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    burrow (despite playing in the defensively very weak sec!)

    truly don’t know why hurts was invited, he was the reason OU was in so many close games this year. even though his leg almost shot out of his ass i would have invited tua over him
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    every football take from you seems like a bit
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    hey someone actually watched ou play this year!
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    Sorta reminded me of this guy...

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    I remember after the baylor game when he was won offensive player of the week, i was so confused. i watched him give away two touchdowns and was one of the main reasons they had to rally. feel like he did the same thing against KSU and probably another game or two this year. he put up some great stats, but he is not one of the 4 best players in the country.

    my list would have been
    burrow (easy #1)
    chase young
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