Trumpocalypse: Pandumbic

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    Lined up perfectly for a nice roasting with flamethrower that would go a long way in saving what is left of this living hell we call America.
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    Surprised they pushed back at all

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    It’s really alarming that R’s are saying something needs to be done about inflation and gas prices. What happened to free market capitalism? Bunch of commie Marxist fascists, the lot of them.
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    Something about her they just can’t quite trust I suppose
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    Needs to be committed for waiting to sit down before buttoning his jacket.
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  7. steamengine

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    Please let me off this earth
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    It’s a god damn shame someone didn’t redact his ass when they had the chance.
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    The grifting opportunity of a lifetime is his to take
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    I don’t notice a lot, but I do notice when someone is standing and their suit jacket is unbuttoned. Fucking psychos.
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    I sincerely look forward to the day this kid gets his head blown off.
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    the song at the end slaps
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    i hope the company that went after cawthorn and now boebert set their sights on MTG soon
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    Sounds like Jack Harlow. So that’s what he’d be if he was born in Lexington instead of Louisville.
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    Feels like if a guy who got away with murder is making jokes about more murdering immediately after, he's probably going to kill more people
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    Wild. lol. This country is stupid
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    "OK, cool - well, good productive chat."
  18. BellottiBold

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    "What'they got... clones out there these days?"

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    I wish she would have asked her to cite the mass stabbings numbers.
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    “I committed some light treason.”
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    two minutes is an extremely long time. It’s not humanly possible to keep something up for two minutes idk why they are acting like it isn’t a big deal.
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    Overhead at a small town Iowa pizza restaurant. I could only catch parts and pieces. They were olds.

    “I think it was questionable.”
    Old lady, re: 2020 election results

    “That Texas shooting was absolutely terrible, but…indistinguishable.”
    -Same old lady, I know where she was going.

    “It’s a question of personal responsibility.”
    Old man, re: SCOTUS/Roe

    and the best of all:
    “The federal government ain’t gonna tell me what to do.”
    Old man in a VIETNAM VETERAN HAT

    who wants to tell him?
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    I’ve heard similar conversations from dudes who got out of the military 40 years ago while sitting to get their free pills from the military hospital pharmacy.
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