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    To me it looked like Kellee wanted to say more. I believe she might have had a settlement with cbs for a nice amount of money. That’s why she was trying to correctly use her words not to jeopardize it. Just my two cents.
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    I agree with all of this. I think it's hilarious that the person who won is the only one who didn't go to see Sandra and Rob out of the final 8 or whatever. Goes to show how incredibly useless that entire aspect of the game was. A Janet/Tommy showdown would have been much better than the Dean/Tommy showdown. Noura being a complete wild card did more to hurt the game than help it in my opinion, at least entertainment wise. That whole speech she was giving when telling Lauren and Dean they were making fire was annoying as fuck. I'm not sure if it's overshadowed by the whole Dan thing, but I don't really recall anything all that interesting happening this season.
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    I am willing to give Kellee the benefit of the doubt in that situation.

    She had to talk through an extremely important and sensitive subject on stage in front of hundreds of people. All while knowing it was being aired on national TV.

    For the average person that is a huge task to get through and I doubt many people could do it effortlessly or without looking a bit nervous.
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    So instead of limiting gimmicks they are going balls deep with gimmicks in s40.

    Edge of Extinction is ok as long as they build on it from last time. Give the players there more to do. Also it lets us watch the good players for longer.

    Fire Tokens are some sort of currency to use to buy advantages. I actually prefer this over finding advantages all over the place because it allows for more strategy and control vs just stumbling on a coconut idol. A lot of this depends on execution but taking most of the luck factor out of games is typically good.

    Even though we're not getting an old school season I'm optimistic about this one after the s39 shitshow
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    I agree that they should have stepped up and taken care of it but they are just contestants on a game show. They should have never been put in the position to act as the human resource department for the tribe. CBS was the one responsible for removing Dan and those two got heat for not voting him out and lying when they are just trying to play Survivor. I'm not saying I agree with them but inappropriate touching should have never been part of game play to begin with.

    CBS is the fuck up. They kept Dan in the game for weeks, making Kellee sit at tribal and listen to him continue to play. It couldn't have been handled worse IMO.
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    Started listening to Survivor Specialists podcast this year. It's pretty cool during the season. They're pretty funny.

    They released an interview w Jamal today. About 20 min in so far. Pretty interesting to hear his version of events. Sounds like it's pretty incredible what they can edit and change the narrative of what really happened. Pretty interesting listen so far.
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    Because I’m lazy, what’s he saying?
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    Missy is on the pod now. She’s just as obnoxious and a cocky asshole off the show as she was on the show.

    also has commented how the edits can really tell a different story.
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    Dang. Missed this the first time. Don’t remember the specifics but said they show interactions out of order and also show people reacting to things where they were reacting to something completely different.
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    Finally caught up with this season. I know this has been beaten to death. Would be real interesting to see or hear the producer's line of thinking. I mean they let a guy stay, who on camera and thru the girls admittance touched them. What did they expect would happen when this aired, especially with in this atmosphere. The two girls need to be shit on for letting Janet stand up for them and then hanging her out to dry.
    I watch the MTV Challenge and some of the cast on there have talked about how the editing completely misconstrues or changes the perception of what actually happens.
    Noura is a psycho was fun watching people try to manage her
    Dean was a bad player until the last 1/3 of the show
    Janet really fucked up by showing Tommy the Idol. She needs to be playing for herself at that point like Dean did at the end.
    Karishma was terrible
    With that said looking forward to 40.
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    Adam can’t get voted out soon enough.
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    Anyone but Sandra.
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    I don't understand why you introduce something entirely new like fire tokens to the game this season. I'm fine with mixing things up and experimenting with the format but save it for a normal game of survivor with new contestants. You've got 20 former winners, just let them battle it out in a normal game. No need to get cute
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    Because Jeff thinks people need new twists every season.
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    Right now the best twist would be to get rid of all idols and advantages, and don't tell them about it.
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    Has anyone found a hidden idol yet? I know Sandra cashed in her token for one. But have we seen a hidden one yet?
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    I don't think so