
  11. Capt Wigs

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  12. BellottiBold

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    Such a great cast.
    I love Micaela Watkins so lots
  13. UncleJesse

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    Could be the worst bump of all time.
  14. BellottiBold

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    Very old
    Very delightful
  15. Emma

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    My b, new to the thread and didn't go through past a few pages.
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  16. IanBoyd

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    Apparently she's married and is a mom now.

    So that rumor of them hiding her baby bump in the commercials were true after all.
  17. Lucky24Seven

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    Please respect our privacy
  18. fsugrad99

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    Good for her :beaver:
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  19. Mr Bulldops

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    Congrats on the sex
  20. Gambler

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    I bet those Mom titties are massive.