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    Streaming Guide

    I have been meaning to make this thread for a long long time and I finally decided to go ahead and do it. If you have some input or corrections to my post, just post it and I will add to the OP, the objective is to make this thread as informative as possible for someone that has never used any streaming before.

    If you are too lazy to read this you may still ask in chatzy or thread for a stream, but be conscious that some posters may just say "read the fucking guide".

    Ok I will make it as easy as I can and will divide it into 2 categories: Software streaming, non-software streaming.

    Software Streaming

    I highly recommend that if you watch a lot of soccer you download at least one program to be able to stream easily. (Note: Dont do this at your work computer unless you know that you have admin capabilities and wont get caught installing new software. In fact, I would not risk doing it at all as you can see in the next section that it is not necessary to have software to stream) Gone are the days when you needed 5 different programs and an additional remote to handle those programs. So you may ask why even bother downloading software if there are regular streams available that dont require software. The answer is quite simple: Quality and dependability. With a good streaming software you may be able to get HD quality streams (with a good internet connection) or high quality streams, and most importantly streams that are played through these programs rarely get dropped.

    I would recommend you do this for your personal computer at home and stick to just one program to avoid any problems.

    Software Recommended

    Sopcast :

    I like Sopcast the most. For EPL it is highly dependable and you always get an English commentary (although it may be from Australia, New Zealand or the US). The quality is very high and you can even get HD streams (usually Russian though). The feature I like the most about Sopcast is that you can put the player "on top" of everything so that it doesnt get minimized when you surf other windows or tabs and you are able to watch the game while continuing to surf the web or type away on chatzy.


    Havent used much but it is the second most available for streams.


    Same as above. Also readily available streams. WORKS ON MAC ON FIREFOX.

    There are more software available but I suggest you try these 3 first.

    How to use

    Easiest way to use the software is after installing the software:

    - Go to and then click on Live Sports at the top --->

    - Find a sporting event from the list and click the TV with arrow inside on the right ---> [​IMG]

    - This takes you to the page for that sporting event and the available streams. The streams are listed by channel name or website name. Sometimes there are more than one different stream for the same channel or website. Sometimes there are different software available as well for the same channel or website. Make sure that the circle to the left of the link is green (this means the stream is working). Then you click the play button below link that launches the stream to the software listed. (Note: If it says "Other" it means no software is needed, this will be covered in the next section).

    - Make sure you click play on a link for the appropriate software you have installed in your computer, it will launch the software automatically so you dont need to open the program first and try to find the channel. Myp2p will load the program and the channel automatically which makes it much easier.

    No Software Streaming

    Highly recommended for those of you at work or on a public computer. No need to install anything, only problem is dealing with ads, lower quality streams and streams dropping.

    Best Websites

    They were cracked down by the US Government but they always resurface:

    ATDHE: : Just find the game open the link

    Myp2p: : Follow first 2 steps from software and click on a link that says "Other"

    Rojadirecta: : Click game and then the link. Make sure that under P2P it says "NO". If not you will need the software listed under Type.

    ChannelSurfing: : Click on game

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    topic icon is rather curious
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    excellent change
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    thanks I added it to OP
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    I tried the veetle thing, but couldn't get a stream of the Everton game. The other software doesn't work because I have a mac. I found the stream on the "" so I can watch from there. Is there any other software options available for mac?
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    not sure
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    Thanks for the guide. :respek:
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    Not a concern cause most EPL games are televised, but for those of use trying to get back to the EPL try tunein app on your phone. It has all the BBC radio feeds.
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    Firstrowsports seized
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    I'm on the road and got my iPad. Will I be able to stream Newcastle/Manu tomorrow?
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    unless you have that fox soccer online stream thing, i doubt it since apple isn't compatible with flash
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    I got foxsoccer2go but since it's being shown on Fox Soccer live I can't watch

    EDIT: just realized game is on espn2 :thumb:
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    Also no sticky as we are no longer in the dark ages of soccer streaming. If you ever need a stream just ask.