Trumpocalypse: I’m lovin’ it

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    I’ll buy an entire bar a round the day she dies

    When trump dies I’m throwing a party
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    Pile Driving Miss Daisy It angries up the blood
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    She is a waste of flesh and not worthy of waking the Earth. I hope she is either in jail the rest of her life or so ostracized that she can never show her face again.
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    Can people stop conflating electability and centrism my God

    There's no evidence for it
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    Holy fucking shit bro I don't know how else to explain this. Progressives want to win elections too. We just think a progressive platform will resonate better and energize voters more effectively than a milquetoast centrist platform can. You seem to be stubbornly holding onto this notion that progressives are willing to sacrifice election results for the sake of ideology when that's simply not the case.
  5. Rothko

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    Appreciate you looking that up. Here’s a little rebuttal though. The first article you linked was from nov17. I’m not discounting those progressive wins, but the debate we engaged in all day was about swing races/districts in 18 and whether any candidates running on a true Bernie/AOC platform won in those specific races. And remember an endorsement doesn’t always equal total embrace of the endorsers platform. Here’s what I found.

    Bernie endorsed 13 challengers for ‘18 in House.
    (4) lost in primary.
    (3) eventually won: Levin, Neguss, Garcia.
    (6) lost.

    Gubernatorial: 8 endorsements
    (6) defeats
    (2) wins: Polis, Whitmer.

    Those numbers aren’t great. And like I said about the Senate, it’s hard to find data that says they would’ve prevailed had they went hard-left.
  6. Rothko

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    Show me where I’m arguing for every Dem official in DC to embrace centrism?
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    I will throw a party to celebrate her death
  8. Rothko

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    This got started bc I posted an article that reported AOC is creating conflict by threatening to primary Dems that may not support her agenda. My argument was that doing so at this point in time was not helpful imo. I made sure to point out that that will not always be the case and at some point moderates must be willing to make tough votes. Others may disagree and think abandoning vulnerable incumbent Dems now is a necessary risk.
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    Then don't spend three pages saying progressive candidates are risky to run to attempt to make a unification point.
  10. Lyrtch

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    Can't read the article but uhh I'd like to know more
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  11. BellottiBold

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    MEDFORD, Ore. — Police arrested an armed man who was trying to board a plane at the Rogue Valley International Medford Airport on Thursday.

    Medford police arrived shortly after 1:20 p.m. and found a man requesting to board a plane with a gun in a shoulder holster in the TSA checkpoint area. The man had refused to show an ID or a boarding pass, according to authorities.
    Officers attempted to talk with the suspect, but he was uncooperative. He was ultimately asked to leave the airport, but refused, police said.

    Police tried to take the suspect into custody for trespassing. During the struggle, police said the man tried to reach for his gun, but officers were able to pull his hand away and take him into custody.

    Anthony James Anderson, 33, was booked into the Jackson County Jail on attempted assault, trespassing, resisting arrest and unlawful possession of a firearm.

    Officers said they found four loaded handguns and more rounds of ammunition in Anderson's possession.

    It’s unknown what Anderson’s plans were but police believe mental illness may have been a contributing factor.

    His bail is set at $30,000.

    nbd just mentally disturbed dude trying to fly armed to the teeth
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  12. Rothko

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    That’s really what you took from the last three pages?
  13. Doc Louis

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    I took that people don't realize someone made a thread to dump those takes in. Sorry lechnerd , they're ignoring the thread you made for 2020 candidates
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    I thought you were doing a Talking Head impersonation.
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  15. Rothko

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    You’re damn right I am...enjoying myself too.
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    At the risk of spamming the thread this is my last response so pm if you want to discuss more. You're looking it at through a binary lense of who won and who lost and its a bit short sighted. There are a slew of factors that go into who wins and loses an election. For example like I mentioned Gillum and Abrams lost by fractions of a percent due to voter suppression and outperformed any democrat that had previously run in those positions. Also a lot of these progressive candidates are heavy underdogs because they are usually unknown and heavily outspent compared to their opponents so even when they lose they are still vastly out performing the previous cycles.

