Squirrel in the house

Discussion in 'The Mainboard' started by Truman, Feb 12, 2020.

  1. Truman

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    Fake but funny
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    Well I’m glad i watched that and got a good laugh before opening the spoiler
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  7. BellottiBold

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    Not to derail but, GOAT
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  8. CUtigers

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    A month or so ago, I thought we had a squirrel in the attic. Went up there to check, and everywhere you looked there were bats. Hundreds of them. Watched at least 150 fly out that night, then sealed up where they came from. You could still hear a bunch more up there, though. We were going to wait a little while and let them die, because they couldn't get inside the actual house or out of the attic. At least we thought..a few nights later they figured out how to get in the house. My brother and I went around with Tennis rackets, and ended up killing 4 or 5 of them. Brought a shop vac up to the attic, and got as many as we could find with that. There were over 100 babies just tucked up in corners, piled on each other. If there's any adult bats left, they're either dead or quietly plotting their revenge :ohdear:
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  9. TC

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  10. zeberdee

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    this is fucking nuts I'd probably put my house up for sale.
  11. PSU12

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    Fuck you. Bats are great.
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  12. skiedfrillet

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    bats absolutely decimate mosquitos so they're alright in my book

    living in my attic? prob not so much
  13. blind dog

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    also you should have made a thread documenting this. shame on you
  14. Houndster

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    P sure you have corona virus now
  15. CUtigers

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    I didn't even think about making one. I'm the worst :feelsbadman:
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    Probably need to call a professional in on this one. They will safely remove them and clean up their guano. That stuff can make you sick.
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  17. Boo MFer!

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    How has no one tagged skeezy yet ITT?
  18. skeezy

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    Two critter related tags in a week. Life is good
  19. IV

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    Uh what, also be careful not to get scratched or bitten bro, rabies is no joke.
  20. cutig

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    Yeah the better plan is to call a professional to put an excluder up over the hole so they can get out but not come back in rather than killing tons of them
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  21. arrdub

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    going from silly critter story to slaughter of the innocents itt
  22. DrunkJester

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