Pre-New Years Day Bowls Betting Discussion Thread

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    This thread is for gambling discussion for all bowls from 12/26-12/31.

    My bowl record is pretty terrible right now but I feel like I've been on the right side of several that got unlucky so I'm excited about the next week.

    Here is the Bowl schedule for the next week with lines and my thoughts/leans if there are any:


    Toledo (-1.5) v. Florida International (Total is 56.5)

    Lean towards FIU ML and the under. Similar to Troy/Ohio in that you have a team from the MAC v. a more talented/athletic team from the South. FIU has a good defense that should carry them to a win and keep this game under imo.


    Air Force (-3) v. Georgia Tech (Total is 56.5)

    I lean slightly to Georgia Tech but might not play the side. Will likely be on the under. I always lean towards the under when 2 option teams play each other. The clock will be running most of the game and the defenses are better equipped to slow the option down because they see it run in practice every day.


    West Virginia (-2.5) v. NC State (Total is 48.5)

    West Virginia -2.5 will likely be a 5 unit play for me. I won't be playing the total.

    Missouri -3 v. Iowa (Total is 46.5)

    I need to look into this game a little more. I think I lean towards Mizzou and the over right now but I have to take a closer look.


    Maryland (-7.5) v. East Carolina (Total is 68.5)

    Another game I have to look at more closely. Initial gut reaction is to take the 7.5 points against a team with coaching turmoil.

    Baylor (-1.5) v. Illinois (Total is 62.5)

    Baylor is my top play of the bowl season. Might take a stab at the over as well to provide some insurance since I can't imagine a scenario where Illinois covers the spread and the game goes under. Only way Illinois wins this game is if both teams score 30+ and it's a who has the ball last type of game imo.

    Oklahoma State (-5.5) v. Arizona (Total is 66)

    Lean Okie Lite and the over but need to research it a little more. How my big plays on Baylor and WV shake out will probably have an impact on how I approach the remaining games as well.


    SMU (-7) v. Army (Total is 52)

    No strong opinions on this game at this time.

    Syracuse (Pk) v. Kansas State (Total is 47.5)

    I like Syracuse in this game. Not sure why exactly but I do.

    North Carolina (-2) v. Tennessee (Total is 50.5

    Lean to UNC and the under. Not a strong enough lean that I couldn't jump to the other side on either though.

    Nebraska (-14) v. Washington (Total is 53)

    Gun to my head I'm betting Nebraska but I'm not really excited about laying 2 TD's in a bowl game between 2 BCS conference teams. Especially when it's a rematch and the 2 TD dog doesn't want to get embarrassed again.


    Clemson (-5.5) v. South Florida (Total is 40.5)

    Lowest total in any of the bowl games and for good reason. Will play the under for sure.

    Miami (-3) v. Notre Dame (Total is 47)

    I think this might be the hardest bowl game to handicap. I think almost anything could happen here. Could be high scoring. Could be low scoring. Miami could win big. Notre Dame could win big. Could be a close win for either team. If I do anything with this game I might just take a stab at the ND ML taking the odds on a game that really is about as 50/50 as it gets.

    Georgia (-6.5) v. UCF (Total is 55.5)

    I leaned to UCF when it was 7.5 but I'm not touching it at less than 7. Over looks too good to be true in a game that looks like a shootout to me. Will probably play it anyway even though :itsatrap:

    South Carolina (-3) v. Florida State (Total is 54.5)

    Another tough game to predict. I lean slightly to South Carolina and have no idea what to think of the total.