what are your music listening habits

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how do you listen to music?

  1. personally curated playlists

  2. pandora/spotify radio type service

  3. whole albums at a time

  4. satellite radio or regular ass radio

  5. playlists maintained by other people/services

  6. playing songs individually as you think of them (serial killer answer)

  7. some other way, pls explain

  1. Taques

    Taques please dont put in the newspaper that i got mad
    Staff Donor TMB OG
    The Real Movement

  2. Ray McKigney

    Ray McKigney Feel my ubiquity
    South Carolina GamecocksAtlanta BravesCarolina Panthers

    I believe in the album
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    ANTWONE Hello
    Donor TMB OG
    Game of ThronesGrateful Dead

    Some days playlists I made, other days Spotify curated playlists, other days I’ll put on a show from a jam band I like
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  4. dtx

    dtx ruthkanda forever
    Texas RangersLos Angeles ClippersDallas Stars

    The “made for you” playlists on Spotify mainly
  5. Cornelius Suttree

    Cornelius Suttree I am a landmine
    Donor TMB OG

    Whole albums generally. But when I'm trying to get hyped before a big game I work off a playlist of super elite songs of my choosing
  6. WC

    WC Bad Company, ‘til the day I die.
    Donor TMB OG
    North Carolina State WolfpackAtlanta BravesCarolina PanthersCarolina HurricanesUnited States Men's National Soccer Team

    Sometimes a Pandora station.

    Sometimes a random artist or song on Spotify as I think of it.

    Sometimes I put a song into YouTube and let their algorithm take me places.
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  7. AptosDuck

    AptosDuck Pedantic Hausfrau
    California Golden Bears

    Compact discs, the way God intended
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  8. JohnLocke

    JohnLocke Fire Pete Golding
    Alabama Crimson TideChicago CubsMemphis GrizzliesTennessee TitansNashville Predators

    I have 3000 liked songs on Spotify. I press shuffle. I love the chaos
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  9. Gunners

    Gunners Nicking a living
    Ohio State BuckeyesBaltimore OriolesWashington WizardsWashington Football TeamWashington CapitalsArsenal

    Playlists when working out
    Radio when driving

    Have Apple Music which I’m happy with
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  10. poor paul

    poor paul Well-Known Member

    Curate my own lists, generally.

    have been going way more podcast heavy than music heavy lately though.
  11. Corch

    Corch Hmm surprised you didn't know that
    Ohio State BuckeyesDenver NuggetsCleveland BrownsColorado State RamsCleveland CavaliersCleveland Indians

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  12. Daniel Ocean

    Daniel Ocean I only lied about being a thief
    Staff Donor TMB OG
    UCLA BruinsDenver BroncosLos Angeles KingsSneakers

    I usually listen to music when I grill so I’ll either use a playlist I’ve created or depending on mood/what I feel like listening to I’ll follow a genre or sub-genre. Other day I listen to jazz inspired hip hop. Sometimes I just flip around and play whatever comes up.
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  13. Clown Baby

    Clown Baby So I go to the Coinstar and it’s not working

    Mostly albums but if I get tipsy then I started cherrypicking jams
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  14. DayDomination

    DayDomination Damn, it feels good to be a gangster
    Ohio State Buckeyes

    I feel like Spotify doesn't have my best interests at heart.
  15. laxjoe

    laxjoe Well-Known Member
    Notre Dame Fighting IrishAvengersSan Diego Padres

    Mix of personally curated playlists and apple radio/pandora/Spotify radio
  16. BellottiBold

    Oregon Ducks

    How the fuck is not multiple choice
  17. blind dog

    blind dog wps
    Arkansas RazorbacksSt. Louis CardinalsGreen Bay PackersTiger WoodsBarAndGrillWu-tangCoors LightPoker

    Radio in car usually, sometimes albums

    albums while mowing/yard work
  18. 1 other person

    1 other person Kung Fu Kenny
    UCF KnightsOrlando MagicMiami DolphinsOrlando City

