Bookmaker eu pulling some shady shit

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    I placed 2 max bets (max win $5k per, $2032.22 risked in total) this morning on 6 or more goals in the PSG vs Red Star Belgrade match at odds of +507 and +478. After the 2nd bet, Bookmaker pulled all lines for the match off the board. However, they did not cancel the bet at this time. They also did not cancel the bet during the majority of the first half. Instead, they waited until a 4th goal was scored in the first half, at which point 6 or more goals became a favorite in live betting, and then cancelled the bet. Of course, I called to complain and they told me that it was a bad line and that's why it was cancelled. They also said "the odds were posted for the wrong match".

    Even if you accept that offshore books have a right to cancel what they determine to be bad lines (although this is such a gray area that is completely open to abuse by the books even against recreational players), this was essentially theft by the book. This bet was a somewhat substantial underdog to win (about 22% by my calculations) and they were clearly aware that they considered the line "bad" by pulling the lines off the board. So they clearly planned to freeroll me and keep the 2k from me if I lost, which would happen over 75% of the time, but not payout if they won. This is a pretty clear departure from Bookmaker's general reputation as a fair book and one of the best in the business and extremely shady behavior. Beware.
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    Very interesting. Bookmaker rarely does that and that shocks me.
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    PSG v Red Star Belgrade: 'Match-fixing' inquiry into 6-1 Champions League win

    Neymar put PSG 2-0 up before scoring the final goal of the game
    French authorities are investigating potential match-fixing in Paris St-Germain's 6-1 Champions League win over Red Star Belgrade this month.

    A Red Star official allegedly placed a bet of almost 5m euros (£4.3m) for the Serbian club to lose by five goals, reported French newspaper L'Equipe.

    The French National Finance Prosecutor (PNF) is investigating the claims after being alerted by Uefa.

    Both clubs have denied any wrongdoing.

    PSG are third in Champions League Group C, just behind Liverpool but level on three points after two games. Red Star (one point) are bottom of the group topped by Napoli (four).

    A Red Star statement read: "FC Red Star with the highest anger and abomination rejects the story.

    "The article can harm and bring big damage to our club's reputation and that is why we insist that Uefa and investigators in Serbia and in France investigate the whole story and get the truth.

    "Today's technologies and other mechanisms are so improved that it is basically impossible to leave this case unsolved.

    "Red Star expects to get the truth at short notice and remove any doubt about our involvement in possible wrongdoing."

    In a statement, PSG expressed their "amazement and indignation".

    They added: "Paris Saint-Germain reiterates its commitment to a fundamental principle of sport, that of the integrity of competitions and therefore refutes any form of practice that could call into question that integrity."

    Brazil forward Neymar scored a hat-trick and Edinson Cavani, Angel di Maria and Kylian Mbappe also netted at Parc des Princes in Paris on 3 October.

    Former Germany international Marko Marin scored a second-half goal for Red Star.
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