Stupid Shit You See On CNN

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  1. Mayonegg

    Mayonegg Is she funny or something?

    Wasn’t sure if this needed its own thread or could be folded into the Trump or Democratic nominee thread...

    ...but then I realized their stupid shit is both political and apolitical. Post stupid shit from CNN here.

    Just look at this stupid shit they put in succession on their website this weekend.

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  2. buy_dont_lease

    buy_dont_lease Ha ha ha. What a story, Mark.
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    Mods, please remove this personal information about me.
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  3. Mayonegg

    Mayonegg Is she funny or something?

    Also their debate last night was one giant, shitty Bernie smear. I am no Bernie bro, but goddamn it was obvious and they are rightfully getting slammed over it.
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  4. 40wwttamgib

    40wwttamgib Fah Q

    Totally threadworthy.
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  5. Redav

    Redav My favorite meat is hotdog

    The entire debate last night
  6. Tobias

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    you're 4 years old?
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    HOOSINSC You're with me leather

    that tortoise saved the entire species. do you have turtles OP?
  8. zeberdee

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    are those actual CNN stories or just ads that take you to another site?
  9. TheFreak55

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  10. Mayonegg

    Mayonegg Is she funny or something?

    Those were stories that CNN wrote and published on their website, which touts itself as the most trusted name in news.
  11. Jimmy the Saint

    Jimmy the Saint It's like the Weimar Republic in that place
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    Fox News used to tout itself as fair and balanced. Saying it doesn't make it true.
  12. Gambler

    Gambler Hog Fan

    So there are women that like lice, ticks, and fleas?
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  13. Mr Bulldops

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    TMB is a no kink shaming zone

    thank you for your cooperation
  14. AlternativeFactsRule

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    I would like to learn more about the sex tortoise.