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  1. og543ss

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    pittsburgh is ohio state territory
  2. og543ss

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    hey guys, suck my dick
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  3. ~ taylor ~

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    I like that Penn State's new retort mimics what Sandusky used to tell 10 year old boys in his basement.
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  4. og543ss

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    1/10. I responded.

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    my balls remain dry please remember to show them some attention
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  6. Can I Spliff it

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  7. mugRBG

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    Great news for PSU. If McGloin gets murdered at some point this season we get to see the tank that is Paul Jones (like 6'3 mb 250-ish). Who knows if he sticks around following the conclusion of this upcoming season, but I am very curious to see what he can do, assuming he is actually academically eligible.

    If I can say anything for Bolden, it would be that he had perfected the art of throwing just after having been hit, which was always entertaining and resulting in him being a) destroyed a/b) throwing a pick a/c) fumbling.
  8. Josey Wales

    Josey Wales Well-Known Member

    It's a PA thing?
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    In light of the actions taken by the NCAA in the Penn State scandal, here’s a question for you: Do you think that if a professor of, say, economics, was discovered to be a serial sex abuser of young boys, that the university’s economics department would be shut down?

    If you answered “of course not,” I think you’re right. It would be ridiculous to do any such thing.

    But if you answered “that depends,” then you might want to consider the case of Scott Ward, a University of Pennsylvania marketing professor who just a few short years ago was sentenced to 25 years in prison for possession of child pornography.

    Kiddie porn, however, was the lesser of Professor Ward’s crimes against children. Ward was a serial child molester. And officials at Penn and its prestigious Wharton School knew it — or should have — for years. And even knowing about Ward’s penchant for sexually abusing children, the school kept him employed and even helped finance his sexual access to kids overseas.
    The story of the “brilliant” Professor Ward was chronicled in a 2007 issue of Philadelphia magazine.

    The piece begins in 2006 with Ward being busted by immigration agents after returning from a trip to Thailand, where he enjoyed copious amounts of sex with prepubescent boys. Fortunately for prosecutors, he brought home the DVDs to prove it.

    It wasn’t the first time Ward had been charged with sex crimes against children.

    Some 13 years earlier, the good professor was charged with involuntary deviate sexual intercourse with a minor, but found not guilty.

    He continued to teach at Wharton.

    Three years later, he was accused of soliciting sex from a 23-year-old undercover state trooper posing as a 15-year-old boy. Ward pleaded guilty to promoting prostitution and the attempted corruption of a minor. Continued...

    And he continued to teach at Wharton.

    After his arrest in 2006, federal agents went to Ward’s office at the university’s Huntsman Hall and found 80 images of Ward fondling a 15-year-old boy. The very presence of those photos made the campus itself a crime scene.

    The university’s response to calls from reporters about Ward and his alleged crimes was, “No comment.” All media inquiries were effectively stonewalled.

    And what happened?

    Well, here’s what didn’t happen: The university didn’t hire the former head of the FBI to investigate how Ward managed to elude detection and stay employed at the school despite his numerous arrests and rather obvious problem.

    If the school investigated itself for its handling of the matter, it didn’t make the results of that investigation public.

    Other than the excellent story in Philly mag, there was no great media campaign to make the university come clean about how and why it protected a known child molester for years.

    As pointed out in the story:

    “In 1993, Ward had been the subject of a sting at his Ardmore mansion, where several teenage boys lived with him, and he was accused of molesting a 13-year-old there as often as 100 times. But after two highly publicized trials, he was sentenced to just five years of probation, during which time he continued to teach at Wharton and to travel — on Penn’s dime — to Thailand and other hot spots where the touch of a young boy could be had for a price.”

    So not only did U of P look the other way while Ward engaged in hundreds of crimes against children in this country, it subsidized his kiddie sex trips abroad. Continued...

    Again from the story:

    “Though he taught only 22 courses from 1999 through 2005, Wharton still paid for him to teach at its partner school in Bangkok — an especially baffling arrangement, since right there, in his CV filled with research on kids and his consulting jobs overseas, is the blueprint for his lifestyle, one made possible in large part by his connection to Penn.”

    So here we have an Ivy League school not only refusing to deal with a known pedophile in its midst, it enables him to continue to sexually exploit dozens (hundreds?) of poor children in foreign lands.

