SAT to Give Students ‘Adversity Score’ to Capture Social and Economic Background

Discussion in 'The Mainboard' started by dblplay1212, May 16, 2019.

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  2. Bricktop the white

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    This should be something that universities do individually when considering applicants rather than relying on generalized number from the SAT :twocents:
  3. Bruce Wayne

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    Isn't that what Affirmative Action is (was) for?
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  5. bro

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    although imperfect (I'm sure some people's hardship will be under/over represented), I do applaud them for doing this. Hopefully it has a positive effect
  6. SP1

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    SAT is trying to stay relevant as more schools stop taking it into consideration
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  7. TDCD

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    I wonder if the family environment metrics are self reported
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    Trigger warning
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    uh they do
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    Oh brother
  12. buy_dont_lease

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    Honestly, reading the posts from RRR, I’m sure your kids will receive a pretty high adversity score.
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    SAT and ACT are in a heated competition for market share and influence. This seems like a play to allow universities to offload some affirmative action considerations onto the testing company.
  14. CloudBerry

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    the really smart Hollywood parents will now move into poor, crime-ridden neighborhoods to give their kids yet another unfair advantage
  15. Bricktop the white

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    Which means the sat should probably focus on doing what it already does than branching out into this
  16. Cornelius Suttree

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    Oh hey all these elite schools are going test optional

    We better do something
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    Your new username update makes so much sense now
  18. beist

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    Ha. We've seen what the Aunt Beckys of the world will do to get their kids into college. Establishing residence in the projects will be childs play.
  19. The Banks

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    They’ll get a PO Box in one at least
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