Who here has had their car stolen?

Discussion in 'The Mainboard' started by Corky Bucek, Apr 15, 2019.

  1. Corky Bucek

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  2. Corky Bucek

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    This new Cadillac Onstar commercial has me curious
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  3. Fat Drunk & Stupid

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    Never, but when I was 13ish, I had a velcro wallet stolen. Hope this helps.
  4. Buster

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    Never had my vehicle stolen but I have stolen a vehicle. AMA.
  5. Corky Bucek

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    Was this the truck that you rolled?
  6. Eathan Edwards

    Eathan Edwards Well-Known Member

    I had a drunk dude hop in mine and drive off (keys were in my truck while I ran inside to grab a girl from two-stick in Oxford - she was passing out at the bar and had asked the bartender to take her phone and call me to get her (this was duriing two-stick tuesdays which was all you can drink PBR for $5 if I remember correctly). Was stupid in retrospect but I didn't expect anything to go south like that in a less than 5 minute time window.

    He returned it like 10 minutes later with no damage but I had to sit there helpless with an obliterated 19 year old for that time period.
  7. Buster

    Buster "Don't buy a Lincoln you'll look like a pimp."
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  8. Corky Bucek

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    <3 the old sim league group chat
  9. Corky Bucek

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    I don't think I've ever left my vehicle on and left it or left my keys in the car

    I say that now and I am guaranteed to leave my car on to close up the gate while locking up at work.
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  10. Eathan Edwards

    Eathan Edwards Well-Known Member

    Here are the 10 most stolen used cars according to the NICB, with the most “popular” model year noted along with the total number of units from all model years taken:

    1. Honda Civic (1998): 45,062
    2. Honda Accord (1997): 43,764
    3. Ford F-150 (2006): 35,105
    4. Chevrolet Silverado (2004): 30.056
    5. Toyota Camry (2017): 17,276
    6. Nissan Altima (2016): 13,358
    7. Toyota Corolla (2016): 12,337
    8. Dodge/Ram Pickup (2001): 12,004
    9. GMC Sierra (2017): 10,865
    10. Chevrolet Impala (2008): 9,487
    And here’s the list of the 10 most frequently stolen new cars last year and the number of thefts reported:

    1. Nissan Altima: 1,153
    2. Toyota Camry: 1,100
    3. GMC Sierra: 957
    4. Hyundai Elantra: 929
    5. Ford Fusion: 874
    6. Ford F-150: 842
    7. Ram Pickup: 835
    8. Toyota Corolla: 832
    9. GMC Savana: 774
    10. Hyundai Sonata: 759
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  11. Eathan Edwards

    Eathan Edwards Well-Known Member

    That was definitely the last time I ever did - could have been a disaster.
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  12. Pelican Grove

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    I’ve had my car broken into in New Orleans. Does that count?
  13. Hoss Bonaventure

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    Had someone try. Went to pick up my wife (then gf) at George Bush airport and when we were walking back out I forgot where I parked. So I hit the panic button so I could find it and when I go up to the driver door I notice someone had knocked my lock out on the outside. I guess they just hit the key lock and knocked it into the door. Not sure if me hitting the panic button scared them off or not but didn’t see anyone around.
  14. * J Y *

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    Let’s face it this proves gmc trucks are the most deseribale.
  15. Hoss Bonaventure

    Hoss Bonaventure Don’t touch the bike
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    New Silverados are ugly as shit.
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  16. Duck70

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    I had a Honda stolen one Sunday night in college. Police found it the next Wednesday with only the CD player gone. I wake up hungover on Saturday with a call from the police telling me they found my car and I'm like “you dumbasses I got it from you a few days ago”

    They stole it again. Tore up a field, took the wheels and left it. Totaled.
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  17. * J Y *

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    Agreed.gmcs look slick though.
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  18. Hootchmane

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    Who could say no to stealing one of these
  19. Dayneface

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    Hello yes here for TMBSL and sober Buster chat.
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  20. Corky Bucek

