Okie preacher pedo catches hands

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    Oklahoma Dad Takes Down Jogger Preying On Kids At A Bus Stop
    By Anna Gallegos

    September 24, 2021

    Photo: Oklahoma County Corrections
    When an Oklahoma City dad learned that a stranger was making his 9-year-old son feel uncomfortable while waiting for the bus, he knew he had to do something.

    The young boy told his parents that “guy touched him on the back and he didn’t like the way it made him feel" while at his school bus stop on Monday, September 20.

    On Thursday, September 23, the dad dropped his son off at the stop near Southwest 36th Street and County Line Road and waited in his car in case the man came back. The dad filmed a man jogging past the stop then turn around to be near the kids.

    As soon as the man laid a finger on one of the kids, the dad got out of his vehicle and tackled the man. The dad beat the jogger up so badly that he fractured the man's skull and cracked his eye socket, FOX 25 reported.

    Cops then arrived and arrested the jogger, who was identified as 33-year-old Michael Coghill. He's now accused of lewd/indecent acts to a child.

    The Lakehoma Church of Christ in Mustang previously listed Coghill as a minister on its website, News 9 reported. The church said in a statement that Coghill was "relieved from all duties."

    Dear Lakehoma Family, We were heartbroken to learn of the incident that occurred yesterday morning involving Mike...

    Posted by Lakehoma Church of Christ on Thursday, September 23, 2021
    The father who beat up Coghill hasn't been identified or charged with any crime at this time.
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    Good for him.
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    O hell yeah. Of course he’s a preacher
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    The Big 12 was too old for this guy
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    Pedophile Preacher Procures Pummeling from Pissed off Parent.
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    Enjoy the fire and brimstone
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    I’m surprised the dad didn’t kill the guy honestly
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    I don't have kids, but I'd beat the dogshit out of the guy if saw anyone doing that. I'm out running and see it then the fuckers catching these hands, elbows and knees.
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    That’s impressive self control
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    He may have broke his hand. If you're going that hard in the paint it's pretty likely. Remember, kids. Skulls are hard so throw elbows and knees.

    More likely he didn't want to beat someone to death in front of children. Breaking his orbital bone is getting tuned up plenty.
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    Gave him the old Chris on Michael’s stepfather
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    Dad of the year is locked up now boys
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    Destroyed that orbital - wasn't many punches away from it.
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    On first read, I thought you meant the Dad got arrested.
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