Soldiers Are Raising Money to Bring a Beloved Stray Dog from Syria to a New Home in the U.S.

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    A group of American soldiers stationed in Syria has adopted a stray pup they named Harley and are raising money to help bring their furry family member home to the United States.

    According to Paws of War — a non-profit helping the troops collect donations to bring Harley home — the soldiers had been out on a mission when they heard a puppy crying

    After some investigation they discovered six puppies, but only one was still alive, little Harley. They took her back to their base with them and started to take care of her, making her an important part of their troop.

    "When these guys befriend a dog in a war zone it’s often what helps them get through each day," explained Robert Misseri, co-founder of Paws of War.
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    Let’s hope they haven’t put dbl in charge of the fundraising efforts.
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    Just put the dog on the flight home. Not sure what the fuss is about
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    He has to fly first class? Entitled little pup we have here.
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    dbl did fine though
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    $6,000 to fly a lapdog into a country, on a (likely) gov’t paid C-130, that allows basically any canine or feline in for free outside of Guam and Hawaii?

    What the fuck kinda scam is this nonsense?
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