OkState gonna look good Saturday

Discussion in 'The Mainboard' started by CharlieKellyReturns, Nov 10, 2019.

  1. bro

    bro Hey Hermano
    Tennessee VolunteersLos Angeles DodgersBuffalo BillsBuffalo Sabres

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  2. steamengine

    steamengine I don’t want to press one for English!
    LiverpoolTexas Tech Red Raiders altTravelHouston Oilers

    Love me some troop fucking.
  3. hardcorekickball

    hardcorekickball working fire
    Kansas City RoyalsChelseaSporting Kansas CityMinnesota WildKansas State WildcatsKansas City Chiefs

    More like the chair force, right?
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  4. devine

    devine hi, I am user devine
    West Virginia MountaineersPhoenix SunsPittsburgh PenguinsTiger WoodsNational LeagueBarAndGrillCoors Light

    Cringe if the team uses cowboy battalion on the back
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  5. ShuPoor

    ShuPoor Clubbing seal clubbers with LeBron James
    Tulsa Golden HurricaneOklahoma City Thunder

    That blog post uses the following sentence unironically: "It’s the first time OSU will officially integrate camo into its uniforms (and it’s long overdue)"
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  6. Boo MFer!

    Boo MFer! UCF has a clown car of talent at RB and WR.
    Florida GatorsTampa Bay RaysJacksonville JaguarsTampa Bay Buccaneers

    Anything described as a “slick new uniform” is automatically a piece of shit.
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  7. Truman

    Truman Well-Known Member
    Missouri TigersSt. Louis CardinalsChicago BullsSt. Louis BluesEverton

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  8. texasraider

    texasraider thanks
    Texas RangersKansas City ChiefsTottenham HotspurDallas Mavericks altTexas Tech Red Raiders alt

    That’s terrible
  9. ColeTrickle

    ColeTrickle 1-0 Culture, LLC
    Staff Donor
    Texas LonghornsTexas Rangers

    Cowboy Battalion
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  10. tjosu

    tjosu This is kind of like the breakfast club, huh?
    Oklahoma State CowboysHouston AstrosHouston TexansTiger Woods

    Nothing will ever be worse than

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  11. CharlieKellyReturns

    CharlieKellyReturns Well-Known Member
    Oklahoma State CowboysKansas City RoyalsHouston RocketsHouston Oilers

    Fuck yes.
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  12. val venis

    val venis hello tyrannosaurus, meet tyrannicide
    Ohio State BuckeyesSt. Louis CardinalsIndianapolis ColtsColumbus Blue JacketsNational LeagueBig Ten Conference

    Glad I had to watch a video to see what they looked like
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  13. Joe_Pesci

    Joe_Pesci lying dog-faced pony soldier

    those look like oregon's spring game unis from like 5 years ago
  14. Joe_Pesci

    Joe_Pesci lying dog-faced pony soldier

    we have stuff like that

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  15. Fancy

    Fancy thanks, i hate it
    Staff Donor TMB OG
    Oregon DucksSeattle MarinersSeattle SeahawksSeattle Supersonics

    Charlie, my guy, that looks super dumb for sure
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  16. Hatfield

    Hatfield Charlie don’t surf
    South Carolina GamecocksWashington NationalsFulhamTiger WoodsGrateful Dead

    Love it or leave it hippy scum
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  17. yaywaffles

    yaywaffles suck my flaps you piece of shit
    Ohio State BuckeyesFlorida GatorsCleveland BrownsColumbus Blue JacketsCleveland CavaliersCleveland IndiansAntifa

    makes you wonder what it is they need to hide from
  18. Bruce Wayne

    Bruce Wayne Billionaire Playboy
    Michigan Wolverines


    this shit is so overplayed