5dimes “Tony” dead.

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    Sad but predictable ending to the kidnapping. I had my run-ins with Tony over the years. He cut my limits to 20% of normal limits and when I complained on the live chat by saying their slogan "where the pros play" was a lie, he told me he was God and could do whatever he wanted and went on to say he would close my account if I didn't shut up. Still, at the end of the day he was as much of a straight shooter as there is in the industry, he ran a great book and he always paid promptly.

    RIP Tony.
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    Yeah he sure was a pain in the ass. Just a crazy story.

    Had my run ins with him as well but in this industry, someone is always trying to scheme and cheat. He just said fuck it and didn't care about your thoughts and was his way or the highway