Tony Siragusa dead at 55 — UPDATE: Thread quickly turns on “Tony Chudagusa”

Discussion in 'The Mainboard' started by Boo MFer!, Jun 22, 2022.

  1. Roy

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    He always looked like the type of dude that would die at 55
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  2. IV

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    I mean I think to an extent it is, but your life style choices are going to tip things one way or the other
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  3. lfriend

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    They would take the fat sack of shit with them to Seattle in December and he would be huffing around the sideline in a tank top pouring out grease like a scrumptious Thanksgiving turkey. Hard to believe a beacon of svelte went too soon.
  4. Daniel Ocean

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    Why? You know what he is trying to do.
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  5. Chumbolone

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  6. Duck70

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    Another dead peice of shit. Nice!
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  7. tylerdolphin

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    He almost comes off as so dumb that you can't really expect him to have good opinions.
  8. timo

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  9. Hatfield

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    That blog literally is making fun of him for being a dumb, fat slob lol
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