Season 8 TV Thread - Where Nerds Cry About Their Precious Book

Discussion in 'Game of Thrones (ASOIAF)' started by dump, Apr 14, 2019.

  1. bigpig

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    Not using (f)Aegon really (f)ucked up the latter half of the show. Not only could they have stretched things out for another year or so, they ruined any logic behind Dany's turn.
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  2. pearl

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    Dany just kind of forgot about having a moral compass
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  3. scuba

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    ...and the Greyjoy fleet.
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  4. IanBoyd

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    The entire second half of the final season played out like a poorly written fanfiction from a 15 year old girl that ran out of steam after the first 300 words.
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  5. fsuNizz

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    why are you all still mad
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    People definitely don’t still care about this show.
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  7. ugafish

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    Broken hearts can last a lifetime
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  8. TheGrifter

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    For me, I think it’s because I see how the ending works really well with Martin’s vision if it is executed properly.

    Basically, we got the ending Martin has planned without any of the build up which would have made it satisfying.

    Everything is kind of ruined now for me because I can see how they could eventually get to the endgame, but D&D ruined any type of character/plot development to get there.
  9. bigpig

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    Thats why I maintain the worst thing D&D did was try and be faithful to the ending they knew was coming.

    Instead of trying to quickly make sense of Bran as King. Dany going nuts, John killing Dany, Jaime going back to Cersei, etc, They should told the ending that made sense for the show, based on where their additions and changes led the characters.
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  10. fsuNizz

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    GRRM is a clown and won't finish. So I'm sorry for those who read all the books
  11. steamengine

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  12. Larry Sura

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    RIP. At least she'll never have to hear about the last season again.
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  13. Pelican

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    Tell Cersei. I want her to know it was me.
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  14. RalfBully

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    Not new, but first time I saw this...

  15. bic

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    Following some reaction channels on Youtube who are getting close to the end now and just watched a reaction to 7x7 and couple things...

    It's absolutely hilarious that they decided to present the full confirmation of Jon's lineage, being a Targaryen, right as he's balls deep in his aunt. I actually remember thinking at some point in season 7 that it would be really funny if they did that, like actually comedy. But I knew there was no way because this is a serious drama and that would just be fucking weird, right? Nope. They did it. And it was as funny and weird as you could imagine.

    And then seeing the Night King take down the wall on top of a dragon and trying to think of his motivations and what abilities he had because of how he interacted with Bran during visions and whatnot. Watching this reaction just now and I was thinking, man, I bet that dude's happy to be going home since he was one of the First Men. Just like Dany at the end of season 6 crossing the Narrow Sea. But we get nothing expanding on this. And the people who defend the lack of backstory for the Night King and the White Walkers and the whole Army of the Dead just say, "durr they're not supposed to have motivations or backstory or anything. They're just creeping death. That's it. Just a mindless machine of death." Just throw all the little moments teasing their behaviors and lore out the window. It's just a mindless death machine. Fuck.

    Thinking more about that Dany season 6 finale vs. NK season 7 finale comparison, Dany ended up just being a moronic, mindless death machine whose entire backstory was essentially thrown out the window too so it all makes sense.

    Alright, that should cover my GOT rant for this 6-month period. Hopefully I don't think about it again until sometime next spring.
  16. bigpig

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    Fuck this show.

    First four seasons are gold.
    Next two are wobbly.
    Last two are shit.
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  17. IanBoyd

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    The first 4-5 seasons are MCU adaptations of the source material, season 6/7 are WB adaptations of the source material

    The last season is Bruce Wayne screaming "MARTHA" at Clark for 10 hours.
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