Real World Challenge: Vendettas - Tonight!

Discussion in 'The Mainboard' started by Darko the Snowman, Mar 22, 2011.

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    Damn, didn’t know. that’s thought to be the hardest race in track too. good for him. I’d hope he win ha. Almost unfair advantage.
  2. bro

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    I am also training for the 2020 olympics
  3. gordon bombay

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    That was definitely the hardest final they have ever put them through. I am surprised Hunter finished.

    Good for Wes/Turbo being so close to Theo. They still have 26miles to go right? I have a hard time seeing how any of them go 26 more miles unless it is in a car or a week later.
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  4. Fran Tarkenton

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    i feel like the prior 1 or 2 finals had been lacking in the physical endurance dept, so this was much welcomed.

    Pretty excited to see how this finishes up but hard to envision anyone other than Theo.
  5. Truman

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    For a minute I thought Turbo was going to pull a Zack and show it's only popcorn muscles w the way he was cramping up.
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  6. buckwild

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    He's too crazy to quit....just like we thought
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  7. TheGrifter

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    Hunter is 100% going in. Either the guys vote him in, or one of the girls will pick him. The girls will know they won’t put him against them in a physical challenge, and he’s a wounded gazelle when it comes to a mental challenge. No brainer.
  8. Jack Parkman

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    My damn DVR didn’t record it last night so I had to wait for it to come on on demand

    -Georgia being medically DQ’d that early was a god send for her, she would have been dead if she kept going

    -heart sank when turbo went down

    -liked ninja’s strategy of knocking out those games and resting her body...but shit she’s an hour behind.

    -there’s gotta be a mental aspect of this second part that’ll surely slow Theo down, he was rather pedestrian at puzzles on the season

    I have zero idea how any of these guys walk another 25 miles much less run it, this is grueling
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  9. Jack Parkman

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    also I had no idea what turbo was doing with all that food and running right after but after seeing him explain he was training for an eating portion of the final....genius. Don’t think I’ve ever seen anybody train for that on this show
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  10. Where Eagles Dare

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    Just watched.

    Great 1st half of the final. Add some swimming in leg 2 and a Mnt Climb and we'll have a stew going
  11. Blu Tang Clan

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    An uphill swim up a mountain is a new wrinkle they have to add.
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