Trent Richardson and Adrian Peterson

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Better prospect coming into the NFL?

  1. Trent Richardson in 2012

  2. Adrian Peterson in 2007

Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. EdmondDantes

    EdmondDantes Both winner in league and apparently at life, haha
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    I was drunk as shit last night and don't even remember posting that :blech:
  2. Redav

    Redav My favorite meat is hot dog

    I've had some bad takes but this thread is the high water mark homerism
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  3. Doc Louis

    Doc Louis Well-Known Member

    He'll always be remembered for making a Mississippi State player look less talented
  4. High Cotton

    High Cotton Where does this fall in our Christian walk?
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  5. Daddy Rabbit

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  6. BamaNug

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    Redemption time:
  7. devine

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    This thread aged well for sure
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  8. Shiggityshwo

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    didn't realize the Phil Knight smiley had been around so long, this board's a damn time vortex
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  9. Sterling A

    Sterling A Uh, apology accepted, ass-douche
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  10. FuckSudan

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    Yikes, I feel a shitty end to a hall of fame career coming on
  11. Long Ball Larry

    Alabama Crimson TideMiami Dolphins

    The team has also been in contact with Blake Sims and Robinson Therezie. If we can convince Rolondo McClain and a few more UA and AU underachievers to come back, this team might not lose a game.
  12. IanC

    IanC I'm sorry, the card says Moops
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    Love reading page 8 and 9 whenever this thread is bumped
  13. Arkadin

    Arkadin inefficiently efficent and unclearly clear

    The teams are regional. They'll have a ton of Alabama and Auburn guys. Will be a good draw locally probably
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  14. SuperCam

    SuperCam Well-Known Member
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    They can pair Richardson up with Pettway

    We've got some skill players in the CFL too
  15. Long Ball Larry

    Alabama Crimson TideMiami Dolphins

    The Alabama team should have a ton of success. I love the idea of teams being comprised of local guys. Hopefully, this turns out to be a competent league with some staying power.
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  16. Joe_Pesci

    Joe_Pesci How can less be more? It's impossible

    i'm sure i said something stupid in here
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  17. Wu

    Wu LKY did nothing wrong
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    More takes than a David Fincher shoot
  18. 3NolesFan3

    3NolesFan3 There's no cure for being a cunt
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    What a stupid asshole.
  19. Where Eagles Dare

    Where Eagles Dare The Specialist Show On Earth
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    Glad he's getting another chance in the AAF
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  20. Sterling A

    Sterling A Uh, apology accepted, ass-douche
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    Trent is totes better
  21. i am a bammer

    i am a bammer Ben Eblen>Jamychal Green
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    AD wouldn't make the cut in the AAF
  22. Taques

    Taques this muggy november weather gives me the horribles
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    havent seen alabama fans take an L like this since a few weeks ago!
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  23. 3NolesFan3

    3NolesFan3 There's no cure for being a cunt
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    Easily my worst sports take of a lot of bad sports takes of all time.
  24. gus_chiggins

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    It wasn’t so bad, at the time. Trent was a monster in college and many people thought he’d continue to be one in the NFL
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  25. Corky Bucek

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    Trent has an AAF touchdown and Adrian doesn't. Count that in the W column for team Richardson.
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  26. IHHH

    IHHH Well-Known Member
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    Of course dblplay1212 voted for Trent Richardson, lol.

    The guy is just never right
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  27. bertwing

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  28. The Blackfish

    The Blackfish The Fish in Black
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    Geez this Faulk Guy was a dumbass. Did anyone even like him?
  29. RalfBully

    RalfBully #21
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    Are these games only online? I don’t even know what the AAF is. Is it part of the NFL? This isn’t the XFL thing is it?
  30. Jack Parkman

    Jack Parkman Well-Known Member
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    Game was on TBS
  31. Killy Me Please

    Killy Me Please I lift things up and put people down.

  32. Barves2125

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    Trent is the #1 all-time leading scorer in AAF history. Adrian Peterson has scored 0 times in the AAF.

    Debate: SETTLED.
  33. Spike 80DF

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  34. UncleItchyBalls

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    His ypc is terrible though. He hasn't been good but the iron oline is pretty dreadful.
  35. Wu

    Wu LKY did nothing wrong
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    An all timer of a display from the bams ITT