    Just to give you another example Richard Ojeda who ran in West Virginia on a strong progressive platform lost his election but had close to a 25% swing in his district. If I was looking at it through your prism it would be oh he lost so it obviously doesn't work while discounting the gains he made. When we talk about progressive trends we're not saying a majority of progressives won. If that was the case we could all go home mission acomplished. It just means that the polling and elections show that embracing progressive policies usually help even in swing states

    What you're looking for though I think is tackled in this article which tracks how the candidates who enorsed medicare for all(top progressive policy)performed in the 2018 midterms. 57% who endorsed it won their election which as you might expect featured a lot of candidates running in safe districts. But they also looked at the battleground and toss up districts and found there were 7 who endorsed medicare for all in those districts and all but 1 outperformed the previous election cycle so again the idea that embracing progressive policies hurts you is not based on any sort of reality.
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    Stupid cunt
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  19. Rothko

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    It’s cool, we can leave it here. Appreciate your perspective. Speaking of a binary lense, I think the main disconnect is sometimes ppl interpret any support of moderates in swing races as a suppression/stab in the back to the progressive movement. Even now half a dozen guys think seem to think that I’m arguing against the progressive platform when in reality I’m 100% in on Medicadefor all, 70% tax, Green New Deal, Amnesty. I just saw little benefit to a party schism for Trump to exploit.

    One thing to remember tho is that dynamics change all the time. 06 brought a shit ton of Dems in traditionally red districts. It seemed so encouraging at the time. Then bam 2010 and like 50 of those dudes were wiped out. In hindsight most voters were just venting at W. They were ready to come back and start voting against their interests as soon as the winds changed. Let’s hope this time the change is permanent and ppl begin to see the light.
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    But...but...decorum :hurfdurf:
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    One wonders if it was a Muslim man trying to get on a plane with guns if "mental illness" would be the motivation suspected by the police.
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    They would have killed him first
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    I just started doing forensic evaluations in Medford. Hope I get retained for this guy :badasswolf:
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    The word terrorist would have been used in that article
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  26. Can I Spliff it

    Can I Spliff it Is Butterbean okay?

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  28. Can I Spliff it

    Can I Spliff it Is Butterbean okay?

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    This is a really really good post
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    #219782 Can I Spliff it, Jan 12, 2019 at 12:39 AM
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    lengthy thread on how much of a charlatan gabbard is

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    Really good interview of Michael Schmidt (who co-wrote today's NYT piece on FBI's investigation of Trump as possible Russian agent) by Chris Hayes. Gets especially interesting at the time linked below. I mean, just imagine being a top FBI guy and you're stating to question Rosenstein's "allegiance"...

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  34. Can I Spliff it

    Can I Spliff it Is Butterbean okay?

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    Every time she trips and falls and gravy comes out, I hope no one's there with a Hardee's biscuit to sop it up.
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    The other side to this is he is about to appoint 3 supreme court judges
  37. indeed

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    You appear to be drawing equivalence between the NY14 electorate and the national presidential electorate. Do you realize demographic facts and variables across those two groups are not the same? And that NY14 is +30 Dem and the national presidential electorate is evenly split and swings a few points each way each cycle?

    AOC engineered a huge accomplishment in defeating a long term incumbent, which is a signal that her district wanted change.

    Much of the left movement in the blue wave, nationally, was the suburban white electorate moving away from Trumpism, but not jumping on some bandwagon to the Progressive Promised Land.
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    Who could have ever seen this happening?
  39. BWC

    BWC It was the BOAT times, it was the WOAT times
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    Suck the long dick of Florida, Puerto Rico.


    Lil' Marco
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    How long before trump brags about having the longest government shutdown in our history? The bigliest, longiest, most bestest shutdown in this great nations history.
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    Lost in the shuffle with Mattis getting the boot. Guess who’s back?

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    Right, I'm sure he will piss me off plenty of times, BUT, the start is a lot different than I thought it would be.
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    Nothing to see here, please disperse.

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    Or even worse, imagine if he was a black man.
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    afb Spoiler Alert: Pawnee, IN may not be on a map.
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  46. Artoo

    Artoo Ah Skywalker, Missed you I have.

    Decorum, my dear Hakeem. Can't have Representatives calling each other names. Where would it end!?
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