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    Throw in a system and a groundfx kit and you got a completely different car
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  21. Hoss Bonaventure

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    Not actually a stolen car but story seems to fit:
    We are at a bar and are leaving and my buddy comes out the front with us to smoke and notices there are a bunch of empty parking spots. He goes to his car which was parked around back a few buildings down and moves it up front and goes back in and continues to get hammered. At closing time (5am) he goes out back and can’t find his car. He calls the cops and reports his car stolen. Afterwards he remembers he moved his car up front and goes and gets in and starts to drive home. On the way he passes the cops who immediately bust a u turn and pull him over guns out. He went to jail for a dwi, that he called on himself.
  22. Gambler

    Gambler Hog Fan

    I had mine stolen back in the 90's. I was at the Little League field with my 2 sons doing some batting practice. They were around 8 and 11. I had my car parked right by the field, and left my keys in the ignition, like I had done before. There are 2 youth homes in my town for troubled kids. These kids came walking thru and sat in the bleachers and watched us for a few minutes. They walked off and all of a sudden I see my car driving off with these little fuckers in it. Very few people had a cell phone back then, but some guy pulled up and had a bag phone and asked if something was wrong because I was hollering at a car full of kids. I jumped in and called the police and gave them the direction they were going. They chased them down, getting over 100 mph. Car was ok. That's a fucked up feeling watching your car being stolen.
  23. Cornelius Suttree

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    I see lots of cars in SF with The Club on their steeling wheels

    I had completely forgotten those existed. Thankfully I've never even had my car broken into, let alone stolen
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  24. Bruce Bowen

    Bruce Bowen Well-Known Member

    My brother and his friends got a hooker. I forget the whole story but they didn’t pay her for some reason and her handler came over and stole his roommates car.
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  25. The Banks

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    One of my favorite stories on here
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  26. The Hotch

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    This is all about ease of stealing - mid-90s Hondas are incredibly easy to steal. Windows can often be forced down without breaking and the ignitions are worn down to the point that it’s relatively easy to jiggle the wafers/cylinders to get the car to start.
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  27. Daniel Ocean

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    I once forgot where I parked my car and I thought it had been stolen
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  28. Gaknight

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    I had a rental car stolen in Orlando last week from my hotel parking lot. Thanks for reminding me Corky Bucek of the nonsense I’m dealing with because of it.

    Also had my personal car stolen a few years back in Atlanta out of my parking garage when I lived in Block Lofts. Went almost a month without finding it and just as they were going to give me a nice check for a down payment on a new car they found it trashed in the hood. Went another week while they repaired my car and once I finally got it back the engine blew about a month later making the car completely worthless basically. Wish they would have never found that car.
  29. wes tegg

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    I lost a buddy’s car in college. He loaned it to me during a day party to go pick some girl up. I left it at her apartment, and he and I both completely forgot I’d borrowed it. He thought it was stolen until she called me like four days later asking when I was going to come get my car.

    “Uh... I’m in my car.”

    “Then whose 4Runner is this?”

  30. xec

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    Why did you choose that particular thread icon?
  31. Bricktop the white

    Bricktop the white Well-Known Member

    My best friend had his wheels stolen when he lived in Atlanta. Came out and the car was on cinder blocks like you see in the movies. Lived in a pretty nice area too. Cops told them the group that hit him was apparently part of a professional ring that could take a full set of wheels in under a minute and was rotating through the area.
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  32. BlazingRebel

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    Wasn't my car....
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  33. Zebbie

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    That happened to me about 10 years ago - was when GM started putting 20” rims on some of the 2007 or newer trucks, so I came out one morning to my truck sitting on landscaping blocks in the driveway.
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  34. bertwing

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    I had my first vehicle (Range Rover, not a really nice one... it was like 10 years old) stolen from a bowling alley when I was in high school. I had parked it and went inside and played a game of pool with some friends while we waited on a lane to open. Came back out to my car to smoke a bowl and it was gone, but the Jimmy Neutron stuffed doll that was in there was laying on the ground.

