putting bacon on a frozen pizza and cooking it in the oven

Discussion in 'The Mainboard' started by cas, Aug 12, 2009.

  1. Weedlord420

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    good idea?

    same cooking time?

    bacon grease ruins the pizza?

    halp pls
  2. Cornfed Buffalo

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    raw bacon?

    precooked bacon?
  3. PizzaTheHutt

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    precooked bacon would work. Raw bacon won't get cooked.
  4. Joe_Pesci

    Joe_Pesci Taiwan #1

    cook the bacon regular, dice it up, and put it on the pizza after imo

    you could microwave if you're lazy like me
  5. Weedlord420

    Weedlord420 Jabooty Football
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    how long do you have to bake bacon in the oven for it to cook? ive heard this is a good way of cooking it.
  6. atlgator

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    Cook the bacon first, then start cooking the pizza, let the pizza get warm and the cheese start melting then put the bacon on, then finish the pizza.

    Works every time.
  7. UA412

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    Maybe cook the bacon then add to pizza as the cheese starts melting?
  8. StinkusP1nkus

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    ITT: Geniuses make me hungry
  9. nofatchildren

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    Microwavable Bacon + Add After Oven --or-- Cold precooked bacon + Oven

    I like to do this with mushrooms and just throw it in the oven. Not :chatzy: mushrooms though...just regular tasty ones.
  10. Weedlord420

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    see ive got one of those palermo margarita pizzas with tomatos and very flat crust

    wanna jazz and :americafuckyeah: it up.

    so add bacon, add salami. i tried the salami before and it crisps up real nice like a good pepperoni. naturally adding bacon can only improve matters.