Parents naming their kids weird names

Discussion in 'The Mainboard' started by pearl, Nov 1, 2015.

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    Saw this posted somewhere else and made me think about this thread

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    My wife's hippie cousin just had her 4th child and named him possibly the worst name I've ever heard. She's out there so the other names are weird too, like one child is named Crescent but she decided for this latest he looked like an Everlasting Honor. I feel so bad for that kid's childhood.
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    With the added bonus of his name being spelled incorrectly in the UK/Canada.
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    Sir Jalen is the best one in a while. Guy sounds badass
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    Unless you're Native American you need to be cutting that shit out.
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    The sibling is Deja.
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    They would name the child something awesome that meant that.
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    There’s these two sisters that come in occasionally. One younger one named Honesty which is fine but...the other who is older is Chonesty. Now I can’t get how the parents just took the weird C in the older daughters name and thought they’d correct their mistake they made the first time or what I am not sure. I just don’t understand.