    Police found it all beat to hell up in the mountains from 4 wheeling like 4 days later. Cost like $3500 to fix all the damage. I left the keys in the cup holder.
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  35. burnttatertot

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  36. Sex Fuckhead

    Sex Fuckhead Winter Came
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    Why the fuck do people leave their keys in their unlocked car?
  37. IAHusk

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  38. joey jo-jo jr shabadoo

    joey jo-jo jr shabadoo the pope of chilitown

    sometimes you happen to leave your car with a valet that has really bad b.o. and you want someone to steal it to take it off your hands
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  39. Lefthook

    Lefthook token Oregon State fan

    It's really not such a matter of being valuable, I suspect, as it is two factors:

    They're pieces of shit and they absolutely litter high crime neighborhoods, and you literally need no other tools than a flat blade screwdriver and your bare hands to steal one of those fuckers. The window is frameless so you can wedge the flat blade in there and then the glass will flex far enough to reach inside and flip the unlock lever. Once inside, you bust the ignition cylinder out and you're good to go. Because here's the beauty of that cheap design, the lock cylinder when lined up turns a flat blade that actuates the switch. Yank the cylinder off and use your flat blade.

    Source: My ex had her 99 Civic stolen from my apartment. Found a few days later out of gas and vandalized. Recovered and repaired. Coworker had his 98 Civic stolen from his house. Found a few days later with hypodermic needles all over the back seat, every panel caved in, swastikas carved all over, out of gas, and 2 transmissions in the trunk. It was totaled, donated to charity for bout tree fiddy
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  40. The Banks

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    I leave my keys in my car a majority of the time, but I have the keypad and the autostart/phone unlock thing. Plus it has a GPS tracker (part of the autostart) on it if anyone were to break in and steal it.

    Didn't work out too great one time when it was 40 below and I forgot to plug in my car and my battery died and I had no way to get in. Had to call my parents to bring me my spare key.
  41. Connor Norman

    Connor Norman Cool ass dog
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    Are you my best friend? This happened to me in Atlanta about 6 years ago.
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    REGGNECK Hard to be soft , tough to be tinder.
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    Not me but girlfriend at the time , probably around 97,98 . She gets a brand new Chrysler cirrus lxi , one day old . We lived off northside dr. With her cousin as a roommate. Cousin comes home 2 am asks to drive car to get something to eat . Returns home , leaves sunroof open , valet key in glove box . Next day wake up car gone . About 5 days later get a call from insurance company, they found car in Chicago . Thief illegally parks car it gets impounded. We fly up , stay in Chicago 2 days . I drive car back to Atl .
    The end . Cool story bro ... etc
  43. Simon Templar

    Simon Templar Well-Known Member
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    I hope
    Someone steals my Fusion and starts it on fire.
  44. tylerdolphin

    tylerdolphin My spoon is too big
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    In Nassau if you drive any type of older Honda you're running a decent risk of it ended up stolen and chopped. That ×100 for a Civic.
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  45. PCH

    PCH 2017 & 2019 National Champions - Clemson Tigers
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    2017 Camry. Wow.....mkst popular car of all time
  46. The Guglia

    The Guglia I Work in the City, and I Work Long Hours.
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    When I was pledging an older guy asked if he could borrow my car. I assumed he wanted to use it that day around Clemson so I said yes. I called him the next day and said, “Hey man, just checking on my car?”

    “I’m in Oxford.”


    “I’m at Ole Miss.”

    He went to Oxford for ~3 days and Tuscaloosa for ~3 days.
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  47. NothingIsOT

    NothingIsOT I got you COACH!
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    Had my tires slashed in Atlanta last month for not letting someone tailgate me into my apartment complex.

    Sounds like Atlanta is terrible for motor vehicle vandalism.
  48. Jesse Palmer

    Jesse Palmer Hair Product & Roses

    Long story, spoilered for sensitive info:

    So me and my best friend, Chester, awaken with hangovers and no memory of the previous night. The television is on, showing an Animal Planetprogram about how animals use twigs and rocks as tools to get food. Our refrigerator is filled with containers of chocolate pudding, and the answering machine contains an angry message from our twin girlfriends Wilma and Wanda as to their whereabouts. We emerge from our home to find my car missing, and with it our girlfriends' first-anniversary presents. This prompts me to ask our life’s titular question: "Dude, where's my car?"

