United vs Barcelona tomorrow. Who ya got?

Discussion in 'Soccer Board' started by EEVol, May 26, 2009.

  1. EEVol

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    Go ahead, flame away, but I got United.

    Barca's offense is about the same as our offense but we've got our first team defense and they're rounding up some guys from outside the Nou Camp to take to Rome with them to place defense. I say United wins 3-1.

    For you lurking scousers at home, that would make back to back to back EPL champs and back to back [for the first time ever] european cup champions.
  2. football501

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    Man U. I cant see that patchwork backline for Barca holding up for a full match. To compound that, their offense was shit against Chelsea and will need to take pressure off of the Defense and goalie.
  3. Weedlord420

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    Vidic and Ferdinand are goons that will get carved up by Messi and Li-il Iniesta
  4. Bowanko70

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    yeah the absence of marquez, alves and abidal just doesnt leave a significant enough defense to throw at rooney and co. i will be rooting for barca but am not going to bet on it
  5. SecondToLastSamurai

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    Rooting for Barcelona, but Man U will win.
  6. IT

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  7. CreepinCane

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    Fuck Cristina.... :box:
  8. rhinowl

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    I'm hoping Barça for Henry's sake. Man U, though, seems more likely to win. Will SAF start Ronaldo, Rooney, Berba, and Tevez?
  9. steaua86

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    3-2 Barcelona

    Barca screwed themselves rather than being stopped by chelski but that doesn't matter now.

    Messi vs the diving fruit will prove that Andres Iniesta is the best player in the world at the moment.
  10. Wu

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    I agree.

    Check the sig, fuckers.
  11. Ned Yocho

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    Barca! Hopefully they can figure out their back line
  12. MonkyBiznis

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    Been a big Man U fan since I was a little kid, so I'm obviously pulling for them; but win or lose, I'm just hoping I'm not taking off work for a game like last year's... gotta figure both teams will be pushing. An early goal will open up the game and make for a really exciting match.
  13. strike

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    one can hope
  14. killrbee7

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    I'm a Liverpool supporter, so it pains me to say this:
    ManU 3
    Barca 1

    Come on Barcelona, prove me wrong!
  15. huskerrolly

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    Go Barcelona!!!