The Healthy Living Thread: Whole30 Compliant in 2018

Discussion in 'The Mainboard' started by buy_dont_lease, Apr 8, 2015.

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    Insanity is a brand under beach body, there’s a lot of different workout tapes. Most are geared at women but some aren’t. Insanity is a ton of jumping in place, the workouts we are doing are more abs and weights. They are very challenging, I’m sure you can preview them on YouTube.
  2. 941Gator

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    Go paddle around on flat days. Practice standing up on land as well.
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    I paddle prolly 5-6x per week, sometimes several times a day. Right now I’m rocking a super wide 11’ cruiser, but it can catch a lip and straight-line it. I’d like to get a 9-footer in the near future so I can start getting a feel for turns.

    Found a really good surf spot (I.e., not too huge, not too reefy) close to the house recently, so I’m hoping to start using the surfboards more.
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  4. 941Gator

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    That’s awesome. Not sure if you’ll live there forever or not but please take advantage of it. Get a blown up picture of you surfing a wave to hang up in the nursing home one day.

    edit: take advantage of the surf I mean, you seem to be doing everything else possible #CatBoutique
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  5. BamaNug

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    Anyone got a plan during quarantine? Ive been eating super healthy, just worried about booze.

    My yoga studio is all online, so I’ve actually maintained 3-4 days/week of yoga. Today I bought some resistance bands and kettle bell. Going to try and do yoga and/or use those every day.

    Also heading into the mountains this weekend for sone hiking. Usually my only reason for avoiding a weekend hike was to party/concert/etc, but wont have that problem for a while.
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    I’m screwed. Was going to the gym 5x a week and eating healthy.

    In the last five days I’ve eaten like shit and had wine every night. Decided I’ll do 100 push-ups, 100 lunges, and 200 crunches a day. Not sure if that’ll even do anything.

    I have some resistance bands that I could use to supplement arm and shoulder workouts. Who knows.
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  7. Baseballman86

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    I got lucky and just happened to have converted half the garage to a gym about 2 weeks ago before I saw this coming. Looking forward to it every day right now just to break up boredom
  8. GunBuns

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    Can always make those more difficult. Instead of 100 lunges, do like 5 sets of 20 jump lunges. Do some clap pushups or whatever other harder variations are out there. Do planks/side planks/bird dogs for abs as well as crunches. Some mountain climbers. Don't need equipment to stay in shape. Watch some youtube videos and find things you want to do.
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  9. RoyG

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    Have a decent amount of home equipment: bench, dumbells, kettles, bands, heavy bag, jump rope, foam rollers. Going to go on a “CV cut” and do some real high intensity 35-45 sessions. Will mix in 1 day of yoga. Will intermittent fast too. Hope to drop 10lbs.

    will jump right back on my bulk and heavy lifting when this is over
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    Gym closed today. It had a saltwater pool, and since December 1 I had only missed a total of 6 days swimming.

    Broke out the perfect push-up and pull up bar, went on a run. Not as satisfying and that pool really helped rinse the work stress off in the colder months when getting down to the ocean is a chore. Going to try and keep at it though.
  11. Room 15

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    Luckily all of my exercising is at home. You can certainly get enough exercise to be healthy at home
  12. BP

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    Excellent time for crosstraining. TONS of good videos on YT for just about everything.
  13. DuffandMuff

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    Yeah, I already added in planks and mountain climbers. Made a couple laps up and down the big cliff to the beach this evening.

    The issue will be food. I love snacking and being home all day allows unlimited snacking.
  14. allothersnsused

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    I was in my best gym routine in years. FML.
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  15. Capstone 88

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    I just wanna drop in and say: do what you can with what you have. Anything is better than nothing. You won’t regress anywhere near what you think you will.
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  16. bro

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    Rainier Cherries are delicious

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    Anyone have a good pull-up training program? Would like a progression and a plan to follow.
  18. BP

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  19. Room 15

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    Started a 72 hour fast last night.

    Then mistakenly entered the Popeye's Chicken Sandwich thread.
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