    Because the girls have promised us a "special treat", which me and Chester take to mean sexual intercourse, we get super desperate to retrieve my car. We begin retracing their steps in an attempt to discover where we left the car. Along the way, we encounter a transgender stripper, a belligerent speaker box operator at a Chinese restaurant's drive-through (voiced by Freda Foh Shen), two appropriately-worded tattoos they discover on our backs, UFO cultists led by Zoltan (who later hold the twins hostage), a Cantonese-speaking Chinese tailor, the Zen-minded Nelson and his cannabis-loving dog, the attractive Christie Boner, her aggressive jock boyfriend Tommy and his friends, a couple of hard-nosed police detectives, and a reclusive French ostrich farmer named Pierre. We also meet two groups of aliens, one group being five gorgeous women, the other being two Norwegian men, searching for the "Continuum Transfunctioner": an extraterrestrial device that we accidentally picked up last night.

    After Pierre releases us for correctly answering a question about ostriches, me and Chester head over to a local arcade named Captain Stu's Space-O-Rama. Once inside, they encounter Zoltan and his cultists who give them Wilma and Wanda in exchange for a toy that Chester and I try to pass off as the Transfunctioner. Tommy, Christie, and the jocks arrive along with Nelson and his dog, whom they release after Tommy snatches the fake Transfunctioner from Zoltan. The two sets of aliens arrive and notify of the real Continuum Transfunctioner: a Rubik's Cube that Chester has been working hard to solve, and eventually does, causing the device to shapeshift into its true form. We are warned that once the five lights stop flashing, the universe will be destroyed.

    It is at this moment where we must determine which of two sets of aliens is entitled to the device. One of the groups is there to protect the universe, the other is there to destroy it. Both claim to be the protectors of the universe, stating that they were with us the previous night, which we STILL cannot remember, and ask for the Transfunctioner. We then correctly choose the men, because when the men were asked what they did the night before, they correctly respond that they got a hole in one at the 18th hole at the arcade's miniature golf park, and won a lifetime supply of pudding. At the last second, they deactivate the Transfunctioner, saving the universe.

    Thwarted, the five alien women merge to become a beautiful giantess clad in a purple bra and miniskirt. She devours Tommy alive in front of Christie, who reacts with indifference. The giantess then crawls out of the amusement center and chases Chester and me. The cultists tell them to activate the Photon Accelerator Annihilation Beam on the Transfunctioner. However, the button that activates it is too far in to reach. At the last second, Chester remembers the nature show with the tool-using chimps and uses a straw to push the recessed button, thus destroying the alien. Tommy survives, but Christie breaks up with him in favor of Nelson. The protectors thank me, Chester and the twins for saving the world, and erase their minds concerning the events. The protectors park the duo's car, a Renault Le Car, behind a mail truck for them to find the following morning. Chester and I salvage their relationships with the twins and discover the special treat from the girls turns out to be matching berets with Chester and my name knitted in the front. We then leave gifts for our girlfriends (and, for the two men): Breast Enhancement Necklaces. The story ends with me, Chester, and the twins going in my car out for Chinese food while arguing what the tattoo said on our backs.
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  49. War Grundle

    War Grundle Nole Mercy
    Tampa Bay Rays

    I was a senior in April ‘99 and had my ‘89 Ford Bronco stolen from school while we played an away baseball game. Bus got back to school around 10pm on Friday night and we noticed the chain link fence had been run through and they did it with my Bronco.

    They found it the next morning on blocks in the projects in Ybor city. They dug underneath the locks on both sides in order to unlock and hot wired it. They stole one Dr. Marten boot, my belt but left my jeans and shirt. There was a bible and pot stems all in the back seat.
  50. devine

    devine hi, i am user devine
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