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    From the twitter thread - PJ saying he liked Reply All being a clique and basically saying I dont mind diversity initiatives but i dont care enough to make the smallest effort is extremely shitty
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    I would also like to state for the record before the conversation moves on that PJ has the worst case of male vocal fry ever recorded.
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    there's one called Our Thing with Sammy "The Bull" Gravano that i like

    i'm guessing someone is trying to make a series out of one 6 hour interview but it's decent nonetheless :idk:

    honestly Sammy comes across as a thoughtful guy. "that's just what we do" is the type of thing he says when it comes to murdering people.
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    Prompted back into this thread by the latest message from Reply All on their feed - I kind of don't care that PJ and Sruthi were pieces of shit? I liked the show and it sucks that they are gone for good now? I really don't think Alex can carry the show without PJ, their interaction was what made the show what it is.

    Emmanuel Dzotsi's accent annoys the crap out of me. I am glad they attempted to make the show more inclusive, but his something about his voice is just awful to me.
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    I listened to the first (and only?) 3 eps. Pretty enjoyable.
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    Does this Bon Appetit story mean I have to unfollow Allison Roman on social?
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    Checked out Business Wars because the concept is pretty good. Lol @ 25 minute episodes with 3 lengthy commercial breaks. Unsubscribe
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    Im kind of with you on both his voice (which I can easily get over) and the show struggling without PJ. Will certainly give it a shot but I’m not optimistic.
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    Everyone’s favorite fast food gurus had a spot on GMA

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    Not podcasts, but does anyone listen to BBC World Service? It has some good one off programmes on random topics. This morning I heard a few experts talking about the future of renewable energy and Bitcoin, immediately followed by another on the campaign to ban land mines (wasn't aware that the USA have still not signed up to the treaty).
    Interesting stuff that I wouldn't necessarily seek out otherwise.
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    I've listened to some of their longer, more series like stuff. The apollo 11 and 13 ones were very good.
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