    This with Spotify playlists, especially Release Radar, Discover Weekly, and the Daily Mixes they have. Then some artist's radio if I'm looking for certain vibes.
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  19. val venis

    val venis hello tyrannosaurus, meet tyrannicide
    Ohio State BuckeyesSt. Louis CardinalsIndianapolis ColtsColumbus Blue JacketsNational LeagueBig Ten Conference

    Albums most of the time but have playlists for each genre I listen to and have playlists for my favorite songs by my favorite artists. It’s a labor of love.
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  20. Shiggityshwo

    Shiggityshwo Well-Known Member
    Donor TMB OG
    North Carolina TarheelsAtlanta BravesAtlanta UnitedUnited States Men's National Soccer Team

    albums are my base

    self made playlists when I'm getting hype or celebrating or something

    shuffle a giant selection of songs from my library when I feel like drunkenly barraging the what you're currently listening to thread
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  21. jorge

    jorge Founder of Post ITT if your team sucks
    Penn State Nittany Lions

    I’m not a serial killer I just rarely listen to music
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  22. War Grundle

    War Grundle Nole Mercy
    Florida State SeminolesTampa Bay Rays

    I have four specific collections on Pandora:

    Yacht Rock


    90’s Hip Hop
    90’s [email protected]

    That's primarily all I listen too.
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  23. I find a new song I like, listen to it 150 times in a row until I hate it and then find a new song
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  24. Emma

    Emma Wisconsin
    Wisconsin BadgersMilwaukee Brewers altMilwaukee BucksGreen Bay Packers

    Main spotify playlists through the week

    oldies (late 50s to early 80s)
    late 80s/90s/early 00s
    EDM/house and the like
    Etc etc

    Any given playlist on a week, listen to variety, usually rap oldies and metal
  25. Butthead

    Butthead uh hu hu hu
    Washington HuskiesSeattle SeahawksSeattle Supersonics

    Angrymetalguy.com determines my listening habits
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  26. soulfly

    soulfly Well-Known Member
    Seattle MarinersSeattle SeahawksBarcelonaSeattle SupersonicsSeattle SoundersSeattle Kraken

    I stream KEXP while in the office, NPR News while driving around town, and listen to DL’d This American Life episodes on road trips.

    If I’m not digging the DJ that’s on KEXP and have already exhausted some previous catalogues, I have a massive random playlist of my own, and also like to flip on Motown, RS top 500, jazz, world music playlists and such that others have put together.
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  27. steamengine

    steamengine I don’t want to press one for English!
    Houston AstrosHouston RocketsLiverpoolTexas Tech Red Raiders altHouston Oilers

    I create a lot of playlists and forget most of them but then still listen to some of them too.

    Then I just either shuffle Willie Nelson’s entire catalog or a playlist of the best 500 albums of the 2010s that keeps me young.
  28. Daddy Rabbit

    Daddy Rabbit But the second mouse gets the cheese
    Tennessee VolunteersAtlanta BravesNashville PredatorsGrateful DeadBonnarooPoker

    A little bit of all of it really.

    Albums. Random picked artist and listen to their current top 5 on Spotify. Sometimes beyond the 5.

    I pick random songs as well. Get in a grove and think of a good song that would follow suit. Just keep the train going.
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  29. ashy larry

    ashy larry from ashy to classy
    South Carolina GamecocksAtlanta BravesWu-tang

    random feature on discogs then throw it on the turntable
  30. TheFreak55

    TheFreak55 Our way is the old way
    Auburn TigersManchester UnitedAtlanta UnitedGame of ThronesGrateful Dead

    Personally curated playlist, whole albums and a lot so specific songs and sometimes repeating those songs
  31. Tiffin

    Tiffin GOATs
    Alabama Crimson TideLos Angeles LakersNew Orleans SaintsGrateful DeadToolAEW

    This is the answer. I think it'd be weird as fuck to not listen to music in almost all of those ways. I'll go to an artist on Spotify and hit shuffle. Or do an artist "radio." But sometimes you got to hear a particular song and I hit YouTube. Or put on a show. Or just tune into the radio on a driveway. My friend group started building a Playlist of 90s-00s bangers. What kind of sociopath thinks you only listen to music one way.
  32. duc15

    duc15 Hey Nong Man
    Portland Trail BlazersGreen Bay Packers

    I’m pretty much a podcast only person but I’ll listen to Spotify lists for me when in the mood for music
  33. BellottiBold

