Week 8 plays

Discussion in 'Gambling Board' started by MJRuff01, Oct 18, 2010.

  1. MJRuff01

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    San Diego St -23.5 2 units
    Washington +6 3 units
    Oklahoma -3 2 units
  2. Aeroforz1

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    Obviously everyone knows I play an insane # of games. Currently the list of multi unit contenders is shorter than usual. This could change as the end of the week approaches but current top plays for this week from strongest to weakest would be...

    Georgia/Kentucky over 56
    UAB +20.5
    Utah/Colorado State over 56
    Wisconsin/Iowa under 48.5
    Nebraska/Okie Lite under 64.5
    Rutgers +11.5

    These #'s reflect the opening lines. I'm not sure where they are at now.
  3. Black Falcon

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    I saw that Utah Over yesterday, they might hit it by themselves.
  4. Aeroforz1

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    Staff TMB OG

    One of the guys I follow only does the Mountain West and he's scary good.