    And yet, no outside agency — not the Ivy League, not the U.S. Department of Education, not any university accrediting agency — has found the necessary chutzpah to demand the University of Pennsylvania cough up $60 million with the goal of helping sexually abused children.

    Ward was every bit the star at Wharton that Jerry Sandusky was at Penn State. Like Sandusky, Ward also founded a nonprofit program for at-risk kids. But he was different in one respect: Ward was far wealthier than the ex-football coach. He made millions serving as a marketing consultant and by being on various corporate boards.

    He used his wealth, smarts and his social status as an esteemed Penn professor to discredit his pathetic accusers and to elude justice for years. And yet, if his colleagues had any problem with that, there is no public record of it.

    By 2005, Ward had finally become enough of an embarrassment for Penn to take the extreme action of reducing him to the status of professor emeritus. He was arrested and locked up for good a year later.

    So I ask you, where’s the outrage at Penn? Where’s the lynch mob for those department heads and administrators who knew (or “should have known”) that Ward was a sexual predator but took no effective action to stop him?

    Where’s the independent investigation that might turn up emails that suggest one, two or three of his colleagues knew about his crimes, but didn’t want to report them for their own bizarre reasons?

    Finally, I’d very much like to know where one of Penn’s most esteemed graduates, Pulitzer-prize-winning author Buzz Bissinger, stands on all this. After all, no single person in America has publicly expressed more outrage and disgust over the failures at Penn State University. Continued...

    In his columns and TV appearances, Bissinger has not only applauded the sanctions against Penn State and the crippling of its football program, he has led the campaign to vilify the late Joe Paterno as a “dictator” and dangerous egomaniac. He has made clear that he finds the culture of big time college football sickening and directly blames it for the failure of nerve that allowed a sexual predator like Sandusky to run amok.

    So what explains the culture at his own alma mater that allowed Professor Ward to continue his own decades-long crime spree?

    If Buzz Bissinger weighed in on the Ward case, I couldn’t find it. But I would love to hear him explain why PSU should pony up $60 million for its allegedly protecting a pedophile and the Wharton school should not. Why PSU’s football program should be eviscerated and the academic institution that protected Ward by means of tenure and due process should not. And why not.

    I don’t expect Bissinger to admit that his contempt for the culture of college football and all things Paterno has poisoned his view of this case. But more fair-minded journalists ought to have resisted throwing in with this torch and pitchfork crowd.

    As this story continues to unfold, a few more decent souls may come to regret running with this rampaging herd of independent minds.

    Cliffs: Penn's academics enabled a pedo professor. Their story may be more egregious.
  9. sem

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    Not that this absolves PSU's actions but the hypocrisy of some of PSU's most vocal critics has been pretty absurd.
  10. JBF76

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    I couldn' t even argue this if i wanted to. Its been really bad. The holier than thou/beat a dead horse/chest bumping crowd is the worst...
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  11. ruteelrice

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  12. killerwvu

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  13. Jpripper88

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  14. Jpripper88

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    Like who?
  15. mb

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    This guy definitely has a bright future ahead of him on #teamoutlaw
  16. FactsRule

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    I'm still waiting for one person associated with Penn State to prove the NCAA wrong by saying, "you know what? It's just football."
  17. MG2

    MG2 No judgement in brainstorming Donor

    Interesting start to that column, but he lost his way in the last half there. It's not about Bissinger or anyone else. People reacting strongly to child molestation and wanting bad things to happen to the people who were responsible (either for the molestation or for the cover up) isn't exactly a shock, and he made himself somewhat unlikeable at the end there, IMO. Should have just stuck with the argument of "is the culture of economics at Penn to blame for this, like the culture of football was to blame for what happened at PSU?" and let people think that one over to themselves.

    Also have to say that the way he wrote that doesn't exactly give me confidence that I can just take his word for what happened there. Seems there's a fair amount of bias going on with that piece.
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  18. sem

    sem I can't tell if I'm a kingpin or a pauper. Donor

    Buzz Bissinger is the most egregious
  19. MG2

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    Who do you want to say this? The school president and members of the BOT were involved in the punishment. Do you want fans of the football team to just go around the internet saying "our program just got put on life support for the next decade, but it's not a big deal because kids got raped"? That's not really the normal mindset of the football fans who do interviews that major media outlets pick up, or who go on message boards all day.
  20. Beeds07

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    Thats all still better than acting like victims after the people in charge of their school looked the other way and allowed young boys to be raped on campus to protect the integrity of their football program.
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  21. MG2

    MG2 No judgement in brainstorming Donor

    People are dumb. I don't understand why some people are shocked that there are some PSU football fans out there who are pissed off and feel like making shirts and writing stuff on twitter. An NCAA athletic program has never really seen anything like this before. The idea that everyone in the PSU alumni/fan base was just going to sit there and go "yeah, we deserve whatever is given to us" is just retarded to me, especially since I happen to be on the side that believes the NCAA shouldn't have been involved anyway (not saying that to start an argument, but rather to say that I think it's at least plausible to believe that this isn't the only way this could have been handled).

