Willie Williams has turned his life around

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  1. Gunners

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    Well not really.

    Ex-college football star found guilty of burglary

    Willie Williams / Provided

    COVINGTON — A Kenton County jury found a former pro football prospect guilty Thursday of a home burglary in Fort Mitchell.
    Willie Williams of Newport, a highly touted linebacker from Florida who played at the University of Louisville and Union College in Barbourville, was found guilty of second-degree burglary and being a persistent felony offender.
    Judge Patricia Summe will sentence Williams on May 8. The jury recommended the 27-year-old be locked up for 15 years. The charges were punishable by 10 years to 20 years in prison.
    Williams’ attorney, F. Dennis Alerding, said his client admitted he was recorded by a security camera outside the Fort Mitchell home but he claimed he was not the one that broke in.
    “Mr. Williams in a dangerous individual who was convicted of a residential burglary in … Georgia a little over a year before he burglarized a residence here in Kenton County,” said Kenton Commonwealth’s Attorney Rob Sanders. “In addition, he went straight from his Fort Mitchell burglary to Fort Thomas and was in the process of burglarizing another home there when he was interrupted by the homeowner.”
    Sanders was assisted in the case by Josh McIntosh, a third-year law student at Salmon P. Chase College of Law at Northern Kentucky University.
    “I was a great experience. The best so far,” McIntosh said. “It confirmed I want to practice my career in the courtroom.”
    Williams attended Carol City High School in Miami, where he was heavily recruited as one of the top linebackers in the nation. He signed in 2004 with the University of Miami and was red-shirted freshman in 2005. He left in 2006 and attended four schools in the next three years – West Los Angeles College, U of L, Glenville State College and Union.
    In 2008, his senior year at Union, he was named to the All-Mid-South Conference East first team, set a single-season school record with 144 tackles, set a single-game school record with 22 tackles and received NAIA Defensive Player of the Week honors, according to the school’s website.
    Several NFL teams scouted him before the 2009 NFL draft, but he went undrafted.
    A Miami Herald article two years ago said Williams was arrested 12 times as a juvenile, and at least four times as an adult through 2009, including a marijuana possession charge at U of L that led to his dismissal from the team.
    Enquirer reporter William Croyle contributed to this report.
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  2. Truman

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    You would think for someone that has as much practice at burglary as Mr Williams would be much better at it.
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  3. Boo MFer!

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    Hope they serve lobster at that jail.
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  4. Gaknight

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    How else is he going to pay for the 5 star restaurants?
  5. Daniel Ocean

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    Holy shit can't believe he is 27.
  6. 941Gator

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    weird article
  7. TwoPoor

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    Came for the Willie Williams update, stayed for the Josh McIntosh update
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  8. Jalen Rose

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    lol thought the same thing.
  9. EdmondDantes

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    that was really random

    the term "college football star" gets thrown around. did he even play a down of D1?
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  10. TTgator91

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  11. woo-pig

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    how is this turning his life around? did i miss the sarcasm
  12. 941Gator

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    u missed the retraction from the op i guess
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  13. DeToxRox

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    Someone get this man a fire extinguisher to put out the fires in his life.
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  14. Corky Bucek

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    Louisville dawg
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  15. War Grundle

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    lol at college football star

    Anything for a headline.
  16. Canesfan3234

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    It's like whenever an athlete dies suddenly. They go from a scrub to a star overnight.
  17. NoleNBlue

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    Dammit this was my first thought too
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  18. Tiny Tom

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    Northern Kentucky University? They'll give anyone a law school these days.
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  19. BayouMafia

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    Hell for Willie would be a jail that serves nothing but spinach artichoke dip
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  20. Legend

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    He was a 22 year old high school senior.

    But ya, I remember his recruitment like it was just the other day.
  21. Clubber Lang

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    can't believe there's a Northern Kentucky University. State's too small to need a north & south kentucky.
  22. Caga palo

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    Damn.. how does this bitch get that many chances?
  23. phunkybuck

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    my first thought as well

    ALECOCK Well-Known Member
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    Did anyone take the time to get HIS side of the story? :crossedarms:
  25. Daniel Ocean

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    I did not know that, it makes me feel slightly less old.
  26. -Prime-

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    He signed with Miami in 2004 that is 8 years ago.
  27. Daniel Ocean

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    Now I am back to feeling old.
  28. Legend

    Legend -

    I wasnt serious. Now I am wondering if you were.
  29. TC

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    "When I get on the field I turn into a fuckin werewolf. And whoever's carrying the ball is the meat"
  30. Daniel Ocean

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    About what part? You saying he was 22 in high school and slightly believing you? While I did not think it was possible (thought you were using a bit of hyperbole) I don't know enough about Florida schooling laws to know how long he would be allowed to stay in school past 17/18. I actually did not do the math and did not realize until Prime pointed it out that he committed in 2004 so he would have to be 30 right now. I was serious about how fast time passes and shocked to read he was 27 already because it seemed like just yesterday he was at west l.a college and people thought he might transfer to UCLA.
  31. Clown Baby

    Clown Baby Last year was a son of a bitch

    You can take the boy out of Miami...
  32. Clubber Lang

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    yes, go on.
  33. Jack Parkman

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    I guess he is out and running his own workout regime in sofla

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  34. Boo MFer!

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    Only one way to be great: eat lobster.
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  35. Kirk Fogg

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    There's also an eastern and western Kentucky university
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  36. bertwing

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    you are dumb
  37. slogan119

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    Would have guessed he was a chef based upon the topic.
  38. visa

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    "It was the radisson!"
  39. Dutch

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    NKU is roughly about the same size as both, 15k plus students.
  40. Tobias

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    can't sneak anything past you
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