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  1. the eye

    the eye original ocean grown

    well what ya do ?
    you a personality ? fuck you your nothing just like me .
    but ?
    you seem to think your a tuff person huh ?
    do you really know who I am ?
    in some cases its better you ignore me and block me .
    and your tuff huh ?
    1. I do a new thred everyday what do u do ? 1 thred and look cool ?
    now its time your tuff like the fuck i9n los angeles huh ?
    I hope and wish actually that you never endure what I have bitch .
    new chapter
    so ?
    ryan takes me to er last night ,, comeon follow along .
    hey all you big talkers . lets go wanna ?
    I,m getting tired of big fucking mouths ? u
    know ?
    Sharon died june 25 2019 of stage 4 cancer , right William ?
    welp 3 days before that I started passing a kidney stone ..
    has never stopped since Sharon died ?
    last night at 2 am they said jon kebler you have a kidney stone and its stuck ?
    ya I know , right hhh ? ny , everyone how long can you endure pain ?
    if you don,t want to chat then please just be quite from now on , thank you .

    tell you what bigmouth ----
    my name is jon kebler incase you don,t know me I fought the tuffest you had , fucked your bitch let you beat on me at 66 Im still here . u hurting want me to tell u other shit boy ?
    now kidney stones ? shit hurts wanna try ?
    ya didn,t think so ?

  2. TrustyPatches

    TrustyPatches First of all, fuck the fuckin law
    Alabama Crimson TideChicago CubsMemphis GrizzliesOakland Raiders

    Wash your hands old man
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  3. the eye

    the eye original ocean grown

    oh that was never more evident at the er last night ?
    but thank you .