What the hell did you get your wife/gf for Christmas?

Discussion in 'The Mainboard' started by Merica, Dec 16, 2016.

  1. buy_dont_lease

    buy_dont_lease Ha ha ha. What a story, Mark.
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    Can I interest you in a Dyson stick vacuum to buy your silence?
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  2. The Real Roy Williams

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    Yeah go easy on that route. I tried to do the Valentine’s Day thing. I think a sporadic moment would be best. I thought it would be romantic, she said yes then ditched me a few months later. My friend is between jobs so I gave the ring to him and told him to just go pawn it and get some cash. I just wanted it out of my site and I know he could use the money.
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  3. Funshot Residue

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    Roy the magnanimous. Truck to ex, ring to the buddy. You're really getting into the spirit of giving.
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  4. Walt Disney

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    Nice hotel in New Orleans for New Years/sugar bowl
  5. bigred77

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    I'll PM you my address
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  6. THF

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    You misspelled #lifehack.
  7. blind dog

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    man that's seriously fucked up and i will seriously buy the other one. pm me
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  8. colonel_forbin

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  9. Ray McKigney

    Ray McKigney Feel my ubiquity
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    Fleetwood Mac tickets
    Will get her a nice piece of jewelry for formal stuff
    Probably some less expensive jewelry for everyday/work usage
  10. BamaNug

    BamaNug GUWOP
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    5 day trip to Kauai in January (sub-$300 flights :dennard:).

    I'm a big hiker/climber, so I really want to do some hikes while out there. She enjoys it, but not to the extent I do. I've been trying to drop subtle hints about maybe putting in some extra time at the gym, getting a good pair of hiking boots, etc.. She's in shape, but I don't think she's ever done a gnarly hike like I'm thinking.

    Treading very lightly
  11. Daniel Ocean

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    A lifetime of joy.
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  12. duc15

    duc15 ppprrrrrrr
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    A book series for her classroom