Pedestrian bridge collapse at FIU

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    Only off by 99 years and 360 days.

    Florida foot bridge collapse leaves 6 to 10 people dead: senator

    By Zachary Fagenson
    Reuters•March 15, 2018

    MIAMI (Reuters) - A newly erected pedestrian bridge spanning several lanes of traffic collapsed at Florida International University on Thursday, killing six to 10 people, U.S. Senator Bill Nelson of Florida told TV station CBS Miami.

    Emergency personnel with sniffer dogs searched for signs of life amid the wreckage of concrete slabs and twisted metal after the bridge crushed vehicles on one of the busiest roads in South Florida.

    At least eight vehicles were trapped in the wreckage of the 950-ton bridge and at least 10 people have been transported to hospitals, officials and doctors told news conferences.

    Witnesses told local media the vehicles were stopped at a traffic light when the bridge collapsed on top of them at around 1:30 p.m. ET (1730 GMT).

    "We're working our way into the pile trying to create holes that we can actually physically see," Miami-Dade Fire Department Division Chief Paul Estopian told reporters.

    The Florida Highway Patrol has said several people were killed but did not release a figure on fatalities.

    At one point, police requested television helicopters leave the area so rescuers could hear for any sounds of people crying for help from beneath the collapsed structure, CBS Miami television said.

    Complicating the rescue effort was the uncertainty about the integrity of the bridge, parts of which remained off the ground, much of it inclined, local media reported.

    The 174-feet (53-meter) long bridge connects the university with the city of Sweetwater and was installed on Saturday in six hours over the eight-lane highway, according to a report posted on the university's website.

    The bridge was intended to provide a walkway over the busy street where an 18-year-old female FIU student from San Diego was killed while trying to cross last August, according to local media reports.

    Students at FIU are currently on their spring break vacation, which runs from March 12 to March 17.


    Student Aura Martinez was having lunch in a nearby restaurant with her mother when a waitress told her the bridge had collapsed. She ran outside and helped pull a woman out of her car, most of which was flattened by the bridge.

    "Her car, it was literally a miracle of God, her car got squished by the bridge from the back, so she was able to get out and she was on the floor and it was just very traumatic," she told the local CBS affiliate.

    To keep the inevitable disruption of traffic associated with bridge construction to a minimum, the 174-foot portion of the bridge was built adjacent to Southwest 8th Street using a method called Accelerated Bridge Construction (ABC). It was driven into its perpendicular position across the road by a rig in only six hours on Saturday, according to a statement released by the university.

    The $14.2 million bridge was designed to withstand a Category 5 hurricane, the most dangerous measure by the National Hurricane Center, and built to last 100 years, the university said. (

    The National Transportation Safety Board was sending a team to investigate why it collapsed.

    President Donald Trump thanked first responders for their courage on Twitter. U.S. Senator Marco Rubio and Florida Governor Rick Scott were at the scene of the collapse.

    Munilla Construction Management, which installed the bridge was founded in 1983 and owned by five brothers, according to its website. In addition to its Florida operations, the company also has divisions in Texas and Panama and employs 500 people.

    "Munilla Construction Management is a family business and we are all devastated and doing everything we can to assist," the company said in a statement.

    FIGG Engineering said it took part in the bridge project and the collapse was a first in its 40-year history.

    Both companies said they would cooperate fully with investigators.

    Colorado-based engineering company BDI said in a tweet on March 12 that it was "thrilled" to have conducted structural monitoring during the "spectacular" process of moving the bridge into place. The company removed the tweet on Thursday and said in a statement it did so out of respect for individuals affected by the collapse.
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    Or if it had been open for pedestrians to walk on it. My cousin got the call everybody fears when a tragedy like this happens one of his friends was one of the victims. :sad:
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    That's a pessimistic way to say six confirmed deaths with up to four people still missing.
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    Or realistic.
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    The rendering shows a tower on the berm between the canal and the highway, with tension cables running down to the long span over the highway and to the short span over the canal. The long span over the highway seems to have been the only piece put in place, and from the looks of it there was no bracing below to make up for the fact that the tower and tension cables to brace it from above had not been put in place yet. All together, the separate components complement and strengthen each other, but that long span component probably was never meant to support itself. It should have been the last component to be put in place, not the first. Somebody really fucked up, whether it be the engineers who said it was OK to place a temporarily unsupported span over the highway, the inspectors who let it happen, or the construction entities who generally try to save a buck anywhere they can, looked at the plans and said no, we'll do it our way instead.

    (wife has owned and run a structural engineering firm in California since 2007. They don't do many bridges, but this was pretty much her assessment after looking at the wreckage photos and the original rendering)
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    Yeah if they're missing under that bridge they're dead as fuck
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    I imagine the numbers said it would support it's own weight and the cable stays were for the category 5 hurricane component. I assume they let too much tension off of the tensioning cables that were running through the bridge and it gave way. Likely by not following the engineers procedures correctly.
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    As the husband of an extremely competent structural engineer, I heartily endorse this message
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    It is going to be interesting to see their reason why the concrete pillar wasn't even under construction yet and why they thought they could have the long of a span without the cables being attached at the same time.

    Here's how normal cable stayed bridges are constructed. Generally these sections are fabricated off site just like the FIU bridge, but at at least give it the strength to supports itself from the get go.
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    I figured there was some nepotism/cronyism going on

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    Welp....see you guys in hell.

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    Classic local TV. "Our new bridges are built by bringers of death, but they are different!"
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    Girl from my high school was one of the ones that passed. Rip.
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    Man what the fuck
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    I swear, the fucking media is always just out to get us all! Why put out images that they had no intention of releasing that show they had some foreknowledge of a deadly accident?!?
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    Sounds like the bridge was fucked from the get go

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    I wonder if no one reported the cracks. The university has a safety staff that could have inspected the bridge.
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