Anyone know a good ASOIAF podcast?

Discussion in 'Game of Thrones (ASOIAF)' started by Verbal Kint, Mar 8, 2012.

  1. Verbal Kint

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    Trying to find something to listen to at work other than sports and don't feel like listening to music (can't do comedy, not a good look to lol at work)
  2. Verbal Kint

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    TMB OG

  3. Parab00n

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    Did anyone else ever try this? I've downloaded a couple episodes and it's not to bad. The first episodes are from 2008 so they miss on a couple of their early predictions/theories.
  4. Fuzzy Zoeller

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    Just listened to an episode and agree with Verbal Kilnt's thoughts. When they started doing a re-read was when I clicked out.
  5. Cawgs or Gie!

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    The best one for the show/book comparison is the Night's Watch. Not overly nerdy if that's possible in a podcast of this type. Podcast Winterfell is pretty nerdy, but also pretty good for the show/book comparison type.

    Not many for the books only. Boiled Leather is one, but it is REALLY FUCKING NERDY and opines about the cultural trends/religions/themes of Westeros.
  6. Verbal Kint

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    yea these dudes are holding 3 hour conversations about the role gender plays in Westeros. I mean I love the series too but its not a real place, lol. Just review the shows, share a few interesting thoughts and theories and be done with it.

    Boiled Leather is the worst