The Official Sugar Bowl Thread: #11 Ohio State vs #2 Clemson

Discussion in 'The Mainboard' started by Corch, Dec 19, 2020.

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  7. dtx

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    god i love them throwing these deep passes up 21 in the 4th

    just pour salt in that wound
  8. Shiggityshwo

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    hahaha jesuth crithe
  9. Jake Barnes

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    Unreal game by Fields.
  10. Killy Me Please

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    Dabo is understandably upset. Venables is sleeping on the couch tonight.
  11. C A N E

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    Literally the same play
  12. HoosDaMan

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    Trevor should be like “I’m good” get the freshman some work.
  13. Arrec Bardwin

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  14. Baby Herschel

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    Fields is just putting on a clinic now, I really wish we could get a QB like that at UGA.
  15. jokewood

    jokewood still fucking around

  16. MG2

    MG2 I like to give away joy for free

    I'm used to this happening against my team
  17. clemsonvianj

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    lol. I respect Day here, this is how you run it up.
  18. Joey Freshwater

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  19. Lyrtch

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    punting was dumb even before i saw the td pass
  20. devine

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    Lmao get off the field you bums
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  21. Mr. Bean

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    This is WVU/Clemson Orange Bowl level defense
  22. Fabulousthundercock

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    Okay. Game, blouses.

    This championship game is going to be a fun one.
  23. Fusiontegra

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    Despite the likes of dump’s hard-hitting scouting, I still really hope my NFL team drafts him.
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  24. MG2

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    We've got jackets
  25. Summa

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  26. JohnLocke

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    Herbie won't shut up about Nolan Turner man let it go
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  27. Voodoo

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    Remember when we all thought ND was gonna be the team to get absolutely blown out?

    (Thank you Clark Lea)
  28. Fudd

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  29. audrew

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    Cameraman with a nice FUCK YOU to Bockhurst
  30. C A N E

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    This makes me wonder how bad my football team is if I use the transitive property
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  31. JonathanCoachman

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    Clemsons secondary reminds me of the terrible AI EA Sports had for defensive backs for most versions of the NCAA video game.
  32. Daniel Ocean

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    Hey guys remember when you dummies argued with me for 1000 pages about OSU belonging in the playoffs? Lol bunch of dummies.
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  33. JGator1

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    No one has asked him when God will make covid go away like he predicted earlier.
  34. spagett

    spagett Got ya, spooked ya

    Guys, you'll never believe a human named Dabo put his foot in his mouth
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  35. bro

    bro Hey Hermano
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    Has Lawrence even thrown a ball tonight past 20 yards?
  36. Drown ‘Em

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    Hot take:

    AAC was better than ACC this season.
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  37. mal630

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    A&M would be up 35 by now.
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  38. Cornelius Suttree

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    Glad I didn't commit to eating 20 MG per tuddy in this one
  39. Handcuffed

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    What is the go-to Clemson message board? I want to see what they're saying about Venables.
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  40. jimmy butler stan account

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    Hope they keep their foot on the gas. Shouldn’t have been talkin shit.
  41. GGCD

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    You know you've thrown for a lot of touchdown passes when Chris Fowler loses track
  42. DJ Bosa

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  43. Thoros of Beer

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    Ohio State still hasn't played enough games, imo
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  44. Pelican

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    edit: dammit someone beat me to it
  45. bro

    bro Hey Hermano
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    Which player should run the next deep ball for a touchdown? wilson or JBN? Hard to choose
  46. steamengine

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    Might be time for Dabo to ascend to a higher place. That place? Coaching the Detroit Lions.
  47. Tobias

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    :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:

    CUtigers86 you're as stupid as you are racist which is impressive

    :roll: :roll: :roll:
  48. spagett

    spagett Got ya, spooked ya

    Alabama A&M?

    Psh... probably
  49. dtx

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