    I just don't understand why people are surprised by the reaction of some people. It's not like it's everyone. You would get this kind of negative reaction from people in any fanbase that gives a shit about athletics if it happened to their football program.
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  22. Beeds07

    Beeds07 Youre a pro. Look at me...Pro Donor

    80% of what this board does is find stupid shit on the internet then mock it. I dont care if people feel think that the punishment is unfair. That can actually be debated. Whats stupid is people making t-shirts and retarded ass twitter handles and telling everybody they should walk away scot free after what happened. The NCAA has a long precedent of punishing kids and universities after the person that committed the transgression has left. Does the fact that theis isnt technically "a violation issue" mean the NCAA should just look the other way while a clear case of an institution lacking any type of control goes on?

    Everyone has a certain right to feel a certain way about any issue they choose. Maybe you dont like Arabs. Or Asains. Maybe you believe 9/11 was a government cover up, or that Aurora was a CIA op. Thats your perrogative. My point is that the minute you take to the internet and start telling people this shit, people should have every right to call you a dumbass or tell you to STFU.

    I dont know if people have just gotten dumber through the years or if social media and the internet gives them a voice, but the fact I reallly see how stupid people have become makes me sad. The fact that this place gives me like minded people to ridicule them makes up for it though.
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  23. dfmPSU

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    Some people won't be happy until anyone associated with PSU picks up a shovel, digs a giant hole, and throws Beaver Stadium into it like we're German citizens after WWII.

    Just wait until the Sunday after the first game. You'll see articles about the audacity of people tailgating with friends and watching a football game.
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  24. marcus

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    On the flip side, PSU was just like that for years...until this was uncovered.
  25. Beeds07

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    I hate that you can only edit once....
  26. Josey Wales

    Josey Wales Well-Known Member

    Here is the more factual Philly Mag piece if you feel like skimming it at all.

    Just surprising to me that the type of scumbag self-preservation and egotism has actually occurred before an another major academic institution. I can understand why he hammers Bissinger; I find hypocrites to be among the most offensive people in the world. I can't stand them.
  27. MG2

    MG2 No judgement in brainstorming Donor

    I don't know how we got here from the original comment that you quoted, but whatever. I don't really care enough to keep up the arguments in this thread. There are just some things I read in here that I think are dumb, and I can't help myself responding. The "someone at PSU should come out and say 'no big deal, it's just football'" was one of those.
  28. JBF76

    JBF76 Buckeye football, Redskins, Redsox, Celtics. Donor

    What? Since when? I edit all the time.
  29. RU-Omega Potato

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    Like x 1,000,000
  30. Biff Bridges

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    Cliffs on Bissinger's take please.
  31. Beeds07

    Beeds07 Youre a pro. Look at me...Pro Donor

    Its fine. I had like 4 different thoughts and by the time I was done, I realized I never even responded to what you said.
  32. og543ss

    og543ss ready to party? by party I mean smoke cigarettes Donor TMB OG

    yup I just want to watch some football but no one seems to be letting me
  33. Beeds07

    Beeds07 Youre a pro. Look at me...Pro Donor

    Edit: Nevermind, Im just a dummy
  34. Josey Wales

    Josey Wales Well-Known Member

    You can just read some of the headlines to get an idea: bissinger&oq=buzz bissinger&gs_l=news-cc.3..43j43i400.1180.1180.0.1774.

    I'm not even saying I disagree with everything he has said, but for someone to come out and publicly rail so hard against PSU and the "football culture", but never say anything publicly about an atrocity of equal or greater proportions perpetrated by their own institution is disgusting.
  35. Biff Bridges

    Biff Bridges The words, you're good with the words man Donor TMB OG

    I've tried really hard to like the guy that brought Friday Night Lights to the world, but he's a monstrous cunt.
  36. FactsRule

    FactsRule Mmm ... Coconuts Donor TMB OG

    Anyone. Anyone saying it would be nice. I'm not expecting BWI to suddenly become rational, but it would nice if someone that represented the university would come out to put things in perspective. If they've done it, I've missed it.

