American Revolution

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    Admittedly, this is spurred by Hamilton’s recent return in popularity...but does anyone have any good recommendations for books on the topic? Can include dives into any important persons during the time or interesting/creative pieces on the entire timeframe.
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    Ron Chernow, who wrote the [amazing] biography that LMM based the play on, also wrote one about Washington called Washington.
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    I’ve been reading a decent amount of early America nonfiction this past year. Affairs of Honor: National Politics in the New Republic by Joanne Freeman and Founding Brothers: The Revolutionary Generation by Joseph Ellis are my recs.
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    The Cabinet by Lindsey Chervinsky - This is more of a deep dive, less narrative. It's about the controversial decision to form The Cabinet, and all the politics and backstabbing. Lots of the Hamilton v Jefferson you see in the play

    The British Are Coming, by Rick Atkinson. This is going to be a trilogy. Only the first book is out. Covers just the first couple years of the revolution. The cool thing is that the crown recently found about of King George’s correspondences and made them public. Atkinson got first crack. We’re learning a lot more from the British side of things which is pretty cool. By the time the trilogy is over, it will probably be one the more comprehensive texts on it.

    Washington’s’ Crossing by David Hackett Fischer - This is about the struggles of Washington to build an army. It really is a miracle that he pulled it off.

    Washington’s Spies by Alexander Rose. About the Culper Spy Ring in the tv show Turn. Lots of Hercules Mulligan.

    also co-sign the Washington and Hamilton biographies by Chernow.
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    The two I've read are Bunker Hill by Nathaniel Philbrick, and The Glorious Cause by Jeff Shaara.
    Both excellent. The Glorious Cause is the second of two books he did about the revolution, first one is called Rise to Rebellion.
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