people in oregon are doing goat yoga

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    and apparently there's a 900 person waiting list

    Oregon's goat yoga now has a 900-person waiting list




    Goat yoga (Courtesy of Lainey Morse)
    Lizzy Acker | The Oregonian/OregonLive
    [​IMG]By Lizzy Acker | The Oregonian/OregonLive
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    on January 10, 2017 at 12:39 PM, updated January 10, 2017 at 12:48 PM

    Updated 12:39 p.m.

    Back in August, we discovered potentially the perfect Oregon pastime: goat yoga. Basically, goat yoga is yoga except instead of with no goats, goat yoga has goats.

    Those goats walk through the class, blending farm animal with asana. In August, Lainey Morse, owner of No Regrets Farm in Albany where the class takes place, told us, "My goats are very social and friendly animals and love to interact with people."

    "Animals are known to have so many health benefits for humans as well," she added, "so the mix of goats and yoga seemed to fit."

    The popularity of exercising with hoofed creatures has only grown, especially after a video about the class was created by "60 Second Docs."

    In the video Morse said the class has a waiting list of 600 people. Over email on Tuesday, she said that list is now up to over 900.

    In the colder months, goat yoga has moved into the barn.

    "I did Holiday Goat Yoga in the month of December in my barn and I had people coming from Seattle and Portland and California and even one from Chicago!" Morse told us over email.

    Morse said that since starting goat yoga, it has taken over her life.

    "I ended up quitting my job that I had for the past 10 years and I'm doing this full time now!" she told us.

    She can longer do yoga on her farm due to zoning rules but she said she is working with Oregon State University to provide goat yoga on campus and is also working with Emerson Vineyards to do "Sunset Goat Yoga & Wine Tasting" on Saturdays and Sundays starting in the spring.

    "It's been such an uphill battle trying to create this new thing," Morse said. "I had six liability insurance companies turn me down."

    Still, she's committed to providing goat yoga. And it's so popular now, there is even a line of goat yoga apparel.

    "People are desperate for something that is pure and peaceful," says Morse in the video.

    "It's really hard to be in pain and sad when there's baby goats jumping around you," she adds. "It's just you're letting go."

    Though, if you listen carefully, she may be saying, "you're letting goat."

    You can get yourself on the waiting list by signing up on her website.
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    Chicks in yoga pants+adorable little baby goats? I, too, would like to sign up for this.
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    *901 person waiting list
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    If she could create some super cunty $10 "post-yoga recovery drink" made with goat's milk, she'd be quickly on her way to becoming the richest person in Oregon.

    DUCKMOUTH People don’t you know, don’t you know
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    Looks cute and all, but I'm not trying to lay in goat piss and shit while getting my stretch going.
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    Fucking white people
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    Typed this exact thing at almost the same moment. Ha.
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    i should buy a goat, and then charge people $50/hr to let me let them roll around in goat shit.
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    I wonder what smells worse. The women of the goats
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    fuck this planet.
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    This is why the terrorists hate us.
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    Of course one of the girls in the OP has a Cubs toboggan.
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    Goat herders across the world are appalled by this
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    Looks fun. I like baby goats

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    Why? Because we aren't fucking the goats?
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    Of course not.

    They despise premarital relations.
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    I'm gonna try to go this summer when I'm in Portland. Thanks for the idea, Joe
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    first comment

    ConfessionBare via Android
    I do this with my goat too! Well, not my goat, my cat. And not me, my neighbor that doesn't close her curtains.

    A blonde woman in tights being mounted by a goat... last time I saw this video it was... different...