    ARSENAL Montani Semper Liberi Donor

    Today 1:01 PM EDT
    Society is what it is now days. You got to look at the positives somewhere! I mean I don't believe ANY of the kids were *** raped and most of the kids just got bjs. So they got a bj, went to a ball game for free, and got free food at the game, and free transporation to and from the game. More then their parents would have ever done for them and they got off in the process! Yeah its wrong but things could have been so much worse!

    From: fistofgoodness
    Sent: 7/30/2012Yep you're right.

    From: bigjohn58
    Sent: 7/30/2012
  38. Can I Spliff it

    Can I Spliff it Like the Beatles, before they went nuts in India Donor

    this is are country
  39. MG2

    MG2 No judgement in brainstorming Donor

    People willing to say that kind of thing at PSU (fans or people at the university) aren't exactly going to be the ones who are getting coverage at a time like this.
  40. FactsRule

    FactsRule Mmm ... Coconuts Donor TMB OG

    Why can't the president or BOT say it? Shouldn't they be counted on to have the appropriate perspective? They've gotten coverage for their comments on the matter, but what I've seen has been commentary reflecting the harshness of the sanctions and a desire to move on, but there hasn't been any attempt to keep those penalties in perspective that I've noticed (it's certainly possible those comments were made and just didn't get the coverage the other comments did because the media would rather focus on the punishments than the big picture.)

    SWIMFAN Waiting for 2016: New President, New Coach Donor

    Tide fan raising money to help Penn State football

    Now with Penn State's football program facing crippling NCAA sanctions, a Crimson Tide fan is stepping up to try and help the Nittany Lions.

    Tide fan Alston Noah has set up apage on fundraising website Indiegogo asking fellow Alabama fans to contribute to a fund that will be donated to the Penn State student government later this year. In a statement on the page, Noah states that he hopes his "Elephants For Lions" campaign will help the Penn State fans and alumni, who he believes were unjustly punished for the crimes of former Penn State assistant coach Jerry Sandusky.

    Noah's full statement on the page reads:

    My name is Alston and I am a graduate of the University of Alabama. I am seeking 100,000 donations from avid college football fans.

    It is important to college football Penn State return to an atheletic powerhouse as soon as possible. The NCAA has spoken but so many innocent fans and players were punished for the criminal acts of one.

    The Nittany Lions are strong and growing stronger everyday. I want to do my part to help.

    Its time to step in and help. All funds raised will be given to Penn State University in October 2012. The President of the Student Government Association will have the responsibilty to direct the funds in his/her best efforts to promote the Mission of Penn State University.

    This is a simple way to send a clear message to the Penn State family, we care and want to help.

    Roll Tide

    We'd like to hear from Alabama fans: would you donate money to help Penn State recover from its NCAA sanctions?

  42. Can I Spliff it

    Can I Spliff it Like the Beatles, before they went nuts in India Donor

    Alabama is just now reaching the era that Joe Pa grew up in
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  43. Jpripper88

    Jpripper88 Chryst and Saban Donor TMB OG

    Wouldn't be so sure about that.

    "Pittsburgh in the West, Philly in the East and Alabama in between."
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  44. The Blackfish

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    Why did you tag me in this?
  45. 00:06:00

    00:06:00 Didnt like me then, gonna hate me now Staff Member Donor TMB OG

    Bama fans are so classy.
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  46. Blu Tang Clan

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    Don't do it man.
  47. og543ss

    og543ss ready to party? by party I mean smoke cigarettes Donor TMB OG

    I plan on having a lot of fun on september 1st

    I do it because I despise the victims of course
  48. Blu Tang Clan

    Blu Tang Clan I'm not the one who got buttfucked on national TV Staff Member Donor TMB OG

    Haven't they suffered enough without you having fun?
  49. og543ss

    og543ss ready to party? by party I mean smoke cigarettes Donor TMB OG

    I am gonna really rub it in there faces... perhaps that is a bad choice of words
  50. Beeds07

    Beeds07 Youre a pro. Look at me...Pro Donor

    Why wouldnt you despise the victims? Them with their innocence and formerly tight buttocks. Little fuckers cost you 4 years of bowl games, and thats what matters.
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