2nd Half Betting System

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    I have put alot of work & hours into my 2nd Half betting system. I only used it for NBA & NCAAB last year and am looking to expand it to the NFL & NCAAF. I wont have alot of sample size with football because there are only a limited amount of games. With the sport of basketball there are 5+ NBA games for 4-6 months that I can get numbers on. With NCAAB theres around 250 games each week of the season. I am an avid and huge 2nd half better so I was getting frustrated when the teams would cover the 1st Half O/U by 20 and then not come close to the 2nd Half O/U. I was losing and going crazy so what I decided to do was copy down every 1st Half & 2nd Half O/U for every CBB & NBA game from December on. With those numbers, the next day I would go through them and see the result of the 1st Half O/U and see how it correlated with the 2nd Half O/U. With all that information I have created 2 seperate Microsoft Access databases with all those numbers and how everything did. So when I got a big sample size. I could go to the database and find out what happened when previous games had for example Under by 12 points. I would put that into the equation and it would spit out the games that have had the Under by 12 points. I would then look over at the 2nd Half of those games and see how it resulted. I know some of you are probably like WTF is he talking about or this is the stupidest thing I have ever heard. But I have all these numbers to back this data up and trust me you can win good money going through this. This system will never hit 100% but last year it was spitting out winners left and right especially in CBB. I also take into account the difference between the 1st & 2nd Half O/U, the teams playing. Heres an example of the teams playing how it helped me. In the games I had the Florida Gators were 22-1 when you bet the opposite result of the 1st Half. So say the Gators vs ? went Under the 1st Half, you would bet the Over. I know it seems crazy but trust me. This system is very new and this year I working on more stuff to put into the database. This is why I am so avid into the Chatroom. Because when halftime comes, I dont have much time to go through these numbers and spit these out. Feel free to ask question but I will give you an example of my 2 best

    1.) CBB: When 1st Half Over between 10-15 points, the 2nd Half Over was hitting 79% of the times.
    2.) CBB: When 1st Half was Over or Under by less than 2 points, the same side was hitting the 2nd half 73% of the times.
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    I just opened up my Access files and I forgot my NBA system is not all added into yet. I still have all the records. But the NCAAB is fully loaded and it has 2525 games loaded in there.
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    One mistake I think a lot of gamblers make is not taking advantage of huge middle's by placing 2nd half bets.

    If you bet over 40 in a football game for instance and there are 28 points in the 1st half you are stupid not to bet the 2nd half under when you are going to have a 10+ point middle to work with.
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    Nice write up im going to give it a try this week
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    I dont know how its going to do this week because I have 0 numbers for football and plan on getting some. But this week with such a small sample size I wouldnt want to touch it.
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    This really holds true in the NFL, those fuckers score alot of points in the 1st half and its a snooze fest 2nd half