Sunday 12/26 Betting Discussion

Discussion in 'Gambling Board' started by Aeroforz1, Dec 26, 2010.

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    I'm in the chat
  2. Gunners

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    Made some of my terrible basketball plays back on soccer. Yesterday I was just retarded on nba and still pissed.

    2 small plays so far. Not feeling the card today.

    Jets +3
    Colts over

    Sounds like Philly will be cancelled so only game tonight is the bowl game.
  3. RUseaweed

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    what happens to my parlay? i had philly -7 two days ago... but it doesn't look like my parlay was canceled. but they haven't put up a new line for the game yet. does my parlay keep going even though it's on a different day?
  4. Aeroforz1

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    I'm pretty sure they'll just throw that game out. So if it was a 2 team parlay it would now just be a straight bet on the other play you had. Not 100% sure on that but I'm guessing that's how they do it.
  5. RUseaweed

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    it's a 3 team parlay, and it's still showing up as an open bet. maybe they haven't gotten around to fixing them yet. but your right, according to their house rules:
    All sporting events must be played on date unless otherwise specified. If an event is postponed and/or rescheduled or a change of venue, the event will automatically constitute "no action," which means all monies for that event will be refunded (Unless sport specific rules state otherwise). All parlays/exotics will be recalculated excluding that leg of the parlay, using payout charts for that sport/betting option.
  6. Aeroforz1

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    Yeah that's what I figured. So it's just a 2 team parlay now.
  7. Aeroforz1

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    My bets from 1:00...

    2 units

    Patriots/Bills under 46.5
    Ravens/Browns under 40
    Bears/Jets over 36.6
    Titans/Chiefs over 42.5
    Rams -2

    1 unit

    Lions +165
    Redskins +260

  8. Aeroforz1

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    13-2 and +22.6 units today

  9. captbunch

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    Nice day