Stupid shit your wife/girlfriend does...

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    My wife is heading back to the store to get an item. This is her third trip in two days to get tortillia chips.

    No bullshit.

    UPDATE: make that 4th trip because she just returned home to get her credit card.
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    Pedro must be a hell of a fuck
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    Sweetums went to IKEA before seeing a concert Saturday and came home with a bunch of stuff we don’t need.
    Her: Look at these dish scrubbers I got.
    Me: Did they come with instructions for you on how to use them.

    Of course I’m an asshole but it was worth it.
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    My wife just bought two of those the other day. I actually like them, the suction on the end of the handle is quite convenient.
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    amazing how individuals get excited at the simplest things .
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  8. Clown Baby

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    Is that a Blood Simple reference? Kudos if so
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    My 9 year old daughter needed to dry her hair tonight and asked to move hair dryer from bathroom to living room and I said okay just be careful when you plug it in that you don’t touch metal part or it will shock you.

    Wife: “will it really?” I thought she was fucking with me. She was not

    But then again I’ve shocked myself before and she never had so maybe I’m the dumbass
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