Sometimes I forget how awesome Mike Tyson was

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  1. skiedfrillet

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    mike eats Fury's heart out and does it with a smile on his face

    i won't be taking questions at this time
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  2. Talking Head

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    A frustrated Mike Tyson would definitely bite off Fury’s nipple.
  3. War Grundle

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    Really wish we could have seen Tyson and Holyfield fight in 1990 when they were in their prime.
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  4. Mikelangelo

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    Tyson will always be a piece of shit.
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  5. Daniel Ocean

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    fuck off
  6. Mr Bulldops

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  8. 941Gator

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    $2500? That would barely cover my ambulance ride
  9. Taffy

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    Hotboxin' with Mike Tyson is a great podcast for anyone who hasn't heard it yet, even if it's almost impossible to understand what hes saying half the time.
  10. Eathan Edwards

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    Yea, for $2,500 you're going to get a demand from my camp for the glove oz. requirements to be those giant inflatable ones that kids play with.
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  11. BP

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    He just had Eminem on. Kept going on about how big of a fan of Tyson he was.
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  12. Tobias

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    it reminds me of those dumb super obvious tweets saying something like "fellas....for $50,000,000 would you have 10 buffalo wings, watch your favorite team win a title and get a blow job from alexandria daddario?"