What are the best sports video games ever and why

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    All before they almost all went to shit. That starting pitching lineup was a dream.
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  2. Willpépé

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    Do they even make a good skating or snowboarding grinding type of game anymore?
  3. ElectricDreamMachine

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    V triggered that nba street wasn’t mentioned till page two. Vol 2 is one of the greatest video games of all time

    Also loved the one NCAA football edition—2006—with a soundtrack. Believe that was also the first year they had the heisman mode thing (hence Woodson on the cover)
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  4. Odin

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    Ncaa 14 was the best bc of actual rpg elements in dynasty. Sure could have used a strafe button though.
  5. Tiffin

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    The Skate series is pretty decent.
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  6. superfly0212

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    Mario tennis on DS is tops for that sport.
  7. HuskerInMiami

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    Used to love this game when I was really young:
  8. Celemo

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    Tecmo Super Bowl - I mean, C'mon
    Excitebike - Build a track feature
    RBI Baseball - first licensed MLB game I ca remember
    Baseball Simulator 1000 - edit player names
    EA NCAA Football
    NBA 2K
    Coolboarders/SSX Tricky - no desire to snowboard irl but fuck I loved these games
    Tiger Woods PGA Tour - loved the calendar events
    Golden Tee - so much bar nostalgia
    Arch Rivals - punch your opponent? yes please
    Fight Night - great boxing series
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  9. Phil Connors

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    This is the answer
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  10. swiggs

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  11. Tobias

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    that's my favorite game ever

    vince young is flat out unstoppable in it.
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  12. Bo Pelinis

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    I remember playing on the field of dreams on Triple Play 98. That game was awesome.

    DUCKMOUTH People don’t you know, don’t you know
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    Most underrated video game of all time and great sports game Hardly anybody played it and it’s great

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  14. Keywan1472

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    NASCAR 99
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  15. Fusiontegra

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    Underrated: the WWE games in the mid-2000s

    Played many-a-hour on local multiplayer in my early-20s and the soundtracks were always entertaining
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  16. Fusiontegra

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    Is this the one where you could put in the paintball cheat to wreck other cars?
  17. Keywan1472

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    This is it. Had the perfect setup at Bristol where you could run wide open around the whole track no problem.
  18. Fusiontegra

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    I’ve never had even the slightest interest in nascar but I really loved that game.
  19. Keywan1472

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    This game taught me scoring in Tennis.
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  20. IanBoyd

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    NBA Street Vol. 2 on PS2 is the best basketball ever to have ever existed and nobody can convince me otherwise.
  21. Dr. Richard Cranium

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    Really enjoyed this article

  22. Chocolate Giddyup

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    Most of my favorites already mentioned. Other games I dumped too many hours into were Hydro thunder on N64 and, since fighting can be considered a sport, Def Jam Fight for NY
  23. pearl

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    Then they killed the series with Def Jam Icon, smh
  24. —

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    FIFA 98 on N64.

    Djorkaeff on France was a helluva striker.
  25. Toast

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  26. Eric The Viking

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    Probably spent more hours playing this than any other game now my life (Tecmo Duper Bowl, Skyrim, and some of the NCAA titles might be close).

    Ridiculously fun game and the customization (powering up players with money, creating teams, and playing “seasons”) have it high replay ability.

    They came out with a Baseball Stars 2, but it was glitchy. There was also a version on the Neo Geo, but nobody owned that system (also didn’t have the skill purchasing system or create a team features).

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  27. BlazingRebel

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    Was going to post RL
  28. Duck Smoker

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    Pretty jealous, lost my Sega a couple moves ago. Remember coming up with rules to make the games tougher, like I was always lowly Winnepeg and I had to complete two passes in the offensive zone before I could shoot when playing the computer.
  29. KJROD20

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    Baseball - Ken Griffey (N64 version)
    Football - NFL Blitz
    Hockey - NHL '94
    Basketball - NBA Jam

    Super Tennis
    Tony Hawk Pro Skater
    Super Punch-Out (SNES version)
    Tiger Woods Golf (can't remember the year though)