RIP Mickey Gilley

Discussion in 'The Mainboard' started by southlick, May 7, 2022.

  1. southlick

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  2. Lyrtch

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    as a non southerner this board has been helpful education
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  3. audrew

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    As a life long Southerner, I have no idea who the fuck Mickey Gilley is.
  4. BrickTamland

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    I read the title, searched my brain, all I came up with is “Flat Gillig? …typo?”
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  5. Lip

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    Is this that poster who got fired from SNL?
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  6. fattus

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    Love that movie
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  7. DetroitNole

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    I had no clue who he was until American Pickers picked his stuff
  8. Daniel Ocean

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  9. bertwing

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    Is this that dipshit that has the terrible restaurants
  10. bigred77

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  11. Duck Smoker

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    I knew who he was, forgot who he was, and now I'm shocked he was still alive. Not a good movie, but the moxie of having an Italian from NJ and a daughter of orthodox Jews from Cleveland playing cowboys/cowgirls taught me a lot about Hollywood at a young age.
  12. Clown Baby

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    Didnt you go to Clemson? They probably teach whole classes on Mikey Gurley.
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  13. HtownTide

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    Lots of uncultured swine in here
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  14. Lyrtch

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    most the education I got at Clemson was on extreme racism
  15. The Banks

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    Tilman Fertitta?