    Oregon Ducks

    I will say Spotify ain't never gotten a dime off me :mulletsmug:
  34. NP13

    NP13 MC OG
    East Carolina PiratesAtlanta BravesCharlotte HornetsCarolina PanthersWashington Football TeamCarolina HurricanesAvengers

    sat radio or shuffle a particular artist from music i've d/l'd
  35. Butthead

    Butthead uh hu hu hu
    Washington HuskiesSeattle SeahawksSeattle Supersonics

    Pitchfork reviews over 8.0
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  36. Fancy

    Fancy thanks, i hate it
    Staff Donor TMB OG
    Oregon DucksSeattle MarinersSeattle SeahawksSeattle SupersonicsSeattle Kraken

    Hoobastank radio hasn’t served me wrong in 20 years and I doubt that’ll change so yeah
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  37. LSUTigers1986

    LSUTigers1986 Well-Known Member
    LSU TigersWashington NationalsWashington Football Team

    If my shuffle cycles through something like Metallica, Celine Dion, Green Day, Outkast, OMC’s “How Bizarre”, Fat Pat, Dire Straits then I’m happy.
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  38. Butthead

    Butthead uh hu hu hu
    Washington HuskiesSeattle SeahawksSeattle Supersonics


    NDJOECA Well-Known Member

    A woman who I used to be friends with has some music on Spotify, I became obsessed with one of her songs for like a month, in the end of the year rewind it said I was in the top .1% of her fans. I hope to god artists can’t see the names of their top listeners.
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  40. Tobias

    Tobias dan “the man qb1” jones fan account
    North Carolina TarheelsAtlanta BravesCharlotte HornetsNew York GiantsManchester CityNational LeagueBarAndGrill

    i sit in my car and quietly sing to myself
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  41. War Grundle

    War Grundle Nole Mercy
    Florida State SeminolesTampa Bay Rays

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  42. Odin

    Odin social distancing since 1990
    Alabama Crimson TideAtlanta BravesChelseaMetal

    whole albums but also i have a few large playlists
  43. Fuzzy Zoeller

    Fuzzy Zoeller College football > NFL

    I listen to all six options, depending on time and place
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  44. Corch

    Corch Hmm surprised you didn't know that
    Ohio State BuckeyesDenver NuggetsCleveland BrownsColorado State RamsCleveland CavaliersCleveland Indians

    -things serial killers would say
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  45. BlazingRebel

    BlazingRebel Dog Crew Founder Migraine Connoisseur
    Alabama Crimson TideUSA RugbyAtlanta BravesWashington CapitalsBaltimore Ravens

    Pandora when home, Sirius Xm radio when in the car
  46. RegimentML

    RegimentML Well-Known Member
    Oklahoma City ThunderOklahoma SoonersUnited States Men's National Soccer Team

    I almost exclusively listen to albums at a time. I also listen to 95% metal and that’s definitely the way that subculture consumes music. I also keep a list of new bands and/or albums on my phone that I want to check out next.
  47. Celemo

    Celemo Meatball's Dad
    Michigan WolverinesPortland Trail BlazersCleveland BrownsOregon State Beavers alt

    Spotify playlists curated by me/others or Pandora at work & home
    Spotify playlists curated by me/regular radio in the car
    Zune playlists curated by me when mowing the lawn
  48. TrustyPatches

    TrustyPatches Esteemed Internet friend
    Alabama Crimson TideChicago CubsMemphis GrizzliesTennessee Titans

    I don’t make playlists. I either listen to an album, ask Siri to play me a station or shuffle play all my saved albums
  49. —

    Well-Known Member

    Just been darude sandstorm for decades. Live life at 11 is what I always say
  50. IV

    IV Freedom is the right of all sentient beings
    Donor TMB OG
    Alabama Crimson TideUAB BlazersDemocratAvengersBirmingham LegionUnited States Men's National Soccer Team

    this really cracked me up, but I think you just caught a ear worm if she asks