RIP Orrin Hatch

Discussion in 'The Mainboard' started by Bruce Wayne, Apr 24, 2022.

  1. Redav

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    Yeah it sucks ass. If you want to know specifically what's in something you're putting in your body, which is kind of important when you workout, you can't know for sure what's in something.
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    Off topic, but it was crazy to see the right anti vaxxers excuse for not getting the vaccine because “we don’t know what’s in it” bullshit. A guy I knew from the gym was always posting bullshit about that yet he’s shooting up roids that were probably made in bathtub in Russia.
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  3. Homo Erectus

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    Orrin Hatch puts the "fun" in funeral
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    I laugh at the chicks who clearly do Botox that are antivaxx because they just don’t know whats in the vaccine
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  5. pnk$krtcrÿnästÿ

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    Yesterday I got to:

    -- tell my mom (a lifelong hardcore dem) a second time (she has Alzheimers) that Orrin Hatch was dead

    -- tell my grandma (a lifelong hardcore evangelical) that Orrin Hatch (who she thought was a good righteous Christian soldier) was a morm and therefore prolly in hell according to her faith

    What a delicious day
  6. kinghill

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    I'm thankful for this man's death so I could learn about this
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    Man, I was having a shitty day, but thanks for reminding me this motherfucker is still dead.
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  8. Name P. Redacted

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    May each time you tell your mom be better than the last
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  9. ~ taylor ~

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    Whenever I see this thread bumped I get excited that somebody awful has died, then get kinda dejected because he was already dead, then am glad that at least he's still dead.
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  10. BellottiBold

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    It's a real rollercoaster
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    This is the new Sarah Chalke nudes thread. Every 6 months, we need to bump it and let people experience the euphoria of remembering this guy is dead.
  12. Name P. Redacted

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    Eventually I’m gonna need those damn Chalke nudes tho
  13. Lip

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    why? just beat it to the knowledge he’s dead.