What would you do if you found out your child was not biologically yours?

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  1. BiMaleStripper

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    Lets say the mother tells you that she cheated on you and that he/she isn't your child. What is your next step?
  2. Soup

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    How old is the child?
  3. Clown Baby

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    Cut the baby in half and go our separate ways
  4. Daddy Rabbit

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    Not click on one of their threads
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  5. roggins

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  6. TheFreak55

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    Shit in his/her mouth
  7. skiedfrillet

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  8. skiedfrillet

    skiedfrillet It's not a lie if you believe it.
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  9. Tiger Z

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    Know someone who went a year thinking he had a daughter. He was dating a bartender on and off. During an off phase she came back saying she was pregnant.

    Everyone in his family thought it was sketchy and the older the daughter got the more she looked less like him. He has a good job and she was still bartending. Th whole time the mom went along with it. He never questioned it until one day he just took the test.

    Confronted the mom and she said nothing. Dude still hasn't recovered from it.

    Women can be fucking evil.
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  10. Clown Baby

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    My good friend dump has seen this happen so many times it's not even funny
  11. Joe_Pesci

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    op's recent topics seem to be following a pattern
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  12. White Tajh Boyd

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    Will you ever show us the shebeast that hurt you so?
  13. Taffy

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    I'd try to find a way to keep all the likes I earned from the dads thread.
  14. Bruce Wayne

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    That he's going to end up charged with murder?
  15. FriendsofJtyler

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  16. Boo MFer!

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    That'll learn him/her for not being your kid.
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  17. Norm Peterson

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    A guy I work with had this happen. His wife fucked an 18 year old guy and got pregnant with twins. They already had 4 children together. He decided to treat them like his kids and keep their family together for the sake of the other kids. They're now divorced and he pays child support for 6 kids.:facepalm:
  18. dump

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  19. bertwing

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    haha I adopted kids what a loser I am
  20. Detective Popcorn

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    user Clown Baby started that thread, so he'll be able to help.
  21. Taffy

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    I think adopting/fostering kids from care is one of the most amazing things you can do in your life.
  22. DirtBall

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    Ive raised my @pigletmilly for 3.5 years of his life. Obviously, I'd never realize he wasn't mine, if that happened. I honestly can't see myself loving him any less. It's so hard to put myself in that mind frame, but he's my boy and it's hard to see myself changing that.
  23. mjkstl

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    I would introduce the girl to O J Simpson and let nature take its course.
  24. Jake Barnes

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    My relationship with her would be done. I would still care about the kid(s) and maintain a fatherly relationship with him/her/them.
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  25. HotMic

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    Punch John QuiƱones right in the face
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  26. AIP

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    That's so nice, I liked you for a reason now I know why
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  27. Wu

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    You're my real dad to me, damnit!
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  28. RunningGag

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  29. Magneto

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    If you're not married, don't sign the birth certificate. If you're living together and everything is fine, no issue. If it then goes south, you haven't locked yourself in to support the little bastard for life.

  30. 941Gator

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    Know a guy that went 10 years with 2 kids. I think he sort of knew but was their from birth so rolled with it.
  31. 941Gator

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    Child support?
  32. Saul Shabazz

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    Come on, goddamn it! Those kids' dicks
    are bigger than them sausages!
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  33. Jake Barnes

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    I mean romantically, of course there would still be some level of interaction legally.
  34. RunningGag

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    you would maintain a romantic relationship with the kids?
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  35. I<3privatedances

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