RIP Betty White

Discussion in 'The Mainboard' started by audrew, Dec 31, 2021.

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    Thank you for being a friend. :tebow:
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    She's a legend and continues to be even post mortem.

    Big loss for all individuals that like being around great artist and genuine people. Have had the opportunity thankfully to have drinks with her and it's definitely on my Mount Rushmore of really cool experiences.

    Edit: for anyone that doesn't want to click on the link, she gave license approval to her favorite hot dog spot as long as they donated all proceeds to a local dog shelter and it was slammed.
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    Oh you sweet summer child, it’s not a body double. It’s an android built by the deep state. Look at the Podesta emails, Killary has been building Hanks-bot for years.
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    She's the OG - there's honestly not many in her territory.
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    She had 26 dogs in her life and 0 children

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    My wife ordered these Little People and book to teach G about Betty White.

    20220105_213325.jpg 20220105_213505.jpg
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    That goofy MeTV channel (which I'm sure is only in some of our markets) is marathoning MTM with occasional excerpts of relevant interviews w/ White. I just saw a scene where Sue Anne gets dropped on top of (into) a wedding cake. White recalled how her dog wouldn't leave her alone after getting home even though she had showered before leaving the studio :laugh:
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